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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Episode #1 European/Russian Escort and Arab Client's Love Story in Bangkok

First episode: Abbas is a travel blogger from UAE. He has visited Bangkok to find something interesting for his profession. He visited Bangkok alone was exploring the beauty of the place. Bangkok is actually a traveler’s paradise, and he was amazed by the sea beaches, nightclubs, and shopping malls of Bangkok. Abbas was a single man then, and he was missing a warm and balmy companion very much. One of his friend who is from Bangkok, suggest him to meet a hot and sizzling escort from. He searched the web world to find out the best escort for him, and he stopped by viewing the mesmerizing picture of Kim through the profile given by her agency.

Euro Escorts in Bangkok

He visited the website of the agency and picked up Kim as his escort by viewing her profile on the website of She is stunningly beautiful, hot and sexy girl from Europe. She had to explore the secret and wild desires of different persons. Kim was never so serious about relationships and never believed in love. For her love was only a way to fulfill the physical need until she met Abbas.

Kim was a student then, and she was pursuing her management course in Bangkok. She belongs to a religious and educated family of Eastern Europe, and she loves her tradition very much. She is a stylish and modern girl who loves to travel. She was an exclusive escort of She is from Europe and posses all goodness of European beauty. She is very polite and humble girl and educated as well. She belongs from a cultural family. Music, dance and piano playing, these three are her passion. She just loves to be the subject of a photographer and get clicked always.

They met at his hotel to enjoy a hot and relaxing night together. It was an amazing and relaxing time for Abbas. Kim was very much understanding, skilled and experienced and she made Abbas happy with her positive gesture, good behavior, and loving nature. He shared his thoughts and life stories with the girls during that wildest and exciting night. Kim resembles him his wife first as he found her so much energetic and funny and cracking jokes with friend and immediately get attracted towards her. At first, he was just another guy as her client. But meeting Kim was an unforgettable experience for Abbas. Kim was a dream girl for Abbas, and she was a perfect combination of boldness, innocence, and good gesture. Kim is also model by profession, and she was pursuing her modeling career. Her hot and sexy figure, extremely fair complexion, heavy boobs and charming description was enough to attract Jack towards her, who was badly looking for sexual satisfaction.

On that day, he was eagerly waiting to meet Kim as he was completely fascinated by the beauty and charm of the girl. Kim was too good on the bed. She helped Abbas to get rid of all his pain, loneliness and hesitations and made him comfortable on the bed. She is totally skilled to make a man happy on the bed, and she did everything on that day to make him happy. They spent quality time together again, and he found her more adorable from that day. She was the best-dressed girl on that day, so elegant and so sophisticated. Most interestingly, she is pretty good in English speaking, and that made their communication mode flawless. He was impressed completely by her and started feeling something different for the girl. On the other part, Kim liked the gesture, good behavior, sense of humor of Abbas and started feeling same for him. She was touched by the respect given by his client as she was only an escort for him. They start chatting in the hotel room while enjoying a drink session. He ordered vodka for the girl as she is very comfortable with that. She was ready to do anything that makes Abbas happy, and Abbas asked her for a sexy dance in hot lingerie. She did that and made his wild fantasies come true. Finally, Abbas found the satisfaction and love that he was searching for. Abbas loves to watch football matches, and they have watched the match together on that night while sharing some physical intimacy. Kim loved his sense of humor and the way he respects a girl. She was not an escort for him, but a beautiful, cute and understanding companion, who is hot, sexy and awesome. Life was never so beautiful before short-lived night for Abbas was very much happy with such satisfaction that got from Kim. They spent a loving and cuddled night with each other with love, physical intimacy, and by sharing their own thoughts and feelings.

She is an excellent salsa dancer and knows all the sexy moves of salsa dancing. On the other hand, Abbas is also loved to dance. They enjoyed a sexy salsa dancing session on this night and then tasted the madness of red wine before having sexual experience on the bed. They both enjoyed that part of the night very much and wrapped it up with complete satisfaction. They start having sexual intimacy with each other. Kim was just 20 years old girl then, but she had lots and lots of experience to amaze her clients. She made everything to make Abbas happy. They discussed the city, their work and other interesting things on that night. offers the service to drop the escort at client’s place, and so she arrived next evening by the agency’s vehicle. As Abbas has booked her for a romantic night in his hotel room, they just went for that. They were in his hotel room, and Kim was looking even more beautiful than before after having the red wine. She was wearing a beautiful pink dress that was complimenting her beauty best. Abbas became mad by seeing his love in this beautiful attire, and they love until the very next morning. They spent a good time together on that day.


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