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Top Go-Go Bars in Bangkok that You Should Visit if You are into Euro, Russian or even Ukrainian escorts in Bangkok

Bangkok’s red-light districts are filled with numerous go-go bars where hundreds of Russian, Ukrainian, and European escorts with beaming smiles vie for your attention as you stroll along. However, not all of these bars are created equal, as we’ve personally experienced after spending substantial money exploring them all. Let us help you navigate the city’s risqué establishments, focusing on Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, and Patpong.
Without wasting time, let us get started, and we are beginning with Nana Plaza.: 
Best Go-go Bars in Nana Plaza
Billboard, situated on the highest floor of Nana Plaza, understands that go-go bars revolve around entertainment and girls. It boasts the most attractive go-go dancers among all the bars listed here. They have a knack for putting on a spectacular performances. Are you looking for a go-go bar where the ladies are splendid, lively, and unafraid to showcase and project their best moves on stage? Then Billboard is the place you are looking for.
Another fabulous stop in Nana Plaza is Spanky’s. Although it’s renowned for the girls spanking each other and the customers (you)  with black foam sticks on the stage, the thrilling and sensual performances have garnered the bar its reputation. These shows occur hourly, and each session typically runs for 15 minutes in quick succession.
Rainbow 5
Rainbow group operates four bars in Nana Plaza, but Rainbow 5, situated on the middle floor, is undoubtedly the most impressive of the lot. It has a vast space and features over 100 gorgeous girls (that you may not hesitate to buy lady drinks for), drawing large crowds every night. The only aspect it falls short on is the absence of lively shows like the spots we have mentioned so far. However, overall, it’s a great go-go bar.
Angelwitch is the go-to destination for witnessing the most scintillating erotic performances in Bangkok. While the bar easily flaunts stunning girls and provides a lively party atmosphere, the main attraction lies in its unique and unmatched shows.
Butterflies (not the insect butterfly) is situated on the top floor of Nana Plaza. It is among the largest go-go bars in the area. It offers an abundance of fascinating young girls and even highlights sultry hot tub performances. However, what sets it apart from other bars is the music. Instead of the typical go-go bar tunes heard in most naughty establishments, Butterflies has DJs spinning clubbing tracks. You will definitely love it there if you are a fan of clubbing music.
The Lollipop go-go bar is built on the ground level of Nana Plaza, and it probably will be the first bar that will catch your eye on the left as you enter the complex. It has an inviting terrace with friendly girls and reasonably priced beers, just to mention but a few. Although the go-go dancers may not be the most beautiful girls you will meet in Thailand, and the interior of the bar may not be the biggest and most comfy, but it’s a pleasant spot to kick off a wild night in Nana Plaza.
Now taking a turn to Soi Cowboy.
Best Go-go Bars in Soi Cowboy
Crazy House
For a memorable go-go bar feel, visit Crazy House. It’s a genuinely wild bar featuring numerous nude and half-naked girls, rowdy clients, and insane performances. It’s very easy. But we don’t expect that it will not appeal to everyone, if you’re eager to immerse yourself in the heart of Sin City and discover just how outrageous go-go bars can be, Crazy House is a must-visit destination.
Dollhouse, situated in Soi Cowboy, is unquestionably the most infamous go-go bar in the area. Operating for more than two decades, it’s renowned for its stunning girls and the “no hassle” approach established by its founders. The bar spans across two floors, with the upstairs featuring shows where the girls take it all off for VIP clients like you.
Baccara is home to some of the finest girls in any go-go bar in Bangkok. Inclusive of these girls are your favorite Russian, European, and Ukrainian babes. What’s more? The upper floors offer the added glamor of full nudity, making it an even more enticing terminus. If you will be visiting Soi Cowboy, make sure you make room for a trip to Baccara. It is an absolute must.
Suzie Wong
Suzie Wong is a well-known go-go bar in Soi Cowboy, and it’s the only one in the area where you can witness sex shows (including ping pong shows) without being taken advantage of. While it may be steeper compared to other go-go bars in Soi Cowboy, the quality of service, shows, and girls makes it a worthwhile expense.
Cowboy 2
In Soi Cowboy, when Baccara and Dollhouse are packed to capacity, Cowboy 2 serves as an excellent substitute. Hosting as many as 100 girls and courteous staff, the bar offers fantastic happy hour deals that are hard to resist and will make you not miss the other options you probably would have had.
Patpong, Patpong, Patpong, Here We Come
Best Go-go Bars in Patpong
Bada Bing
Patpong’s Bada Bing is the largest and most sought-after go-go bar in the area. Despite the recent renovations, it continues to provide the same top-notch services that earned its reputation while also hiring a fresh batch of hot and tempting ladies in their early twenties. A trip to Patpong would be incomplete without a visit to Bada Bing, we promise.
Castle 1
Castle 1, part of the Kings group, is the top go-go bar among the five in Patpong. Despite the bar’s unchanged decor since the 70s, the girls are gorgeous, amiable, and entertaining. Additionally, the bar girls are not pressured to tease customers to buy more drinks, especially lady drinks. Therefore, you can relax with a cold beer and a sexy companion while enjoying the shows.
Pink Panther
Pink Panther is undoubtedly the most fascinating of all the go-go bars we’ve visited and evaluated. Although the girls may not be the most attractive, it is the only go-go bar in Bangkok that features Muay Thai fights (yes, we are not kidding). If this piques your interest, make sure to visit Pink Panther around 11 pm to catch the fights and, of course, meet the girls. 
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Luv and as my name implies, I want to be loved but in a gracious way. I love to be with the men who are honest and respect their lady love. My age is 24 and my weight is 65kg. Don’t think I am a fat girl buy yes, you can say I am a little bit bulky. I have long blonde hair and extremely fair skin. If you don’t trust my word just take a look at the picture. I love to go with you to dinner date "Russian escort service" but please take me in a classy place. Just have a candlelight dinner with tasty foods and red wine and then give me the opportunity to make you feel special in your bedroom at any hotel in Pattaya or Bangkok.

