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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Can You Get Married To Our Russian and European Escorts?

In a profession where intimacy has a key role in the Russian escort service, sometimes romantic relations can spark out between a client and an escort in Bangkok. Especially, it happens when a strict professional relation suddenly takes a sharp turn towards more pleasurable and intimate approach. There are many examples where a client fell in love with his escort or vice versa. So if you feel emotionally attracted towards an escort of ours then keep it aside from professional approach.

Russian escorts Bangkok

The Fairytale ending.... Often you can find successful love stories of escorts like the famous movie Pretty Woman where a business tycoon falls for an escort. Well, stories are very different from reel life than in real life. Not all stories have that happy ending whereas many stories go on with real pleasure and successful relation with an escort. In real life, the people of this profession carry on with it. So it is very important for their partners to realize their professions and be respectful for what they are though it is a very hard job for anyone to carry on. See, in your mind, you have to separate your beloved or life-partner from an escort. Many connected to this profession open up about their love life and affairs with their clients in open forms meant for escorts. In such places, you can find both kinds of people who have successful love-life with their partners and who have failed to find one. In one of such success story, the girl mentioned about her relationship with her boyfriend. Initially, he was her client but soon they fell for each other. He supported her career path and never complained about her doing sex works. Even they talk about their days and share their experiences with each other. The boy said in the form that initially he had difficulties in accepting her career. But as a woman, the girl was such a good woman that soon he realized that he was in love with the inner beauty of the girl and this helped him. He soon started to differentiate between the girl he loves and the girl who’s an escort. Soon their love blossomed and they are now life-partners.

The dark side... That was one side of the story. Now here comes the dark side. Apart from the gentleman, there are also some who like to take advantage of romantic relations. Many escorts have complained about being cheated for sex by romance. When the client gets bored he simply dumps her and moves on. Even sometimes people do it for free sex. Simple rule, grow a romantic relationship with an escort and fool her for sex. So it is for their safety, escorts always show professional approach and try to avoid emotional attachment to any client. But even after all the precautions, an escort becomes emotional towards you then she will avoid having any professional deal with you. You have to be affirmative about this otherwise your romantic approach will be simply worthless. To marry an escort you have to be respectful towards the woman first.

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