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Oldest European and Russian Escort Service Provider in Bangkok's Handbook

European Escort Handbook
Client’s Checklist

Russian or European Escort in Bangkok is known for its uniqueness and also because of the Russian beauties and all the services they provide! Who does not love tall, blue-eyed escorts who can be your friendly girlfriend for one, night? These escort agencies offer you services like dating, erotic massages, threesome and both male and female escorts! It’s a place where you can fulfill your intimate desires. These Russian escorts are not only beautiful and sexy, but they are also friendly, knowledgeable with whom you can have a lot of fun! Booking these escorts is very easy so why wait? Select your favorite girl from this site and enjoy! But before you do that here is a checklist that all clients should maintain!

Finding the best escort agency:

Escort services in Bangkok are the best choice for all kind of occasions! Not only they can make your night pleasing, but also they can accompany you on many occasions, and even you can go on a dinner date with them!
You can find all types of escorts in Bangkok, and if money is not the issue for you, there are a lot of agencies who can provide you with the best kind of privacy!  The main problem with escort agencies is that when you rely on gallery pictures they can be not real or outdated! Also, professionalism is a factor in these agencies. But you have enough time as well as patience, do walk around Google and hit up sites and blogs in Bangkok where there is a vast gentlemen crowd, and you will find the best escort agencies there!
But if you want to avoid all these hectic procedures, is the best place that you can opt for!

Explaining the kind of service that you require:

Different clients have different types of requirements, and these escorts fulfill all these in Bangkok! So after you reach out to a proper escort agency, you should explain the kind of service you want!  You can opt for an erotic massage, threesome or even a dinner date. Other services include role-playing, foreplay, anal sex, hot baths and everything! You can enjoy the complete adult entertainment for your pleasure!
Are you single? And you are feeling embarrassed when you go to any meeting dinners or any occasions? Feel free to take these Russian escorts like on a date to these places as they can be the center of attraction where ever you go! And don't worry as they are intelligent and they can mix up with any crowd.
Many people have a lot of fantasies! And who don't want to end up between two women right? So feel free and explain your requirement first!


Always book in advance:

Why trouble yourself for scheduling in a hectic way rather than booking in advance?  You can easily book escorts in advance from websites after you have selected them from the gallery! It benefits you from the trouble of booking on spot or offline and also you can enjoy your tour in Bangkok with your lovely escort from day one if you have already booked them! 

Treating your hired escort with respect:

If you want your companion to treat you nice, you should also address them nicely! Make her happy by behaving well, and they will rock your world! Also, the escort can be more comfortable opening up when you take care of them!  If you are considering him/ her to dinner, do ask them where they want to go and that they want to eat! Don't be drunk when you first contact with your escort and don't jump away for having sex as soon as you meet them because it’s offensive. Start conversing at first to know each other which will make your night more pleasurable.  

Giving a tip to an escort:

Don't think about high rates and all and tip the escort that you have hired! After the outstanding service, your escort has provided you should tip, right? So actually when you tip your escort, it’s like saying thank you to them and also telling that he/she have fulfilled all your desires! So tipping an escort is always a gentlemanly thing to do!

Never exchange number with your escort:

Escort service is a profession, and you should also be professional when you are getting their service! So never ask an escort for their number! It is not wrong or rude, but it’s the unprofessional thing to do. You can easily chat with escorts on website portals after you have booked them, so there is no point of exchanging numbers with them!

Sending feedback to your agency:

After you have done with the service, you should always carry input to the agency from where you have taken the service. It is not mandatory, but still, you should do it! It helps the agency to upgrade their platform if any client had any issues or problem. This does not mean that if you have got an excellent service you do not send feedback. Send feedback in both cases as it helps not only the agency but also you when you take the service for the next time!

Cancellation of appointment:

There might be a case where you have to cancel your appointment with your escort! It is a reasonable thing, but in this case, you should inform the agency or the escort as soon as possible. If you do cancel at the last moment, it creates a problem for the agency, and you might not get any money as a refund! So call the agency or your escort and explain the situation you are facing in a very calm way, and they will understand your problem.
So here is the list that a client should always check before they opt for an escort service. So why worry? The staffs of are still ready for you to book any appointments. They will also answer any queries or question that might concern you, and even they assure you with the best service where every single money you spend is for your benefit only!

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