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November 26, 2018

Western Escort in Bangkok-

Maria this side, and I am from the city Timisoara, Romania. I am a simple, jovial, and cheerful young lady of 25 years and I am passionate about fashion. As for my profession, I am working with a company in my hometown, and at spare times, I also offer escort services. Presently I am in Bangkok for my vacation trip, and you can call me, if you need a sexy and hot companion in and around the city.

Hi!! My name is Agata, a 25 year old girl from Ostrava in Czech Republic, and I am professionally an air hostess, working with a top airline company in my hometown. I am also into escort services, and have visited Bangkok several times, for accompanying men and women. I am about 5 feet 10 inches tall and I weigh around 65 kgs.

This is Agata from Russia, and I am a professional model, having worked with some of the major national and international brands. I have got a toned, slim and lean body and...

November 26, 2018

Western Escort in Bangkok-

You can call me Elvira, and I am a diehard enthusiasts of fashion. In addition, I am excited about meeting strangers, and that is the key reason that made me to start offering escort services. I am from the city of Moscow, Russia, and for the next 6 months, I will be staying in Bangkok. If you want someone here to give up an enjoyable company, please feel free to call me.

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November 9, 2018

Western Escort in Bangkok-

From the intimacy of bed to social companionships in Bangkok to the escort service,- I have solutions to all those needs that might have driven you to schedule an appointment with me. Chiquita from Russia. Let me describe myself as a pretty, busty and a bold lady with decent taste and I am a cheerful and friendly girl. My hobbies include cooking, reading books, and listening to folk music.

Hello!! Myself Bibiana, and I am from Europe. I am an adventure-seeking, bold, and extrovert lady of 27 years, whom you will always find me dressed in the best outfits. Fashion stands very close to my heart, and I am fond of collecting the latest fashion accessories. I am especially interested to meet young and fashionable men with mature and decent tastes.

I am Antonia, from Madrid, Spain and I would love to describe myself as a smart, modern, and jovial girl, who is cheerful, and passionate about meet...

November 3, 2018

Western Escort in Bangkok-

Bangkok and Pattaya are probably the best, as you love this beautiful city and the vibrant people here. Russian escorts are available for companionship.

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November 3, 2018

Western Escort in Bangkok-

If you are a classy man and looking  for the most suitable companion, in and around Bangkok, I am there to extend you the most enjoyable companionship. Myself Maria, a resident of Russia, and I am a Model, who is taking escort assignments on a part-time basis. Bangkok is one of my most favorite places, and whenever I have time, I visit this place. I enjoy shopping at the top malls here and the Thai foods make me go weak on my knees. Why not relish the exquisiteness in Thai foods together, at one of the best restaurants in the city?

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This is Barbora, and I am from Russia. I have been working with an eminent Personal care product company in Bangkok, and in my free times, I also offer escort services. I joined Russian69 a year back, and in between this time, I have accompanied  men from countries, across the globe. Hence, you can schedule an appointment with me, with a goo...

October 30, 2018

Western Escort in Bangkok-

Russian Escort Girls in Bangkok

Myself Clara, a soft-spoken, well-mannered and a pretty Russian girl of 24 years, and I am an escort by profession. For me, sex appeal is not always in wearing short dresses, but, it is majorly upon the way, you are carrying yourself. I am a friendly girl, who is passionate about giving you some memorable experience, but, excuse me, if you are desirous to meet someone, dressed in  latex. Neither I entertain session requests for foot fetish or domination.

October 29, 2018

Western Escort in Bangkok-

My name is viktoria, an aspiring actress from Russia, and I am a sweet, decent girl of 21 years. I am presently in Bangkok for some ad shoots, and you can catch me here, till the month of May. You are welcome to schedule an appointment with me through Russian69, in case, you need someone to give you enjoyable company.

October 27, 2018

Western Escort in Bangkok-

I believe that there is something which your hired escort has always longed for in her life. We are speaking about the size of the tool here and no other material things per say!

 I believe that if your Russian escort has always had a slim but long tool, then she might prefer to experience a different tool with a thicker mass altogether.

Whatever your girl prefers is exactly that which you need to prefer too just to make sure that she is happy and pleased. It is all about making your escort experience a new sexual and body pleasures and not what you prefer because what you prefer might not be what she wants in the long run.
In terms of tool thickness, I personal might want a thicker tool for our simply because I have a slim but longer one. To make it up to her, it is important for me to hook up with a Russian escort company with a variety of escorts who have various demands. It is alway...

