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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Which One? Cute vs. Hot Russian/European Escorts -Bangkok/Pattaya

Russian girls know that they are beautiful and men are attracted to their beauty. Still, the approach of showing off their beauty makes them look ‘hot’ or appear ‘cute.’ When you are with an escort, you will always expect that you are with a ‘hot’ one, but what if she is cute? It is believed that hot escorts are sexier than the cute ones, but the truth is even adorable Russian escorts can also be sexy as being sexy is their profession. Then what is the difference between the two?

Russian and European call girls in Pattaya and Bangkok

Cute Russian Escorts in Thailand

Most of the time you choose an escort based on her looks. If you find an escort, who is cute it will be evident from her pictures only. Someone who is cute knows that she is sexy and beautiful, the only difference is how she shows it off. The cute escort will concentrate more on making you happy as she does not like the limelight around her. She knows that she is beautiful and she utilizes her beauty to make her client satisfied. Her approach to doing things is polite, and she loves to be cared for by her client. They dress up in such style that makes them look cuter instead of hot, but you never know when they hit the bed they may be too much for your libido. A charming escort can be the great companion of yours when you are going to spend a few days with her. She will be beautiful but will always not work on making every eye turn towards her. Instead, she will work on making thing comfortable for both of you.

European and Russian escorts in Pattaya and in Bangkok

Hot Russian escorts in Thailand

These are ladies who know that they have great bodies and also knows how to flaunt it! When asked to choose an escort most men will want hot escorts as they will attract first. Hot escorts understand what their plus point is and they tend to carry that off in a great way. It’s that make them look hot. They have their style with which they can turn the head of men and make them hit their jaws to the floor. Normally, as hot escorts are aware of their ascetic beauty and their power to make men fall for them, they are very demanding. They know every art that will make their client keep their mouth open for the time being they are with their clients. They prefer to be pampered and are confident in their look. No doubt they know the skills that will make a man fall for them again and again, in and out of bed!

So, who is better?

Russian escorts are professionals, and they know their duty very well. Whether you choose a cute escort or a hot one you can be sure that she will be the grand company. If you have the confidence of handling a hot lady around you, then you can go for sexy escorts. On the other hand, it’s you who loves to be pampered then spend quality time with the cute escorts; they are indeed cute in every way!


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