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Outcall Russian Escorts in Bangkok as Your Travel Companion

Do you want to travel to Thailand yet you don’t have any idea about the place? Apart from that, you also don’t want to be alone. 

Take a Break & Meet Your Russian Lover
Looking for the Best Escort Experience in Bangkok by Models from Russia?

Well, outcall Russian escort 69 in Bangkok and Pattaya is always here to help. 
Our escorts can be one of the best travel companions for you to have an exciting and memorable experience in the city.

Social outing with your Russian Date in Thailand

When you’re high in need of a romantic Russian partner in Pattaya and Bangkok, there’s no need to look for other people anymore. You can book out-call Russian escorts in the place

Straight Russian Escorts for Gentlemen

Apart from giving you the best times you will never forget, they are also known to be charming, intelligent, beautiful and discrete. This is just to ensure that once you choose them, you will never encounter any problem at all but complete excitement, fun, and happiness when you visit Bangkok and Pattaya.

Russian Lesbian Escorts for Female Clients in Bangkok

How Are the VIP Russian Escorts in Pattaya or Bangkok Selected?

VIP Russian escorts in Bangkok are professionally and efficiently chosen to depend on their socializing and self-esteem capabilities. It's to ensure that once they are already in the real environment of rendering escort services to their clients, they are going to provide the right and best service for them.

Russian bisexual escort for couples visiting Bangkok and Pattaya

These escorts are perfect for different privet times or travel events in Bangkok. This includes attending public events, personal or business travel purposes and a lot more. They will give you guarantee that once you’ve chosen them, you will never regret choosing them as your Bangkok travel companion.

Russian escorts as a travel companion in Bangkok and Pattaya

Our Russian beauties are also talented and skilled to respond to your needs anytime you want and wherever you want to go. They are enthusiastic and discreet enough to ensure that both of you will have exciting and the best high-quality time you deserve to have. 

Dinner date a Russian escort in Pattaya and Bangkok
Whether it is for a day or even night travel, expect that hot Russian escorts in Thailand will always be there to accompany you.
Clubbing with your Russian Escort Date in Pattaya

Bankok’s Russian Escorts: A Travel Buddy in Bangkok

So, every time you plan to travel in Thailand, make sure to book any hot and sexy Russian escorts in Bangkok regardless of what your purpose of visiting the place is. They are the best travel companion that will never create boredom, problems, and stress in your life. 
So, if you are planning to visit Bangkok any of these days, book beautiful Russian escorts today! You rest assured that you will never regret doing it.

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Rates and Profiles of Russian Escorts Available in Bangkok
What are your Russian escort rates in Bangkok?

The rate depends on the type of services you take! 

Normale GFE 

2 hrs around 7000 to 9000

overnight  almost 13000  to 16000 TB

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Marriages are made in heaven, but friendship builds upon earth. I don’t believe on that cliché concept of marriage because it comes with lots of responsibilities. So, I am here. I am Irina from Russia and I am a free bird in Pattaya and Bangkok. I live my life on my own conditions and don’t bother what society says about me. My friends say I am tremendously beautiful and smoky hot. Fashion and trying different dresses, these are my hobby and you can tell me about your preferences of dresses while you are with me.

You can call me Rika the Russian escort of Pattaya, and I come from the Russian city of Moscow. I am 24 years of age, and completed my education, from one of the leading colleges in the city last year. My areas of interest include reading detective stories, and am a passionate fashion enthusiast, whom you will always find in the most fashionable attires and accessories. I have been working as a full time escort in Pattaya for the last few months, and I am available for sessions with men and women. However, I will request you to kindly schedule the appointment, at least 24 hours in advance, that will enable me to serve you better.

I am quite soft-spoken and shy but you can define me as feminine. I am Kyiv from Russia/Ukraine and doing this escort job in Bangkok- Pattaya to earn some money. Don’t surprise, as I desire to earn money, I never compromise on my client’s pleasures and happiness. My dream is to reach the height of success in my career; I want to be a successful model in the future and this is the reason that I need more money. I never compromise with my profession and very much devoted to every client that wants a lovely Ukrainian or Russian escort in Pattaya and Bangkok.

I am Olga, and I am from Ukraine. I am quite a mischievous and sporty kind of girl. Life is a game for me, a competition to win every part of it. I am very clear that what I want from life and try my best to make my life better every day. I don't have any hesitation or complex about men. From 20 to 60, I am comfortable with men of every age. From a classy dinner date to a sexy night stay, I enjoy everything and give my clients enough comfort and satisfaction.

