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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Chapter 8-The Indian Traveler and Russian Callgirl in Bangkok

Finally, it was the time of Anna’s "The Russian Callgirl in Bangkok" marriage. She got married to the person she loves most and even she invited Ali and his friends for the marriage. It was impossible for Ali to see his lover’s marriage but still, he went there with his friends. He witnesses everything and every moment of the day. Anna was very good in English. After marriage, she told Amar "The client of Russian escort agency" that she wanted to go with him and she wanted to stay there in India. But Amar said to her that he will be there in Bangkok in each year.

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Anna was not ready to accept the fact and she wanted to be in Amar and she wanted to know his family member. After few days of marriage, one day she got a phone on Amar's phone when Amar’s was in the bathroom. She received the phone and she talked to her. It was Amar’s wife. He was actually not a true person and he just wanted to enjoy with Anna "The Russian escort in Pattaya and Bangkok" and so he married her. He was a really bad person and his intention was so bad. There was no way for Anna without staying with him because he had left her job as a web designer and also left her part-time job as an escort and there was no one to share her responsibility. She was then pregnant but no way to save her child from a brutal and bad father. So she continued living with the man but her hatred was too much for him. During those days she was missing Ali and she understood that Ali was her true love and he loved her most. Since her marriage, Ali did not even contact Anna because he knew that it is not good to love a married woman or involved in any kind of relationship with a married woman. He was traumatized but he was trying very much to keep himself in work. Hard work and hard work, to reach the height of success in his career, it was his only motto then and the only desire in life. After 6 months of pregnancy, Anna lost her child as her husband was beaten up badly. He was so rude and his torture was not tolerable for a strong woman like Anna "the Russian escort who worked in Bangkok" also. She went to the agency office and told everything to them, she also told them that want to join the team again. Her agency welcomed her open heartedly and promised her that they will give her all possible help to punish her husband. They then contact the Indian police and told everything about the marriage and the torture of her husband. They have taken the matter very seriously and helped her. She sent her husband to the prison as she has complaints against him for domestic violence and illegal marriage.

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After few months, just to change his mood, Ali started searching the internet for an escort. Just as a simple chance, he visited the website of and he surprised by viewing the profile of Anna again. He got surprised that what happened to her and why she was back in her old career. Without spending moment, he hired her for the night, this time again in his home. Anna "The Russian escort in Pattaya and Bangkok" reached there at night and as she met Ali, she started crying out of her pain and sufferings. Ali was completely in shock as he heard about the sufferings and the pain of Anna’s life. He consoled her and carried her in the room. She was shivering with the touch of Ali. But at first, they stared the night session with some chatting. Ali was then a big man, a successful business person and even they have opened their branches in India and USA. Even Ali and his friends often visited those places with the desire to expand their business. Ali offered a job to Anna in his own office as he knew that Anna has lots of responsibilities and if he asked her for a help, she will never allow him to do so. So the best way was the job and her degrees and educations also helped her lot to bag the job. It was a high revenue job for Anna and it was good enough to feed her siblings and gave them a good life. They began the story of Anna and Ali from the point again, from where they started the friendship again. It was only friendship but nothing more of that, innocent and simple friendship. Anna was experienced enough to make his client happy and she did everything on that night to make Ali happy. Ali was really a golden-hearted person and he accepted Anna in her own way.

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Just like any other good Indian, Ali was gregarious in nature. He became her true friend who is selfless and supportive to Anna at a difficult time. Their disputes were temporary and they can be melted away by the warmth of the mutual understanding and affection between these true friends.

His friendship became an astonishing matter for Anna and one of the most excellent gifts of the life that benefits her systematically at the mental and social level and in another word sense it psychologically strengthens her willpower to live life confidently and optimistically, regardless of what the circumstances might be. Obviously, their true friendship may demand certain responsibilities at different times, yet one should always remember that such responsibilities are "sweet" that result eventually in creating timeless and pleasant memories for both of them. And once these beautiful memories are implanted in their brain, they somehow find a way to sprout the flower of love in the hearts. That's why one can construe friendship as the "bridge between the hearts” and it was really a great friendship with two beautiful hearts. Ali was waiting for his best day to propose Anna as he was aware of Anna’s pain and he wanted to give her more time to overcome the dark chapter of their life.


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