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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Can an Escort Become Girlfriend? Story of Russian Girl in Pattaya and Bangkok

Agusia is a Russian escort of Russian69- Pattaya and Bangkok

Akbar’s friend, who was a choreographer, established his dance academy in Bangkok and Pattaya and The Russian escort Mia joined his academy to learn all the tricks of dance properly. This man was feeling alone in Bangkok as his Russian girlfriend was busy in her work. He requested Mia to help her to get an escort companion in Thailand. He was with Agusia, another angel from the agency last time and Mia told him to get Agusia as his companion. Mia was completely unaware of the fact that she is writing the plot of another love story by helping the alone man. Aman’s girlfriend, who is a writer, was researching the Russian escorts of Bangkok and Pattaya.

Russian girls- Escorts Pattaya

Aman is a choreographer, and Agusia is a Russian escort of Russian69. She was just 19 years old when they met first. It was a usual romance between where a girl and boy meet each other coincidentally and fell in love. The difference was not because the girl was an escort in Thailand but their story is unassuming because of what the boy thought about the girl and the way the boy behaved with her. As Aman’s girlfriend was a writer and she was doing research on the escorts of Bangkok, Aman met Agusia "The Russian Escort" previously with her. But Aman was not her client when met each other first. Aman was helping his girlfriend and for her research, they often visited the several European and Russian escorts from the agency and Agusia was one of them. They interviewed her with many other escorts of the agency. He did not even recognize her as the same escort when they were together for a day. Again, when he has requested Mia for a companion for the night, she suggested the name of Agusia to him. She arrived in a hotel room, and they spent the hot and sensuous night together. It was only a night for him, but there was no feeling of love there. They even did not talk much but just enjoyed a hot night on the bed. But their story changed with an unexpected circumstance. One day Agusia has chased some goons, and she took shelter in a house near the place. Aman was returning home from the institute when he found her running towards him. He helped her and saved her from the goons. It was his house where she took shelter.

Agusia- Russian callgirl - Thailand- Pattaya- Bangkok

He called a friend, and they told him to take care of Agusia "The Russian escort in Pattaya and Bangkok" as the goons were not safe. They were sent by her ex-husband, who was a dominating kind of. So she left him and moved in her life. It was humiliating and insulting for the madman, and he was doing such things to her. In the beginning, he did not even recognize the girl, but he was completely unaware of the life story of the Russian girl. When he learned and realized that he feels exceptionally conscious and of letting her remain in his own house and even he had a steady girlfriend then.

Russian- Escort website in Thailand- Pattaya and Bangkok

This emotion of Aman was quite evident as society teaches him to judge people based on their profession without knowing their circumstances that led them into the business in Thailand. He also had a fear of being discovered by his steady girlfriend, who may don’t understand his situation.


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