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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

2023 Holiday and Russian Escorts in Pattaya or Bangkok?

We welcome you to Russian69, the home base for the best Russian and European escorts in Thailand for your Thailand trip on 2023 holidays that you can ever imagine. Occupied with the hottest, cleanest and most erotic escorts with banging and spotless bodies, you will enjoy nothing short of your sprayed cash.

Trusted by All

With no trace or history of catfishing, iconic figures have turned to our escort directory on their quest to satisfy their sexual desires and dreams with the girls of their choice. We are in close contact and strict agreement with all of our escorts to ensure we exhibit no such thing as conflict of interests. In other words, our escorts are well groomed and trained to carry our objective banners. These objectives include:

Maximum satisfaction of customers with absolutely no regard to any form of discrimination based on race, color, gender or ethnicity. Once you are our client, we give you the special treatment that we would any other customer. No cheating, no foul play.

To ensure that every call girl on our escort directory is available as seen on the platform. Disappointing stories of “what I ordered vs what I got” have been flying around in the escort industry, and we won’t pretend to not be aware. However, in all capacity, we ensure to rid our platform of fake profiles that manage to escape our tight verification process. One feedback from our client is enough to decide the fate of an escort profile on our platform.

We have many other objectives and goals in favor of our customers and every other party involved, but the two aforementioned are the most crucial.

Why Choose Our Platform?

There are a host of other escort directories that you can easily visit, and we feel honored that you are considering us. In case you are in here for the first time, and you are still hesitant, permit us to convince you with the following points:

On this platform, you cannot be short of options. Thousands of available escorts from around Europe and Russia grace this platform in their splendor. Also, we record hundreds of new accounts on a daily basis. One customer once said ,”sometimes I already cum before coming to a conclusion.” What he means is that he often spills in the process of scouting for his dream girl on our platform. He probably got fed and full just by the display of pictures of our naughty call girls.

We follow safety standards and shun fraudulent activities to ensure the safety of our customers and escorts. We make no compromise and take no chances when it comes to the safety of our customers, and that’s one thing any of our past customers can attest to.

Functional directory at your disposal. Every clickable link on our platform takes you to a place you wouldn’t love to leave. Every contact detail is reachable and all escorts are available. Our customer care service is active every second of the day so you are not left stranded at any point. Everything about us is 100% functional with no downtime.

These, and more are cogent reasons we believe will make you choose us now, and in the future.

What is Our Goal?

Our one and only goal at Russian69 is to become the face of escort services in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. We aspire to become the most trusted and go-to channel for escorts both on the local and international levels. We want to become so popular that we become a household name in the gatherings of real men. We want every photo to depict the true nature of the escorts on our platforms so that you meet no disappointment on your interaction with them after meeting in real life.

Why You May Need Our Ukrainian, European or Russian Escort Services while in Pattaya and Bangkok!

For Pleasure

Arguably, this is the most obvious reason why most people need the services of escorts. Words cannot do justice to the pleasure to be enjoyed from our clean girls and guys. Their quality of service coupled with the exquisite experience they give can only be likened to that of a professional in his/her respective field.


What if you are in the city for a business trip or tourism and need a beautiful personal assistant? We all deserve such a level of comfort after working our ass off at work. We have professionally trained escorts that can handle such services like pros. They can provide girlfriend experience, wife experience, PA services, etc. And yes, they do all these and top up with bed services anywhere, any time.

Live Your Dreamed Moments

Who doesn’t love to get down with an accented classic and hot babe from Russia and other European countries? We all do. That’s one of the major reasons why we are particular about providing you with them. Inasmuch as we want them, not all of us have the luxury of time to go through the hassle of getting one for ourselves. Don’t worry; we are here to take care of that aspect for you. All you need to do on your part is to make a selection and then wait to be taken to the promised land by the princess of your dreams, and like the king that you are.

Services Provided by Our Escorts

Girlfriend experience

French kissing

Role play


Dinner dates, etc.

Are You Ready for the Show?

If you are ready to go down and get naughty with some nice cool chick with that dreamed banging body, please, do not hesitate to leave us a call now. We promise to deliver and not waste a second of your time. You got this, we got you!

You can also try or for escort services while on Thailand's trip!

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