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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Different Postures-European/Russian Escort Service in Bangkok or Pattaya

Different postures which a man can try out with a Russian escort to please her

There are different sexy postures in which a client can try with the aim of pleasing his escort. At Bangkok Russian and European Escorts for hire, we strive to make sure that you get your boy hire and bring him out of the seed dormancy period. This is called making him active again. A man will get to love you and want you more sexually just because of what you make him see. The desires of a man depend on what he sees and whatever he sees should be new and sexually appealing. We have trained our Russian escorts on how to use different postures and with that you are guaranteed of pleasing your lover at least for once in a long time. The first posture which our Russian escorts in Bangkok will simulate in movements is the lotus posture. This is basically a simple position where a man will cross his legs and the woman can sit in between the crossed legs. The woman sits on the laps of a man. Depending on the circumstances, if your man allows it, the escort can actually initiate sexual appeals so that the man can feel jealous. When that happens everything gets rejuvenated again and all will be well again. The half cobra stance is also another position that our Russian escorts are very much aware of and this is what women need to practice if they are to make their men want them again. With this posture the woman is always above the man but the main is the one raising his pelvis to initiate some sexual thrusts. When such movements are initiated, the man on top must look at his wife most of the time. This will basically help your wife burn with desire do have sex with you again and even love you more.


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