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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Chapter #9-B Russian Escort Service in Bangkok/Pattaya

They moved to Pattaya and they were literally bounded to fall in love with the place, as every element of this popular and enchanting location has created everlasting happiness for them. They were enjoying every place of Pattaya. The sunrise and sets but the revelry of it do not cease to exist. Anna the Russian escort that worked for Russian69 was also was forgetting her past with the company of Ali. She told him that she wants to enjoy swimming in the turquoise water of the sea and they went for that as the unspoiled beaches of Pattaya were worth admiring. They then went to the Jomtien beach to enjoy the enthusiastic water sports. It was really fun for them to enjoy the sports there. To search some solitude they headed to Wong Amat Beach and Nakula beach. They sat there for long hours by holding hand; they kissed there at the sea beaches and so on. There also some sumptuous restaurants and the leisure activities for them at the Pattaya beach. That was the perfect tropical paradise for them.

To immerse them completely in the true spirit of the place, they went to explore the coral reefs. They went on a romantic gateway to make their tour memorable by seeing the Koh Larn or the coral island. They marveled at the biggest gem gallery during their city tour.

On the last day of their tour, Ali finally took his bravest step. He arranged a complete romantic set up at the sea beach with beautiful curtains, balloons, and flowers. He just put a card in the room with a beautiful dress for Anna and went to the beach when she was sleeping. He arranged everything beautifully, even a bottle of wine, glasses, heart-shaped red velvet cake. He decorated the set up with the red and white theme and was waiting for Anna as Anna "The Russian Escort in Bangkok" arrived there in the beautiful red dress given by Ali. She was sleeping and when she got up, she found the card on her bed with the dress. The wording was beautiful on the card. Ali said to her that he will wait for the most beautiful lady at the sea beach and asked her to be an angel in the beautiful dress.

She just followed his instruction and reached the sea beach. When she reached there, she was surprised by viewing Ali’s arrangement and was completely mesmerized by that. Ali proposed to her at the time of sunset and natural beauty made the place heaven for the lovers. He proposed to her by sitting on his knee. There was no way to escape for Anna "The Russian Escort in Bangkok" from such kind of love and a true lover. She said yes to him but asked for some time. Ali was ready to take all the responsibilities on his shoulder but Anna was not ready to share it with anyone. She told him that she has experienced lots of dark phases in her life from the childhood days and this time she wanted to enter her happy and enlighten the world with complete freedom of mind.

Topping the bucket list of each discerning travelers, this region gives wings to their imagination. There was an array of things that they have enjoyed in Thailand and that left them gratified to their core. After having a hectic tour day, they ended up their journey with a pleasing physical intimacy. They were too much compatible with each other, not only as a good friend when they were traveling as a tourist but also on the bed when they were sharing the physical intimacy.

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