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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

What would your Russian prefers in terms of tool thickness?

I believe that there is something which your hired escort has always longed for in her life. We are speaking about the size of the tool here and no other material things per say!

I believe that if your Russian escort has always had a slim but long tool, then she might prefer to experience a different tool with a thicker mass altogether.

Whatever your girl prefers is exactly that which you need to prefer too just to make sure that she is happy and pleased. It is all about making your escort experience a new sexual and body pleasures and not what you prefer because what you prefer might not be what she wants in the long run. In terms of tool thickness, I personal might want a thicker tool for our simply because I have a slim but longer one. To make it up to her, it is important for me to hook up with a Russian escort company with a variety of escorts who have various demands. It is always satisfying when a woman expresses satisfaction even if you are not the one who has provided such a satisfaction for her. The important thing is that you have respected her sexual needs and have helped her attain the right sexual pleasures by ordering for the right tool thickness for her. I do not know much about your sexual relationships but it is you who knows more about it. With that, you are now equipped with hints of how to help her get satisfied by either ordering a thicker or a thinner tool for her. One common factor is that women are complex and may prefer something that you consider absurd but it is your duty and our duty to help please them.

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Russian Escort Massage in Bangkok

Victoria; Passionate about music, and a trained dancer myself Chelo from Russia. I am a 25 year old lady with classy choices and professionally, I am working at a leading Healthcare service company in Bangkok. It has been a year, I am working with Russian69 as a part-time escort, and have spend some quality time with men from different countries and culture. Meeting strangers is my turn-on, and I am into escort services to make life exciting and enjoyable.

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