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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Do Our Russian Escorts Go With Pakistani Clients?

Happy Songkran festival

Everybody loves men who are stout and strong and physically Pakistani men are indeed strong! While they visit Bangkok, the majestic city of pleasure they love to enjoy spending some sensuous time with the beautiful escorts out here. Apart from the best escort service from beautiful Russian and European women, the Western massage in Bangkok is also very popular. Pakistani Men love pleasure and that is what they get in Bangkok. One question that often comes to Pakistanis is whether they;

will be accepted by the escorts in Bangkok as their clients? What traits does an escort do not prefer in their clients? An escort does not choose their client base on their color and creed but based on their behavior. They prefer those men who are courteous. Here are some of the traits or issues in men which is not liked by the escorts and they do not prefer having such men as their clients.

Sometimes clients behave cheaply, that is they do not pay the dues. Or at times it is found that the clients want to spend more time than the allocated one and is even not ready to pay extra for that. • If the clients do not follow hygienic practices most of the escorts say no to such clients. • Many clients are very annoying, that is they do not want to stop having sexual activities. Some are there who keeps on asking personal questions. Escorts have their own personal space and they hate being invaded to this spec by their clients. • Many clients are very rude and they believe that as they are paying for the escort service they become lord of the escorts. This is not true and such behavior is not even tolerated. Escorts have their own respect and although they are in the profession of doing sexual activities they believe that they are professionals. Anybody who does not show respect to the profession is not welcomed.


Pakistani Men are normally gentlemen By nature Pakistani men believes in family life and they tend to respect women. When they are in Bangkok, they may contact any escort service to have quality time in the city, but their nature wouldn’t change. That is they will be respectful of the women they share their bed or few hours. They have charming personality along with great physique. Thus, there is no question that any escort will say no to them. Escorts know to be professional with their clients and also how to satisfy them. They know what Pakistani men crave for and when they accompany them they give them what they like most. They understand the nature of Pakistani men and if they show respect to the escort they can get quality time with them. If the clients remember that escorts are also human and they too have hearts then it became a happy conjugal for both of them. Yes, our escorts go with Pakistani clients provided they are good and polite. This is true for any client from any part of the world.


Happy Songkran Festival 2018

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