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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Songkran Festival in Thailand and Here Are Some of the Top European and Russian Escort Agencies in

Visiting a place when they are celebrating their own festival has its own excitement. You can get the essence of the festivals as well as the locals enjoying out there. If you go there during the Songkran festival that is held from 13th to 15th April every year, you will get a chance know about the local festival of Thailand. The Thais celebrate their New Year on the day of 13th April, and after that, they celebrate the Songkran Festival for two more days. During this festival, you will find that people on streets throw water on each other and greet each other about the New Year. This is how they celebrate their New Year. You can find the cities full of excitement and people full of energy and happiness. If you also want to get immersed in this happiness, you can do that in different ways. Get beautiful escorts out there in Bangkok, and she will lead you to the direction of joy and festivity.


Celebrate the transformation in style

The term Songkran is taken from Sanskrit word ‘samkranti’ which means the transformation of the celestial bodies from one phase to another. While the Thais celebrate this transformation why not you too celebrate some transformation in your own style? The water festival of Thais in Bangkok will let you dip in water and when you are full wet just think how exciting it will be if there is a pretty and sexy European lady by your side. She is also wet, and you can figure out her curves nicely. You do not have to think twice before looking at her beautiful body and sexy curves because she is all yours! Yes, if you think that it is all dream, then you are wrong. While you are here in Bangkok during the Songkran festival, you can really enjoy such moments along with beautiful and stylish European or Russian escorts. The color of blue will not only be the color of water that is thrown but also the color of eyes of these beauties whom you get along while moving from one street to another in the city of Bangkok. Get immersed in her beautiful and attractive eyes and find you’re full of love and lust. She will be your companion during your city tour and if you want to take her along with you to your hotel room, no issues, just make sure that you have made the arrangements beforehand. If you get aroused after seeing her beauty and body wet in water and try to increase the booking hours, then she may not be able to do that, and beautiful ladies always have some or other appointment to keep.


Visit these sites and make your bookings early

If you start looking for European escorts in Bangkok, you will find that there are hundreds of them. Everybody promises to send you the best beauty who is desirable to you. However, can you rely on all of them? In a foreign land, it is essential that you get to work with reliable escort agencies so that you do not get mixed up with any type of disputes. The rules in Thailand are stringent a, and you must get escorts from such agencies who are following the local laws correctly. So, here is a list of 6 such agencies who are best and most professional in providing you the sexiest and attractive agencies.


If you get to any of the sites mentioned above, you will find hot and professional escorts who will lead you to your wildest dreams during the festival season of Songkran. They are not only the best but the most reliable agencies in Bangkok for escorts because 1- They have the varied type of beauties on their website. Whether you look for Russian beauties or European beauties, you will get them. There are ones who are tall, and some of them are short. So, whatever height of escort you are looking for you will find them easily. It’s not only about height, but you will also get escorts of different type with different ethnicity that will match your requirement. 2- During the festival of Songkran, the demand for escorts is high. Still, they have so many escorts available to them that you will get someone or other for any service you want. Yes, they provide different types of services. You can get someone to be your companion during your Bangkok trip, or you may want someone to spice up your nights. They provide services of different types to meet your need. 3- They understand that in a foreign land you may feel uneasy to go anywhere. Thus, they provide you outcall services where you will find these beauties right in your hotel room. You can keep enjoying every moment and spend hours with them right in your rooms. 4- They send such escorts who follow a hygienic rule and will also help you do that. They take care of their health and thus when you get intimate with them you do not have to worry. They are fit and healthy, and so you can enjoy every moment in the best way. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there is much other reason that satisfied customers have said for these escorts agencies. Once they get service from any of the elegant European escorts from here, they return back to enjoy the charm again. So, if you want to get immersed in their beauty and experience the magic every moment you can book at any of these agencies. They will serve you with the best possible escorts that will make your trip memorable, and even next year too you will think of getting wet in the water festival of Bangkok!


Just make sure you complete your bookings fast as there is high demand during this period. Guests want the best escort to accompany them so don’t lost the good ones by being late!



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