Julia the Russian escort here in Pattaya, and she is a little bit different from other girls. I am a feminine and kind girl. She doesn't like loud parties and chaos of the nightclubs. But that does not mean that she is an annoying girl, She likes the coziness of friends and family. Julia loves to relax near the fireplace with a glass of red wine; She loves the soft melodious music and think these gestures are enough to create the right mood of love. A careful, mature and robust partner is always preferable for her who can spend quality time with her.

Luv and as my name implies, I want to be loved but in a gracious way. I love to be with the men who are honest and respect their lady love. My age is 24 and my weight is 65kg. Don’t think I am a fat girl buy yes, you can say I am a little bit bulky. I have long blonde hair and extremely fair skin. If you don’t trust my word just take a look at the picture. I love to go with you to dinner date "Russian escort service" but please take me in a classy place. Just have a candlelight dinner with tasty foods and red wine and then give me the opportunity to make you feel special in your bedroom at any hotel in Pattaya or Bangkok.

Hi guys this is Marine the Russian escort, your friend from Bangkok or Pattaya and I am just like your girl next door. I am very simple, down to earth and friendly. One thing that need ignore is that I am quite talkative. I love my job "escort" and enjoy meeting and spending time with new people every time. For me, this is a great opportunity for me to explore different culture and tradition. My men say, I am like a wild cat on bed and a stylish companion for a dinner date.

Lucy here, and I am a 24-year old Russian girl, working as a professional ballet dancer. I am from the city of Ufa, and I completed my college education from one of the premium Indian colleges. After that I joined Russian69, few days back, and now, I am available as a Russian escort in Pattaya or in Bangkok. To spend some time with me, you need to be a man, who knows how to respect ladies, and you must have a mature and decent choice and taste.

Berata, a 26-year old professional escort from Russia and staying in Bangkok now. A paradise for the shoppers, Bangkok is a wonderful place to satisfy the aspiration of making the finest experience. Why not think of something that will spice up the shopping time further? I am available for giving you companionship during the shopping time at the top shopping malls, in and around Bangkok or Pattaya. What about spending some quality private moments together, after shopping, followed by some quality time spent at Dinner at one of the best restaurants in the city?

This is Sana and she is from Russia. She is an outcall Russian beauty. Her fair skin, her beautiful blue eyes, her gorgeous figure, everything is just the reflections of her own culture and heredity. She is now available in Bangkok and Pattaya as she has joined her job as a model here. Like other young girls of her age, she loves to go for friend’s gathering, drinks party with colleagues etc. She very sincere Russian escort and gives her 100% when she is with her clients.  She can drink; she can dance or can show her skills on bed.

I am Yulia and a beautiful escort from Ukraine, staying in Pattaya and Bangkok. I am a little bit naughty and enrich my relationships with such naughtiness. I love flowers and I have a garden full of flower plants. I love sweet surprises but I don’t demand expensive gifts. For me, a simple romantic dinner or a long drive is enough and it can be exciting for me. My age is 23 years but I am in this profession for last three years, so I am really experienced and skilled to make my clients happy.

I am Diana, and I am from Ukraine. I am gentle and friendly kind of girl. I am very much health conscious and eat healthy foods only to maintain my beauty. I don’t have interest in fiction books, but I like to read the medical journals. I start my day with exercise and love to lead an active lifestyle. Many doctors visit Bangkok, and I love to be with them as their partner of bed or partner of medical events. I like to keep my home neat and clean. Cleaning and dusting of my own house give me a good pleasure always. I love to share magic moments with my clients, utterly pleasurable night and relaxing day.

I understand that you would always love to spend some quality time with a pretty and sexy woman, who would be hot on the bed. If you are not satisfied, hiring the average escorts, probably you need to book a session with men, that will surely produce your 100% satisfaction. A sexy, glamorous, and elegant girl of 23 years escort from Russia, Myself Aleksendra, and I am there to give you some enjoyable companionship in Bangkok.

Don’t you think two people from the same genre of work can make a good pair? If yes, then I am a poet, and I love to date poets from different countries. I can take you to the new world of love, with the way of love. Sounds dramatic? Not really, Agusia HERE. I can give you a good pleasure surely in your room "Pattaya and Bangkok", when we both are alone or at a party when you are with your friends. You can share your writings with me, and I can do the same. A cozy room, two glasses of wine, poetry and two alone people, what else you need from your life? If you want to grab the pleasure, you can join me "Russian escort" anytime.

