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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Russian call girl/escort -Story in Bangkok and Pattaya

Kim was continuing her journey as a Russian escort in Pattaya and Bangkok. She was missing her husband, and she understood his guilt too. But she was not ready to move into a relationship again where she has suffered a lot. She concentrated more on her beauty and started working for a reputed and trustworthy escort agency. She was working for and and transformed herself into a professional and Russian mature escort with more hardcore training of the agency.

Russian escort/callgirl Bangkok and Pattaya outcall service agency

It was a glamorous profession for her, and she was enjoying every bit of her life as a call girl. She was an upscale Russian escort in Bangkok and Pattaya, and she worked only for the rich and sophisticated clients. She was as comfortable with the older men and as well as the first-timers. She was enjoying the fact that she is giving much pleasure to a person and getting more pleasure in return. It was more like a job for her. But after one month of her journey as an escort, something magical happened to her. It was Abbas again who hired her as an escort. Abbas was sad as he returned to his hometown and he was finding a way to impress her wife and get back in his life. He revisited Bangkok as he had a travel program there and he hired Kim as his escort. When Kim reached his hotel, he was waiting for her with complete preparation. He had done a floral decoration in the room, only with beautiful red roses and he had lightened up candles in the entire room. It was the biggest surprise for Kim, and she was entirely pleased by him. They did not go for any physical intimacy on that day as they had to share a lot of things with each other. He hired her again and again for every night by contacting the agency only. It was their fourth meeting when Abbas gave himself completely to his lady love. Their physical intimacy was just right on the scale, and he was taking pleasure from Kim and also was giving more to her. He again hired her for a dinner date, and he found her every movement erotic. He always pays the payment to the girl in a beautiful envelope and a sweet card, just like before. He was never conflicted about her flourishing career. He showered so many gifts, and they hired for a day outing or as a hot tour guide often. They often visited the shopping malls; he took her shopping and so on. But he never bothered about or asked Kim about her plans. He was just enjoying his companionship. Again he hired her as a travel companion and went for a big holiday. They were in Thailand back and spent more and more time with each other.

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