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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

How Much To Tip Your Escort& Rates of Russian Escorts in Bangkok and Pattaya

This is a classic question that is faced by many men when they are about to take the Russian escort services for the first time. Normally, while booking an escort from the Russian escort services in Pattaya or Bangkok you will agree upon a fixed rate. There are different types of offer that you get. You can get an escort on the hourly basis or for days also. It depends on why you want to have them. The rate of the escort will be fixed and if you are hiring them for those fixed hours you have to pay them the charges.

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Should you tip an escort? The question that arises next is whether to tip an escort? Most of the people who have experience of spending time with a European or Russian escort will say that you should tip an escort for the quality time she has given you. Many others are of opinion that you should not pay any extra tip to the escort as you are already paying for the hours and services that she had agreed to be with you. They firmly believe that so you tip your Doctor for the services they provide? An escort also provides professional service that others cannot and are charging you for that. Then why should you need to tip them?

Still, if you find that the escort has given more time to you, have spent lovely moments while making love or have given a sex experience that is totally new then you must tip her, to acknowledge her service. There are many men who tip their escort so that they can be in their good book and in future if they want they can get them again.

How much to tip an escort? Let’s believe that as most of our Russian escorts are expert in what they do, you will get services that will make you enchanted and you will face the question that how much should you tip her that will let her know that her service is privileged? Professional Russian escorts know that they are charging for the services that they are providing and thus someone who has better skills will ask you higher rates. They normally do not expect any tip, but yes, they love to be spoiled! Although they do not expect tips or will not even ask for one, yes you will be appreciated if you give them one. It is totally your discretion that how you want to spoil your Russian escorts in Bangkok and Pattaya. You can give her hard cash as the tip or present them with something. This is totally up to you. Based on your experience and the valued time you were with your escort you can tip her. Even if you do not there will be no hard feelings on her part as she knows she is being paid for her duty. The tip is your appreciation towards her efforts to make you satisfied, both sexually and mentally. And there is no doubt that everybody loves to be appreciated. But at first, come and enjoy time with her, feel her and then consider about tipping!

Rates of Russian Escorts in Bangkok and Pattaya? Click here!


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