This is Milla and you can call me the beauty of "Russian Bangkok or Pattaya Escorts", and my passion is socializing. I love to stay online always. I like to take selfies and post them right then on my social media profiles. My story is quite simple, I love to have fun is life and that is the reason that I am here in Bangkok and Pattaya as an Russian escort. I don’t believe in traditional living like reading, singing, dancing but my choice is quite different. I don’t like anything dark, boring in my life but love to enjoy everything colorful and bright. I can go with you to any party, event, rock concert but if you need a serene night full of love, I can provide you with that too.

Kim, and I am not ready for sexual companionship. I am a non-sexual European escort in Bangkok/Pattaya who can give you erotic message service or can go with you at your business events or parties but not at your hotel room. If you are looking for a non-sexual escort who can be your beautiful partner for parties, you can hire me. I can speak English fluently, and I have a good education background. I know that how to look beautiful and sparkling in business attire.

Courage, strong personality and respectful behavior towards a woman, makes a man sexy. This is completely my thought. I am Margo, and I am from Russia and now working in Pattaya and Bangkok. I love to be with the men who come from a good educational and cultural background. I am well educated and trained properly to go with you at your business events or meetings. I know all the etiquettes to attend these types of patties. But, don't think that I am just for business parties. I can entertain you in your hotel room too.

I am Svetlana from Russia. I am not much talkative and but not at all shy. I am quite a serious kind of girl. Life is beautiful for me and I love to utilize each moment of it. My heart is full of positive emotions only and loves to share that with my men. I am in a the escort job and I meet many people every day that makes me communicative and at the time my control over the English language makes it easy for me to communicate with different people.

Denisa- Beauty of Russian Escorts

Origin: Russian Country: Russia, Denisa  Age:28

Everyone dreams of a fairytale life and happy ending of that too. Today’s career driven fast lifestyles make it taboo virtually for a man to express his desire. Living a fancy-free, quality time with girlfriend or boyfriend is tough to find today.

Denisa is perfect for the lonely guys. She is from Russia and ready to fulfill all wishes of her clients and help them to make his ultimate life desire come true.


Russian girls are popular worldwide for their beauty; you can add her in this category too. She has an unparalleled mix of the East European heritage that gives her a real sexy, fiery edginess. 
She is extremely fun loving and particularly love dancing and music. She has a playful, advanced and edgy sense of humor. She can speak English fluently that makes her clients happy. While, that I am notably religious in term of the attitude towards, sensuality and intimacy in her blood that dominates as she oozes the passion. You will never see her topless at the beach but when she is pursuing her duty as an escort; she can do anything to make her client happy. It must be something in the water of her place because the girls from Alba Iulia, posses a beauty unmatched by few. 
Her fantasies:
You might say that the Denisa is a modern day’s fairytale princes. She feels comfortable only with a man with good sense of humor and with a good personality.  When going out with Denisa, keep in mind that she loves a good life. She wanted to be spoilt and pampered by her man, she like you to chaperone her regarding picking her up from an escorting her to whatever place. She loves to travel with his friend and her men. She has a passion for an extraordinary life. She has the dream to fly Thailand or other places, wearing expensive branded shoe and she doesn’t have any guilt in going shopping out with her clients and maxing out his credit card. She loves to be with men, who are sophisticated and wealthy and can give her a lavish lifestyle. 
Once you meet her, you will become her fan. She is right in all fields but has a particular soft corner for a modeling career. She is just 20 years old, and her actual dream is to be a fashion icon, a supermodel. She loves to be with an honest and religious man only. If anyone wants to leave her isolated life, may have more fun with this beautiful Russian girl. 
She is a dreamer:
Denisa is a dreamer indeed. She is doing it just to make more money to live her dream. Her dream is to be happy and productive. Denisa is a romantic person by heart, and she is involved romantically with her every client. She places high values on friendship and heart to heart bonding. Loyalty, companionship, and honesty are some qualities that define the goodness and character of the girl. She is beautiful, but her dream is to look more fashionable and smart by excellent dressing sense. She is adaptable and dependable but can do anything to pursue her dream. She is waiting eagerly for her prince charming just like another girl of her age. People, who have met the girl, know that she is very humble and want a loyal relationship. She dreams to be with her prince charming one day and believes that he will bring her with him to a new world of happiness and love. She deals only with the men with a particular class. 

