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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Villa Party and Hiring European or Russian Escort – What Can You Expect?

A rental villa in Bangkok can offer you the privacy and exclusivity that you want.


Located in the midst of beautiful surroundings, a villa can make you feel like royalty and enhance your party mood – giving you the chance to have unbridled fun without the complaints of neighbours spoiling the fun for you. It gives you the utmost privacy to hire an escort and have fun for as long as you wish. Find out what you can expect when you hire an escort for a few hours of enjoyment in a villa party.


Right to cancel the appointment Most escort agencies give you the right to cancellation of a date. If you are not in the mood, or the escort turns out to be different from your expectations, you can politely inform the person in the first 10 – 15 minutes after meeting him/her. Similarly, the escort also reserves the right to cancel the meeting on the grounds of unsuitable attitude, behaviour, residence, hygiene, etc. on your part.


Satisfaction of your expectations Many escort agencies have professional escorts who can offer you one to one, multiple or group sessions or bi-sexual sessions. However, you have to inform your expectations beforehand to have the right professional sent to you. You might want a threesome, but it is better to ensure this with the agency. Otherwise, an unwilling escort might jeopardize your plans and leave you frustrated. Every individual is different and while some like slow, romantic encounters with gentleness to the proceedings, others like it rough. You have to convey your expectations well in advance so that you can get the type of experience that you want – whether passionate kisses, cuddling, intimate caresses, massages or gentle touches. Do not display rude behaviour and jump on your escort as soon as he/she walks into your villa.


Various services When you inform your expectations, you can get the right experience. Escorts offer outcall, in-home, GFE encounter and even erotic therapeutic massage services to clients at different rates. They also provide love companions, playthings, role play, fantasy massage and other services. Whether in the morning or at night, you can get the best professional sent to your villa – who can help you to live your fantasies out. If you wish to make any changes to your plans, such as taking the escort out for a drive, going with him/her to a friend’s place or a movie, etc. you have to inform about the change of plans to the agency or at least ensure whether the escort is okay with it.


Hiring the right escort can give you an unforgettable experience and help you to build a lasting impression on others. On your part, do not do drugs or overdose on alcohol or exhibit rude behaviours. It is important to be serious about the appointment and shave and groom yourself well to look and feel your best. If you maintain full professionalism, you can be assured of the same from your client and have an enjoyable time together.

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