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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Episode #6 Russian Escort and Arab Client's Perfect Love in Bangkok

Kim "The Russian Escort" was with him throughout his tough days of legal battle with his wife. She helped him also to pay the enormous compensation demanded by his wife. But she went to Russia then to meet her family. Abbas was searching for a good job, or he wanted to start his own business as he was working as a travel blogger in his wife’s company. He left the job there and began establishing his career by own.

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Abbas was missing Kim "The Russian Escort" badly after the incident of the pool party. The first time he found that it is impossible to imagine his life without her. On the other hand, Kim also discovered her deep love for Abbas after leaving Bangkok for few days.

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She has stopped contacting him for a while as she did not want to involve him in her troublesome life. She went to Russia to get a settlement in life. She found that her husband became a drug addict and he beat up her poorly often, whenever she was in Moscow. She asked him for divorce, but he was also not ready first. But she told him that she would send money every month to him, and then he agreed to her terms and gave her divorce. Now Kim "The Russian Escort" brought her mother with her to Bangkok, and they settled there. Kim "The Russian Escort in Bangkok" concentrated more on her modeling career, and she was struggling to establish her own business too. She returned happily, and Abbas hired her as his travel partner for a day. He met first Kim "The Russian Escort in Bangkok" in a shopping mall after one month; she was dropped by the agency. She was looking much more beautiful than the before, and Abbas was bold out of her beauty. Now they greet, hugged and started exploring the city.

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They wanted to know each other more before marriage. He informed that finally he got a high revenue job in a renowned company and they will be settling down their own business soon. They both were happy. As they were exploring the city, they were exploring each other too. They visited the Central Chidlom first together and enjoyed a comfortable shopping session. Abbas gifted so many dresses, jewelry, and many other things to his girl and that was impressive for Kim.

As Abbas was a youthful and charming guy, Kim took him to enjoy the thrill of Easy cart ride in Bangkok. It was entertaining there for both of them, and then they visited many museums, temples, and parks where they spent some cozy and romantic time together.

They also enjoyed the adventure of the small teak boat in the canal. It was such a romantic, sensuous but thrilling tour for both of them. They visited the first the Grand Palace and then Wat Pho. After a romantic lunch at the Artist’s House, they embarked on the small boat riding, and they wrapped up the tour at Wat Pak Khlong.

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Thais was a beautiful day out for both of them and the best way to discover each other. They discussed lot more things away from the hustle bustle and the skyscrapers of the city. They enjoyed each moment of the day. Kim "The Russian Escort in Bangkok" was a friendly, polite and knowledgeable companion for Abbas and she explained everything in proper English. She answered all the queries of Abbas about the city, about the place and herself. The gentle winds and the hot companion, Abbas was just on the cloud nine.

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He was so moved by the girl that he hired again for next weekend as his travel companion for three days. He also booked a floating house on River Kwai for three days. The entire week was very tough for Abbas without Kim. Abbas picked him up from her place on the pre-decided day. She was looking ravishingly beautiful in her casual look, elegant and straightforward. They reached to the boathouse and during the tour, they got enough opportunity to find out each and everything about each other. Kim was all his for the next few days. Kim pleased him with more winning moves and style as she has gained lots of experience in the past few years. She wanted him with sexy dances, close hot baths, good physical intimacy on the bed and lots more. They explore the city by holding hands.

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It was the best time for Romi. He got enough chance to know Kim "The Moscow Escort in Bangkok" during those days. She was experienced and skilled to take care of her clients and just made her man happy with her sexy moves, hot activities. Abbas found the same intense feeling of love with her. They were together for the few days and nights and made their wild fantasies right on the bed. They danced; they watched a hot movie together, drink together and so on. Finally, proposed her for marriage with a sweet morning kiss and gave her a beautiful engagement ring as her gift. Abbas had a belief that he was predestined to be with the beautiful girl name Kim "The Moscow Escort in Bangkok". He has chosen Kim to heal his tender broken heart and Kim knew it from the first day. Love, the means of life for most of the people but it is tough to get right love in this first paced modern life when everyone is running to achieve something in life. Kim "The Moscow Escort in Bangkok" and Abbas have finally found their true passion in life.

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Kim has seen many ups and downs in life, and same has happened to Abbas. So, she asked more time from Abbas. Her desire was only to know each other more as they have learned a lot from their previous relationships. Now, she was scared of any serious relationship, and she told him to have some patience. Abbas understood her feelings and her concern, so they decided to hold the marriage program for some time.

He always sweetly paid him, in a pink envelope, and with a card. Kim was madly in love with the gesture and his gentlemen like perfect behavior. She was still working as an escort as she had to earn lots of money to establish her own business.

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