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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

What makes Russian and European escorts so attractive to Indian Clients? (Pattaya and Bangkok Only!)

Among the Indian clients in Bangkok, there is a craze for the European and Russian women. If you are planning to visit Bangkok and you are single, you can book the Russian escorts previously through the internet to enjoy your holidays. According to recent surveys, Indian clients prefer especially the Russian escorts to hang out in Bangkok. Not only the Indian guys but also the Indian females who are looking for a lesbian companion in the city, they like to do things with the lesbian foreigner escorts. This tradition is not new but this is now a well-known fact that that the travelers from India search for the western escorts.

Russian or European VIP escorts in Bangkok, make your life more exciting and colorful with their touch. They offer you the best time that you can memorize lifelong. These girls are popular as an intelligent, charming and discreet companion. Indian people generally love to go to a party with the companion who is beautiful, stylish and smart and everyone praises his choice. In this category, Russian escorts are just perfect.

Reasons that Russian escorts are so attractive to the eyes of Indian clients:

  • Every Russia or Euro girl looks like a supermodel and they come with a stunning figure, mesmerizing complexion and flawless skin and one should feel proud to go with them on an outing.

  • They never create any problem for their clients. They are so calm and understanding that their clients will never encounter any type of problem with them while enjoying a fun moment in a hotel room, party, dinner date or in a travel program. They ensure only happiness for the Indian clients. Generally, Indian people love to avoid trouble and problems while traveling in a different country.

  • Indian people love to have the companions who are passionate and serious about her relation and her profession and in this genre, the Russian escorts come first surely. These girls are more passionate and engaging in a relationship and ready to give their 100% to their Indian clients.

  • Russian escorts are much straightforward and refined and they have enough self-controlling power. A client will never see them getting too much drunk in a bar or swearing. They can even help their Indian clients when they are too much drunk in a new city.

  • European girls are immensely beautiful. Thin, tall, blonde hair, pink lips are the plus points of the escorts which the Indian clients love really.

  • Indian clients have a special love for the girls who are good dancers and Russian girls just fit perfectly in these criteria. Most of the Russian girls are expert of salsa dancing or pole dancing and even they can accompany their client to a ballroom dance party.

  • What the Indian clients really want is a complete package of service or beauty. Russian beauties are the complete package. They are educated, beautiful, and smart and know the etiquette well that how to rock in a party.

  • Finally, Russian girls best when it comes to physical intimacy. This is another reason that Indian people like to have the Russian escort to enjoy as their travel companion.

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