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He told something​completely different to Ammi on that day. Abir told her that he did not like her to see with Vinay and as his nurse; he loved her and wanted to marry her. Ammi did not like his behavior on that night. She left the place in the morning after finishing her professional job and told him that she was not ready to accept his love. Actually, Ammi was feeling something different for Vinay. His love for her late girlfriend was too much and that made Ammi fall in love with Vinay. Vinay had an excellent personality but for Ammi, he was more like a little kid. He was blind and helpless but he never tried to take any kind of benefit of a girl. That was very much impressive for her; even she has told her sister Anna about her secret admiration and love for Vinay.Abir also told Ali about the incident. Ali did not know about Ammi’s love for Vinay so he told Abir that gave her some time and requested him that not to ask Ammi to leave her work for Vinay.

It was her professional duty and did not make her leave that. Anna and Ali were meeting regularly on a happy note. They were also working in the same office within the same ambiance. That was a great phase for them to get more chances of knowing each other and spending lots of time together. But they never discussed on the topic of Vinay, Abir, and Ammi on their meetings. Just incidentally to make Vinay comfort, Ammi and Vinay came very close one day but somehow Abir witnessed that incident. It was impossible for Abir to see Ammi with his friend Vinay.

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He shouted on her in front of everybody and insulted her by saying that she is seducing his blind friend and was taking benefit of his friend. It was just his anger and impulsiveness, Ammi slapped him and left the place immediately. This incident became big as Ammi and Abir, both have told the story to their respective friends in their own words and own way. As Anna became angry on Abir, Ali felt the same for Ammi. Ali called Anna and told her the Abir’s version and it created a huge problem between Ali and Anna too. Basically, Abir was not a good guy, but Ali was not aware of that. He believed him only. Anna tried to tell her that her sister is innocent and there was nothing like that but Ali believed in Abir only. He even did not ask also Vinay about the matter. It was painful for both of them but Anna and Ali decided that they will not meet each other again as Ali has insulted her little sister. Anna left her job in Ali’s office also. With the passing days, their pain became intolerable for both but their ego was preventing them to meet each other.Ammi was also thoughtful about Vinay and she wanted to know about his health. She took a brave step and she went to the friend’s house to meet Vinay. Vinay was alone in the home at that time. She said sorry to Vinay that she left him alone and started crying about the incident. She conveyed her love and respect for Vinay too. Vinay told her that from last few days he was also missing Ammi and he was also in love with Ammi, but he is a blind person and not able to take the responsibility of a girl. She said that she had no issues about his blindness but Ammi will be there always beside him and they will make their bright new world with their true love. They were crying badly when Abir entered the room and started insulting Ammi. He even tried to molest her in front of Vinay and Ali entered on that time to the room. Ali understood everything and he scolded Abir for his past behaviors. in Bangkok!

Even he asked Vinay about that night. Vinay told him everything. Then Ali realized his mistake and his misbehaved with Ana. He ran to say sorry. But Anna was not in Bangkok at that time. She has joined a new company and she was then in out of station due to her job purpose. He waits for seven days for her return. He was waiting at the airport for Anna. He just ran by seeing Anna and asked her for forgiveness. He was ashamed of the work that he has done to her. Anna forgave her and they planned something exciting for them. They went for a dinner date on the very next day and spent their own cozy time together like before. They both were very happy with each other. They went dancing club to dance like mad. It was just the expression of their happiness. It was the first time when Ali was testing the excellent nightlife of Bangkok. He was really happy and excited after having her love back in his life after so many exhausting and painful nights. They returned back to Anna’s place as he was trying to avoid Abir.

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They get drunk and danced entire night and finished that happy and delightful night an exciting physical intimacy. Abir was one of the best friends of Ali and his business partner so it was difficult for them to wipe out him from their business. On very next day he gave a proposal to Abir that he wanted to buy all of his shares in their company. Obviously, Abir was not ready for that. He told that he is very much ashamed of his misdeeds and it was only his passiveness and love for Ammi that made him a bad guy. He promised him that he will never do such things in the future. Ali forgave him but started keeping eyes on him always even in their office. Vinay was not ready to accept his love of Ammi or even Ammi’s love for him as he was a blind person and he believed that he was the reason of his girlfriend’s death and he was not good enough to take the responsibility of a girl again.


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