Диана- The Cute Russian Escort Girl

Origin: Russian Country: Kielce, Poland  Age:27

Диана is waiting to date you online and she is ready to meet her companion. She likes to date men for long term. Диана is fascinated by nightclubs and night life of Bangkok. She is not lonely and she knows how to attract men and very much focus on her career. To continue, we can tell you that she knows that how to behave when she is with a man. She is more attentive towards her client. She is ready to go for an evening out with her clients but loves to get lots of attention from the man. She is not interested much in the money of their clients. Although nobody says, she doesn’t have other friends; she is able to make a significant difference between a lover and friend. She has interest in lots of things like cooking, diving, yoga, and biking. She has a special love for arts. She loves to go to the beach, loves to read interesting books.


She is girlfriend material:

If you are really interested to visit and date Диана, you don’t need to worry about the language differences. She has made the extra effort and spent considerable time to learn basic English as some of the language barriers can be torn down. As a result, she is able to communicate quite well with her clients from Arab, India or from Bangkok.

There are several reasons that she is too much popular today. She is completely girlfriend material and if you are ready to have a girlfriend for one day, she is just perfect to fulfill your desire. She is slim, fair and in good shape. She is popular for her mind-blowing figure. She has a thin waist and long legs. Her feature is very attractive and she has blue eyes and long black hair. Well, this was about her physique and looks. Males are attracted towards her from a different part of the world because of her attitude. If we take religious side of her, we would proudly say that she has a high level of respect for religion. She is orthodox Christian. She is brought up traditionally and has high morals. She waits for her prince charming. She is very humble and soft-minded. Just like coins, she has two different characteristics, on one side she is hot and bold and on the other side, she is very much soft minded. She is ready to do almost everything to make her man happy, from dance to singing, she is expert of everything. The relation and satisfaction that you will have from the beautiful girl are different than the other girls. She looks like a model and this is the main reason that men want to date her. She is family oriented and inherent aptitudes and family values. In one word, she is completely girlfriend material with whom you will love to spend your quality time in Bangkok.

Her type of clients

She is very much serious about knowing the details of the men before start dating with them. Dating is an art and she is skilled very much to handle her clients. She loves to receive the clients from India and Arab mostly and also who belongs from the good cultural background and well educated. She pays more attention to the loyal relation. She is not doing it only for money but she is in search of physical and mental refreshment. A man with great respects for women and polite in behavior is her type of clients and she is ready to serve them with her best skills and tricks.


People, who are in Bangkok for a business trip or educational tour, are always welcome as the client of Диана the Russian escort.

Алла- Super Hot Russian Outcall Girl in Bangkok

Origin: Russian Country: Russia, Saint Petersburg  Age:26

Russian beauties are famous for their sexy figure, and smart appearance and Алла is not exceptional of that. She is gorgeous and possesses a mesmerizing figure. 

Sometimes it is quite surprising that people cannot find their soul mate in their area and keep looking for new lovely dovely worlds, for new cultures and distinct people from different parts of the world. This is the key reason that people seem for a small but convenient companionship while they are in a new city like Bangkok. Thus, you contact Алла for friendship or to wipe away all your loneliness during your trip to Bangkok.  She is ready to give you a happy time, in a poolside party or on the bed. She can go to your business events with you as she is well educated and know that how to behave in a prestigious formal party. You can start by messages and can go far gradually. 
She is educated:
People have a thought that Russian girls are not enough educated, but the good news is that as far as the culture is a concern of a Russian girl, they are now more educated than the girls from other parts of the world and Алла belongs from that educated society. She is a scholar of Accountancy, and that helps her to understand her deals with clients, and she is also in a good job. She is very much ambitious and proud of herself. She is a perfect combination of beauty and education, as far the intelligence is a concern, and she can take a seat in the front rows. To continue, her culture depends through on her personality. She can speak English with a polished pronunciation. But she is not satisfied with the monotony of the world and loves to explore new things every day. Her quest to find something new and quest to live a unique life, bring her in this profession. She is well educated, and if you are looking for an excellent companion to accompany you at your business meetings, you can proudly bring her with you. She is sexy, hot and has perfect dressing sense. She can dress up and communicate with a proof corporate world. At the same time, she can go with you in your formal dinner party and trust; no one will recognize her as an escort. 
However, as we have mentioned previously, according to her personality, she is at the time sensuous and spontaneous, she is religious. It can be a real adventure to try to enter into this girl’s mind in general. At the same time, she is very much sophisticated and classy, but she does not wear a holy aura. She is passionate and very much tender. She looks for new exciting experiences always, and she never humiliates her clients. What you will love about her is her smiling face and her style to present herself in front of others. 
That's how she describes herself:
Hi, I am Алла, and I am 25 years girl from Russia. I have my own business set up, and I am a commerce scholar. My search for sexual and mental satisfaction brings me to this profession. I love to meet different people and love to explore more about them. I love being only with the elegant and well-mannered guys. A man’s education, knowledge, and behavior attract me towards him. It is not a matter of many for me, but this is a good way for me to know a different culture. I am right in English. My passion is fast driving, and I like to enjoy it in a dark, lonely road with my man.

