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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Episode #10-A Russian/Europe Escort and Arab Lover in Bangkok/Pattaya

She just hates reading, and he is a renowned blogger. She is a Russian escort from Europe in Bangkok, and he is from UAE. She is Christian, and he is Muslim. Yet, nothing could stop them fell in love. As it is now a popular term that technology is running the love and lives, but it is true that technology made them fall in love. We are talking about Kim and Abbas and their unconventional love story. Kim was an escort of before joining the, and she was enjoying her part-time profession very much when she met Abbas, and they were then set to enjoy the marital bliss. She asked the permission to continue her profession as an escort even after marriage. As a modern and liberal boy, Abbas was ready to accept her terms, and this is how they reached the final decision and got married. The lovebirds Abbas and Kim got hitched in a hush-hush ceremony in Bangkok. All of her friends and agency members were present at the ceremony, and also the friends of Abbas were present on that day. It was the beginning of a dream life for both of them. But Abbas’s family members were not there on that extraordinary day of their lives. It was painful for both of them but as they wanted to be happy in life after so many unpleasant incidents and they got married to the dream of a happy life.

After marriage, they went for a small trip. During this holiday trip, they found substantial feelings of love for each other. They enjoyed together at the colorful beaches, shopping malls and other tourist destinations. They were enjoying perfect time together after marriage.

Kim "the Russian/European escort in Bangkok" was impressed by Abbas, his gesture, excellent sense of humor, dance skill. She was impressed by the way that Abbas lives his life. For Kim, Abbas was the best partner and human being, she ever met and the best husband for a girl who has seen so many ups and downs in life. They spent lots and lots of time together. They were thrilled in their small cozy adobe. They were traveling more. Days were flying with the happiness of the couple.

Now as they both started feeling in the same way, they started chatting through the Russian escort agency's profile first. They spent lots of sleepless nights as they were talking through the SMS service of the agency.

But it is important to mention here that Kim "the Russian/European escort" was from a good cultural family and she is well educated. She was pursuing the profession with a desire to find her dream man and to have fun in life. Finally, she found Abbas the real gentleman and a true lover in her life.

Now they started their happy conjugal life together in Bangkok. They were searching for the right base to set up their businesses. Kim was also working as a Russian escort and as a model of course. But at the end of the day, they returned to their own apartment and were spending some sleepless nights together with lots of love, passion and physical intimacy.

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