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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Episode #8 European/Russian Escort in Bangkok & Pattaya

Kim the Russian escort was so impressed by Abbas he gave her a sweet honor to touch the man erotically for the first time as his wife passed away a few years back. He was so amazed by the beauty, gesture, and politeness of Kim.

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After the holiday session, Abbas returned to his own place again. But they were still connected with social media and other mediums. After few months when Abbas father was in better physical condition and recovered from his illness, Abbas came to Bangkok again. He did not tell anything about Kim in his home as his father was not well and it would be difficult for them to accept an escort as their daughter in law. They were upset by Abbas’s divorce from his wife, the girl chosen by his family.

Emma- European/Russian escort- Bangkok

She he visited Bangkok with the mission of the business event. His friend Akmal was also with him during the tour. He called the agency to have Kim as his event companion. They were together for the entire day and visited all the happening places of the city, shopping malls, parks, restaurants and so on as he was in search for an excellent location to present his business event. It was the day to recall their old days, their love. Abbas was feeling more love for her as she found her more hot and sexy. Even Kim "the Russian escort" found a good human being in her old rival. They were sharing some cuddling and kissing moments also in the restaurants and boat.

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Kim met him again for a business event only on the same evening, but Abbas was waiting eagerly to get her close. She was well trained with all etiquettes to attain a business event. She came in formal attire and met the other business persons in a proper way. Abbas was so proud and impressed by such behaviors. During that same business trip, Abbas hired her for a business party. It was a party for the travel bloggers. He brought Kim with him to the party, and she dresses up just perfectly for the purpose. As Kim loves to travel and she has more knowledge about that, she was never out of the box in the party, and even she met Abbas’s friends with same elegance and style.

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Abbas stayed back in Bangkok for few days and this time with his friend Akmal. He booked Kim again to have fun and excitement in life. Kim was there is Bangkok, and she was staying with her sister Mia this time. Mia was also working as an escort there; she was on her holiday. Abbas hired both of the girls on that day to enjoy a group fun with his friend Akmal. The girls were convinced and agreed to taste something unique in life. They had an unforgettable GFE experience.

Now Abbas and Kim have started missing each other after reaching their places. The situation was same for Akmal and Mia. They contact each other over the phone, what's app and Facebook messenger. They have started sharing erotic messages; sexy pictures etc. and then enjoyed many video chat sessions. As Abbas was aware of Mia’s tour to Bangkok again, he reached Bangkok at that time. Akmal again accompanied him as his desire was meeting Mia. Kim arrived at his hotel in a sophisticated and beautiful white floral dress. She was looking so beautiful and graceful in her attire that Abbas was speechless for a moment. They met and greeted with a sweet hug and then get ready for a warm and cozy night.

Linda- Euro/ Russia Models

Mia was also there, and she wore the short pink dress, and she met Akmal to fulfill their secret desires of life. Next morning before leaving the place, Mia received a massive amount of tips from Akmal, and he also gifted her special dress, designed by one of his designer friends. Mia concentrated on her work next morning, but she also remembered her experience with a golden-hearted gentleman. The same feeling was for Akmal; he was missing his last night companion very much. He had to go for a trip to Pattaya on next morning for his work purpose, but he canceled his trip on very next day from there as he wanted to meet Mia again. He hired Mia back and this time, not for group fun. It was his personal journey to a beautiful night. At night, she arrived at Akmal’s hotel. She was looking breathtakingly beautiful and hot enough to flat her secret lover. Now, this was the time for Mia to get the biggest surprise of life. She did not expect Akmal there as he was supposed to go to Pattaya. But she was immensely happy, and she showered her love to Akmal with lots of happiness.

The situation was same for Abbas and Kim, they were ready to get married, but circumstances are against them. Kim had lots of responsibilities and her dream to be a successful businesswoman; she has the burden of her old mother. On the other hand, Abbas was in a problem that his family would never accept her. But finally, he promised her that he will try her best to convince his parents after returning home and will soon come back to marry his love of life. They parted away teary eyes.

They again started their own private message story. They were enjoying the session. Abbas was trying hard to convince his family and his relatives for the unconventional marriage. They were from a different culture, different status, and different place. But for Abbas, it was not easy. Her family was entirely against the marriage. He tried so much to convince them, and that took more than six months. On the other hand, Kim was waiting to get a positive reply from her man’s side. But they were not ready even after six months. But Abbas told her that he is coming to Bangkok to marry her even without the permission of his parents and family because it is quite impossible to imagine his life without her.


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