Виктория is Our Number One Russian Escort in Bangkok

Origin: Russian Country: Russia, Rostov-on-Don  Age:24

How many times did you think that life without a sexual partner is not something that you enjoy? How many times did you find out that the loneliness is something that scared you a lot? How many times were your lonely and cold nights in a huge in a large and empty house? These are must be a tough question, but if you are in Bangkok, you have one answer to all these questions, and this is the girl, Виктория from Russia. A guy, who is lonely especially, wants to have girl beside him always and probably the best girls, who are sexy, cool, thrilling and one who will warm your cold nights and give color to your dark, dull days. So, before you set out for your lonely nights and hook up with a fun, sexy girl, look at this profile of Виктория, a sexy, hot and horny girl, who can turn your dream to reality. She is very much horny and doing this just to satisfy her physical needs. You can call her a sex bomb, as her figure tells that. It is easy to be not much happy and wait for something good to happen, but in reality, this is not the right way that you should act. She is a collection of treasure, and you have to look for it only. If you are working hard to achieve significant in career but missing your exciting sex life, you will get it fulfilled with Виктория. She is too much sensuous and seductive. She knows the right way of seduction especially for an introvert and lonely guy. Her horny behavior makes everyone happy and excited.  She loves to watch movies, especially adult movies and enjoy music even while sharing an intimate moment with her clients. She loves to socialize and has a good habit to make new friends often. 
The horniest girl:
There is a rare chance for the men to find someone sexy, hot and at a time very much horny to give great satisfaction on bed. She is a fun-loving and active girl. She has a unique skill of seductive dancing. You can hire her for a poolside dance or a sexy night out in a bar. Виктория is very much beautiful and charming, and at the same time, she is very much intelligent. She takes pride in the way she dresses up, she talks and how she walks. She is elegant and classy and ready to anything for her clients. But of course looks is not the end of the topic. She waits for her dream man to enjoy the fetish sex.  
According to her clients, she is smoky hot and sexy and well-skilled to understand the desire of her different clients. From erotic messages to hot hotbed game, she can treat the clients as her king with her sexy moves. If you want more from a dinner date, she is ready with little remunerations. She is 25 years old and possesses a stunning figure, 56 kg weight and 172 cm height with blonde hair. She loves to drink with her king and can dance as well. 
She is into fetish sex:
Yes, she is into fetish sex. She can perform like a wild girl on the bed and can fulfill the ultimate desire of her life. This specialty of the girl makes her horniest and gives a magical experience to her clients. This is her unique specialty that most of her client’s love and enjoy most.  She is steamy and expert to seduce her clients with her sexy moves, dresses or acts. 