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I am Diana, and I am from Ukraine. I am gentle and friendly kind of girl. I am very much health conscious and eat healthy foods only to maintain my beauty. I don’t have interest in fiction books, but I like to read the medical journals. I start my day with exercise and love to lead an active lifestyle. Many doctors visit Bangkok, and I love to be with them as their partner of bed or partner of medical events. I like to keep my home neat and clean. Cleaning and dusting of my own house give me a good pleasure always. I love to share magic moments with my clients, utterly pleasurable night and relaxing day.

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I understand that you would always love to spend some quality time with a pretty and sexy woman, who would be hot on the bed. If you are not satisfied, hiring the average escorts, probably you need to book a session with men, that will surely produce your 100% satisfaction. A sexy, glamorous, and elegant girl of 23 years escort from Russia, Myself Aleksendra, and I am there to give you some enjoyable companionship in Bangkok.

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Don’t you think two people from the same genre of work can make a good pair? If yes, then I am a poet, and I love to date poets from different countries. I can take you to the new world of love, with the way of love. Sounds dramatic? Not really, Agusia HERE. I can give you a good pleasure surely in your room "Pattaya and Bangkok", when we both are alone or at a party when you are with your friends. You can share your writings with me, and I can do the same. A cozy room, two glasses of wine, poetry and two alone people, what else you need from your life? If you want to grab the pleasure, you can join me "Russian escort" anytime.


This is Milla and you can call me the beauty of "Russian Bangkok or Pattaya Escorts", and my passion is socializing. I love to stay online always. I like to take selfies and post them right then on my social media profiles. My story is quite simple, I love to have fun is life and that is the reason that I am here in Bangkok and Pattaya as an Russian escort. I don’t believe in traditional living like reading, singing, dancing but my choice is quite different. I don’t like anything dark, boring in my life but love to enjoy everything colorful and bright. I can go with you to any party, event, rock concert but if you need a serene night full of love, I can provide you with that too.

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Kim, and I am not ready for sexual companionship. I am a non-sexual European escort in Bangkok/Pattaya who can give you erotic message service or can go with you at your business events or parties but not at your hotel room. If you are looking for a non-sexual escort who can be your beautiful partner for parties, you can hire me. I can speak English fluently, and I have a good education background. I know that how to look beautiful and sparkling in business attire. escort service website

Courage, strong personality and respectful behavior towards a woman, makes a man sexy. This is completely my thought. I am Margo, and I am from Russia and now working in Pattaya and Bangkok. I love to be with the men who come from a good educational and cultural background. I am well educated and trained properly to go with you at your business events or meetings. I know all the etiquettes to attend these types of patties. But, don't think that I am just for business parties. I can entertain you in your hotel room too.