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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Chapter #6 Part 2, The Bangkok's Russian Escort

On that dinner date, Ali told her that he never experienced any relationship with a girl and she was the first Russisn girl escort in his life. He also told her that he was the same man with whom Anna was chatting for last few days. Anna was surprised to know the fact and then she understood the actual issue of Ali. She advised Ali to take the consultation of a counselor to overcome his possessiveness but she was not in love with Ali. They went for the dinner in a lavish restaurant in Bangkok and had their favorite food. Anna was the exclusive escort of Ali on that day, so they went for a dance session at the restaurant. It was a slow and romantic music. They have enjoyed the session well and went to a hotel room.

There Ali asked Anna about her past life. She told him that she from Russia and from a very orthodox society. When she was a five years old child, her father left her mother with four children. He left then as he had found someone rich to marry and he moved to Europe with his new, rich wife. It was really tough for her to provide them proper education, foods or even proper dresses. She has joined a small school as the music teacher but her salary was too low to run her family. One day, a guy from the teacher asked her to set a physical intimacy with her. He also told her that he will pay her for that. Anna’s mother was extremely beautiful and a marvelous singer. She has chosen the option to earn some money and this way she became an escort in Russia. In Russia, she and her family never get enough respect but she had to earn money to give her children a good life. Her struggle became an example in Anna’s life and she witnessed all of her struggles from her childhood days. She promised her mother and herself that she will change everything one day and she will bring good days in their lives. She studied web designing and joined a farm in Russia but it was not enough for her. Suddenly she lost her mother in an accident, she tried her best but could not save her due to lack of money only. She became more determined to earn more money. With an official tour, she has visited Bangkok where she met her friend Mia. She was working as an escort and after knowing all her issues, she told her to join the crew. She immediately did that and learned every tricks and style from the agency. Within few days, she became a popular escort and has started earning lots of money.

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