Марта The Hot Russian Bird

Origin: Russian Country: Russia, Tolyatti  Age:25

This is Марта.  I love to be an honest and faithful relationship. I am soft hearted and kind girl and prefer to date only loyal and open-hearted man. A sincere and honest man is always preferable to me. I am an outcall escort from Bangkok and a dreamer who loves to live her dream. I am 176cm tall, and my weight is 57kg. I am a sporty person and love to play basketball. I have interest in several things like I love skiing and ice skating and love to read different types of books, especially the romantic fictions. I start my day with meditation or yoga. I can go to a musical concert with you as I am very fond of music. I love to live a healthy life by eating healthy and by tough exercise. 
Another passion of my life is cooking. I love to try different cuisine from a different corner of the world. A man with golden heart and a good sense of humor is always preferable for me. I can travel with my client to make you happy. I have good depth in English language and can speak English well. I am very fair and open-minded. I have been a lonely an alone girl for a long time, and this is the reason that I am here as an exclusive outcall escort. Money is a priority of life, of course, for me, this is not the end of my story. I don’t believe in serious married life as I have a very bad experience in my childhood days. I love to live life with my condition and need to be entertained. Life is an adventure for me and that why I am in this profession. I am ready to do anything for my client but in my condition. I am 24 years old, and my experience level is beyond the age. 
Her story:
I am born and brought up in Germany, Frankfurt, and my mother was a student of economics. When I was in 6th standard, my mother moved to Russia for higher study. My father was from Frankfurt, and my parents went for separation when I was only ten years old. Then my mother married a man from Paris, and we settled in the city of fashion. I studied in a school in Paris and learned my language from the embassy school also. Then I came back to Brno to become a lawyer. I love to travel and visited Bangkok during my holidays, but I fell in love with the place. I am now serving as an outcall escort here. I have been in a relationship long time back but moved on to live my life in my way. I am mature enough and understand the client’s requirements well. This does not matter that you are from where but for me, you are a good companion for a day. I do not care about the looks, money or background of my man, but care only for their heart. 
 Our experience with her:
Марта joined the escort team recently and became first preferences of the businessmen during their Bangkok tour, and they book her as their escort most of the time. She is too much talent, well skilled in making a man happy. She is very lively and tries her best to make her clients happy. You can take her with you to a party, and her appearance is very appealing and elegant for the party. She offers only pleasure and luxury to her client. She is ready to anywhere with the clients. 

Origin: Russian Country: Russia, Gitka  Age:24

First of all, I love to thank all the visitors to read my profile here and paying more attention to it. It is very essential to confess that it was really difficult to post my profile as an escort here. But I think this is the right place to start my life as an escort and have all the fun, money and thrill of the career from here. Truly speaking, life is changing every time and it becoming busier and faster and people would prefer to meet the new people online for dating. Most of my friends are in the same place and they are also living a satisfied and happy life now. I just thought to give my life a chance. I can start communicating with my partner through an online chat and that will be ended in their bedroom. This is a nice and interesting job for me and I always have happy and energetic people around me. I am quite experienced to give a man the ultimate satisfaction of life. I am an open minded talkative girl and love to share my entire world with you.

I am from a small town of Russia but I have learned every trick that a man need from their girl. I am smart enough to communicate with me and ready for a sexy rain dance or pool party. My story started when I was only 19 years old and got married to a person, who was not good sexually. We parted away but I lost my trust from the marriage institution. When I was looking for the ultimate satisfaction of life without any legal bonding or relation, I started my career as an outcall escort. It is a very much fulfilling experience for me and a good source to earn some money. Well, I am also a model in profession.

Clients Reviews:

Hi, this is Joy from India. I am a single boy and love to enjoy my romantic life with the girls from a different corner of the world. I have met Gitka recently in my tour to Bangkok. It was my business tour and I am badly in search for a companion there. She is smoky hot and stunningly beautiful. She won my heart with her first gesture and amazing looks at the beginning and when I booked her for a night, she came to me as the angel of the night. It was a really satisfying experience. She is a good dancer and even asks me for a sexy, close dance before going to the bed. She loves red wine and a toast of red wine makes her more beautiful and sexy. It was really worthy experience and I will book here again when I will visit Bangkok again. Another best part of the girl is she can speak English fluently that help me a lot with communicating with her. She is romantic, kind-hearted and very much happy go lucky kind of person. She just faded away all my loneliness during the trip.

Our Review:

Gitka is a talented and gorgeous girl. We never ever received any complaint against her from the clients but yes got more positive impact on her. She is a real angel and her beauty is beyond words. She can impress her clients just by the first appearance and can be wildest on the bed. She is very much smart and polite. We can say she is an asset to the agency. She is a sizzling girl who can do anything to give her clients needed satisfaction and pleasure. Intelligent, independent and attractive, this is how we can describe her. 

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Hi, I am Julia. You may found my pictures on the pages of your favorite Russian escort agency in Bangkok because I am a Russian model and have worked with many eminent designers. I am a complete fashion freak girl and I love to do everything in style. I don’t like the manners less, un-smart guys but I like to spend quality time only with the confident men with extraordinary style, good fashion sense. I think fashion and style are synonymous and they make a man perfect. Whenever I meet my client, you will find me properly dressed up.

