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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Episode #10-B Russian/Europe Escort and Arab Lover in Bangkok/Pattaya

Kim was in love with her life. She always loved to cook, and it became a passion for her as Abbas love to taste her new dished every day. At the marriage ceremony of Abbas and Kim "the Russian/European escort working for", two mostly unknown people named Akmaland Mia met in Bangkok. But the interesting thing was both were decided to stay away from each other during their previous meeting. They just began to talk about their country, themselves and with the passage of time, their relationship gradually developed from being hardly known old lover to simple friendship. During the same trip, he booked Mia for a dinner date and spent more time together. On the very next day, he booked Mia again for a casual outing and asked her for marriage. Mia is quite different from Kim in nature, and she was very shy and introvert. Mia "the Russian escort" is the cousin sister and best friend of Kim "the Russian/European escort working for", and this two couple had enjoyed a lot of time to have the group fun. Even after Abbas’s marriage with Kim, Akmal requested him to have the group excitement.

He hired Mia by calling up her agency, and they met at Abbas’s apartment "outcall". It was another fun night for the couples. They drink, they dance, and they had their lovely dinner together and finally had exciting, thrilling and sensuous group sex. Akmal has found the same love again for Mia and Abbas’s marriage was the biggest inspiration for him that it could be possible to marry an escort. But Mia was not ready at all. So he booked another night to spent time with Mia. It was a dinner date for them again. They went to Mia’s favorite restaurant for a candlelight dinner and chosen the corner place to enjoy their cozy time. Mia was not in love with Abbas, but for her, he was only a good friend and a client. So she did everything to make her client happy. They kissed and hugged at the restaurant, shared their thoughts with each other and so on. He also presented good tips to her. But Akmal was severely in love with Mia. It was really difficult for Mia to trust a guy whom she loved once but broken up and met hardly five times. But Abbas helped her to understand that Akmal is a good guy and he can trust her. They talked first to help Abbas and Kim "the Russian/European escort that works in Bangkok" , and it was their turn to made them fall for each other. Bangkok is the city of business, the city of life, city of fashion. Again the model coordinator visited the city within one month and this time only to meet the girl who can satisfy his wildest dream, whom he loved. They met in perfect romantic arrangements done by their friends Abbas and Kim. It was in a sea beach, and they played the role of Cupid in Mia and Akmal’s life. Akmal’s deep love and for passion her was amazing, and Mia started finding a love like feeling for him from that day.

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Russian escort service in Bangkok- Barbara

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