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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Chapter 2- Russian Escort Love Story in Bangkok and Pattaya

Ajmal and Anna "The Russian escort who worked in Bangkok" both were very much interested about the history and when she asked her client that where he wanted to go, Ajmal replied that, “let’s start the journey with the historical places of Bangkok and let’s celebrate our new friendship with some old history value”.

They have started exploring the city with Wat Arun, which is standing on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. This is the temple of Wat Arun or Dawn just bedazzles approached him most beautifully as he had the most beautiful companion with him. This is a well-decorated temple that has been decorated intricately with the colorful tiles that make especially for dazzling spectacle. It was really worth visiting the serene place for them as they were enjoying each other’s companion very much. Anna "The Russian escort in Bangkok" told Ajmal that this is one of the oldest temples of Bangkok and it was once the home to the celebrate Emerald Buddha Statue. Their second destination was Wat Pho or the Reclining Buddha. This is the oldest and of course the largest temple in Bangkok. Ajmal is very fond of history and historical places and that was the reason that they had included all the historical temples in their tour plan. The gigantic gold-plated awesome statue of the Reclining Buddha of the place is really a sight to behold. This temple has also carved the niche for itself in the field of the herbal medication and traditional massage. They went there to find out that traditional culture.

It was their common interest in history that brought them to the National Museum of Bangkok and this is one of the biggest in Thailand also that hides the priceless treasures. Anna "The Russian escort who worked in Bangkok" learned each detail of the place and she shared everything to Ajmal that the Artifacts of the place date back to the Neolithic Age. The Thai architectural influence on the temple makes it unique and different in its own sense. The grandiosity of the old Teak Pavilion is the most highlighted place of the museum that the new friends Anna and Ajmal enjoyed most.

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Then it was the Royal Grand Palace, where they visited together by holding a hand. This is a historic structure of an immense walled complex surrounding the spectacular palaces made of the gleaming ceramics and the tiles that make the place a history paradise with astonishing beauty. This is one of the holiest site or the temple of Wat Phra Khaeo. They prayed to god there and asked for a good and strong relationship between them. This temple is the home of the famed Emerald Buddha. They spent nearly one hour there and shared an extended conversation with each other.

After that, they went for a lunch and enjoyed a Thai delicacy with the cozy corner of a popular restaurant in Bangkok. After finishing the friendly but a sort of romantic lunch together they went to the Vimanmek Palace, this the largest building in the world that entirely made up in golden teak. This is a beautiful place that can give many hotels a run for their money. Anna and Ajmal have spent quAjmalty time together in the beautifully maintained lawns. It was an amazing experience for Ajmal and he was sitting there with the most beautiful girl. He was feeling proud as people were staring them.

Then it was the Jim Thompson Thai House where they visited that is built from the six traditional teak structures that belong to three different parts of Thailand. They viewed the collection of the Asian artifacts that accumulated by the American man Mr. Simpson.

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Finally, before saying goodbye to each other, they have visited the floating market and the night market of Bangkok. Ajmal has chosen the simple markets instead of the gigantic malls. These places make for the most unique but beautiful shopping escapades. While the floating market gave then an indescribable experience, they want to steal the deal in the spell paradise, the night markets. They bought many things. Mostly Ajmal bought nice dresses, jewelry, and many other items as the token of their new friendship.

After having a fun-filled, relaxing and pleasing day they said goodbye to each other with a sweet kiss. It was a complete day of celebration for Ajmal and he had enjoyed the first kiss, first hug and first-time coziness with a hot and beautiful girl. He welcomed another excellent friend in his life, who is sensible, understanding and well behaved.

After reaching home his friends asked him about his trip. He explained everything to them and told them that he liked the girl and wanted to meet her again. As very surprise of Ajmal, his friend opposed him to meet an escort again. They told him that, he is an innocent and kind type of boy and he can fall in love with such a girl. They told him that these girls are not good and not even for friendship or love. They told him that these girls are only to have fun but the not right choice to welcome in his life.

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Ajmal became very angry with them but he started thinking about their every word. Finally, he came to a conclusion that he will meet the girl again and he will find out the truth. He just called up the agency again and hired the same girl for an outing on next day. He was moved by the girl’s gesture, her voice, her beauty and finally her knowledge.

He just wanted to know the girl more closely. There were many places that they were not able to visit on a single day tour and this time he hired the girl to explore those beautiful places in Bangkok and with his beautiful companion Anna.

On the next day, Anna met him at a skyscraper in the city or you can say in a shopping mall. She was looking hot but elegant in her pink and white long gown. They greeted each other again with a sweet welcome kiss and hug and then have started their journey.


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