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Mad about the nightlife of Bangkok and this is the key reason that I am here in Bangkok now. I am Svetlana and I am from Russia. Music, dance, escort service and enjoying life with complete freedom is my dream. I love to be with the energetic men only, who can go to the night bars, dance clubs and disco bars with me and can dance madly with me and finally who can go wild on bed. I am really a loud girl and love everything bright and loud.

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Do you have a dream to travel to Thailand with a hot and sexy Russian companion? If yes, then I am Sana and I am ready to serve you as your best Russian escort who can travel with you or can give you best sexual experience during the entire trip. I love to taste different cuisine and foods and trust me I am foodie kind of girl. You can eat everything that you want to eat because I will try them with you also. So, get ready for an erotic and relaxing tour with me.

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Irina is my name and I am very much enthusiastic and energetic. I am full of feminine grace, very sophisticated and sexy, as people say. My age is 25 and weight is 65kg. Well, I love to be with the men from a certain class. I don’t like to date the men who is not protective, educated and don’t have any cultural background. I love Indian men, they are as sophisticated as I am and behave elegantly with a girl.

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Smart and Sexy, this is how you can describe me. I am a complete girlfriend material and my dream is to be with a man who is looking for one day’s girlfriend in Bangkok. I am Diana and I respect my culture and religious values. I am doing it as my part time job but I am a doctor in profession, an interesting and charming doctor to date. From a hot night experience to a travel tour, I can do anything for you.

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Desirous to have a forever memorable trip in Bangkok? Looking for the most exciting and enjoyable escort girl? I am always there, when you need my services the most. I belong to the city of Warsaw in Poland, and my name is Kim. I was born and brought up in an elite family, and I completed my university education, 2 years back. Since then, I have been associated with Russian69, often visiting Bangkok and the nearby cities to give companionship to men, looking for the most fascinating companion. I am just a few-clicks away!!

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I am from Moscow. I am free from any hesitations. I completely alone in this entire world. But nothing has stopped me ever. I am a model by profession and love to spend my time with a kind hearted man. I am doing it as my part-time job and for me, it is an excellent opportunity to meet new people and stay happy always. I am scared of any serious relationship and fulfilling my every desire as an escort. I am ready to give you a sophisticated escort service in Bangkok. My personality and knowledge allow you to take me along with you in your business events also.

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Margo, and I am from the UK. I am happy that you have found your interest in me. Okay, let me say something interesting about me, I am very fond of books. I think a book can give you a lot of topics to start your conversation with your client. I like to live a simple life, and I don’t have any condition to date a man as an escort in Bangkok.

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Hi, this is Yulia. No, I am not a Russian escort who came directly from your fairytale book. I am a simple and down to earth girl. I can make my man happy with lovely gestures and sexy dances.

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Hello Dear Friends!! I am Aleksendra, from Russia, Moscow, and presently, I am working as an escort in Bangkok on my leisure times. I am 23 years of age, I would love to describe myself as a fun loving, and simple girl, passionate to give you the most awesome experience.

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Do you have a dream to travel to Pattaya with a hot and sexy Russian companion? If yes, then I am Lucy and I am ready to serve you as your best companion who can travel with you or can give you best sexual experience during the entire trip. I love to taste different cuisine and foods and trust me I am foodie kind of girl. You can eat everything that you want to eat because I will try them with you also. So, get ready for an erotic and relaxing tour with me.

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Marine from Russia and a girl who loves simple living. I enjoy every bit of life and welcome all the bad things in an open hug. If you are with me, I will treat you as my king of the day and will do everything to satisfy your desire. Our day can start with a small outing, romantic lunch will come next and then a personalized sensuous dinner date that will be wrapped up in a hot nigh experience in your hotel room. I will make it the best of your favorite Russian escorts in Thailand!

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Have you ever tasted a Russian escort in Thailand? It is sour and sweet. I have the same fragrance and taste in me. I am a Russian escort in Pattaya, Kyiv is my name and here to give you a pleasurable experience. You should start your romantic and sensuous relation with me gradually, slowly and swiftly but not rapidly. It is not important, what is your cultural background, how old are you and how many mistakes you have made before this meeting. I can give you infinite space for relations and creations as well as I can erase any restrictions.


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