October 24, 2018

Western Escort in Bangkok-

1-  Mika, a bold and extrovert lady of 24 years from Moscow, Russia. A model by profession, I visit Bangkok in every few months, and here, I am working as a part-time escort, in addition to mu routine assignments that fetches me to the city. I am open to give companionship to men and women, but, I am not interested in session on foot fetish, BDSM, or anything humiliating. Neither, I am into lesbianism.

2- My name is Devi, and I am a full time escort, attending men in my hometown, as well as regularly flying to Bangkok, for giving companionship to men and women there, from different parts of the world. I am 25 years of age, and I feature a tall & athletic body.

3- Finding it tough to explore the hottest girls in Bangkok? You need not worry as I am just a few clicks away from you. Though I am from Ukraine, I am available for giving companionship to men, in and around Bangkok. You can hire m...

October 20, 2018

Western Escort in Bangkok-

Enjoying the company of an escort in festive season can be beneficial

Well if you’re not able to manage leave for navratri vacations and you have to travel to Bangkok, then calling for an escort service there is a pretty good idea. You know, your family is back at home enjoying the festivals with dance, music, family gathering in a full festive mood. But you’re in Bangkok lonely, doing your job, attending meetings, missing your family and all. That’s unfair. If you call for an escort, then you can have company of one of most desirable women and also she can help you go to the festive centres in Bangkok where you can enjoy the festivals in your own way.

Looking for a sexy Russian escort to fly with you to Bangkok during the Navratri Vacation?

Approach and get the most relevant solution to your needs

Navratri is a very special ceremony for any Indian. Most of the peop...

October 5, 2018

Western Escort in Bangkok-

I am Rebecca and I am from Moscow. I am now in Bangkok as escort, but parents and family are still in Moscow. I left my family, my parents, and my country for the sake of love. Yes, I was madly in love with someone but he ditched me in a new place but I found my own way to live my life alone. I am a 24 years old girl and my weight is 56kg and height 172cm. According to clients I have a stunning figure, hot and sexy. Well, my love my long hair most. I am ready to go with you in a party or best you can call me at your hotel room. Just have a drink and make your wildest fantasy come true.  I am really wild on bed and a sophisticated partner while I am in a party.

A 26 year professional model and an actress from eastern Euro, my name is Emma, and for the next 3 months, you can get my companionship, in and around Bangkok. Though I am flexible enough to cope with your choices and tastes, pleas...

October 3, 2018

Western Escort in Bangkok-

Some women who are interested in women and men who are interested in women have always expressed the fact that they are always in mad desire for Russian escorts with rugged bodied. In that case, well-toned body is basically a Russian female escort whose body is well build and have a massive muscle tones as far as their bodies are concerned. With that idea in mind, it is no doubt that well-toned body  female escorts is an added advantage for the   escorts as well as the clients. There are a number of reasons why this is so.

The first reason is that Russian or Euro escorts who have a well build body have an advantage over the others because naturally, women and even other men have a tendency to be attracted by a girl who have a good body mass or a muscular body per say. When that is said and done, most of the clients at Bangkok's Russian or Euro Es...

September 30, 2018

Western Escort in Bangkok-

If you are classy and matured in your tastes and choices, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with me for companionship, in and around Bangkok. My name is Amparo, and I belong to the city of Moscow. Presently, I am 25 years of age, and I have got an athletic figure. I offer services like travel companionship as well as GFE escort services. However, I am not available for accompanying females.

My name is Alenka, and I am a full time escort, attending men in my hometown Russia, as well as regularly flying to Bangkok, for giving companionship to men and women there, from different parts of the world. I am 25 years of age, and I feature a tall & athletic body.

September 29, 2018

Western Escort in Bangkok-

When you feel lonely and alone in Bangkok, recall you have at least one friend in the city, who will be happy to attend you, when you need me the most. I am Bozka, a young and vibrant girl of 23 years from Teplice, Czech Republic "European escort" , and I am a full-time escort, regularly attending the clients in Bangkok, in addition to my clients, in and around my hometown. You are going to find me sober, decent, and a friendly natured girl, who is flexible enough to adjust with your choices and likings.

My name is Valencia, a 22-year-old young girl from Moscow, Russia. I would love to describe myself as a fashionable, and simple girl, who is cheerful, and passionate about shopping. What about enjoying  some fascinating experience of shopping in one of the top shopping malls, in and around Bangkok? I am confident that my companionship will surely make your trip to Bangkok all the more ex...

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