Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Episode #18 Russian escort that is falling in love with a Bangkok client!

Kim "The Russian escort in both Pattaya and Bangkok" has started shooting for the film, and she found her way in life. She was still working as an escort in Bangkok as she wanted to earn more money and she was enjoying her profession.

Kim- the Russian callgirl

After that day, Abbas returned home, but he couldn't forget his first love. Constant conflict with Kim and his immense love also the reasons that he was desperate to get back Kim "The Russian girl who worked as a callgirl in Thaiiland" in his life again. Abbas couldn't accept the truth. He just left the place and returned, but he was upset and confused. He tried a lot to forget Kim, but it was impossible for him. Abbas returned to his home, and he did not say anything to his family members as it should be humiliating for him. He concentrated more on his own business. Abbas couldn't forget his love. He became alcoholic and drug addict gradually. His friends Akmal and Aman and all of his family members were very much worried about him as he was not ready to listen to anyone. He was badly in need of a psychiatrist. It was Aman, who came up to help his friend. Aman brought him to a European psychologist, and it was Anna, Aman’s wife. She was surprised by finding out the dark side of such an exciting love story. She helped him a lot as his doctor to overcome the pain and came out from the addiction of drugs.

Russian escorts- Thailand- Pattaya- Bangkok

Abbas was slowly coming out from his addition with the help of Anna. Anna "The European escort in Bangkok" told Aman and Akmal that he was severely in need of Kim. Kim is the only person who could help him out better. They discussed the matter with Mia. Mia is not only the friend of Kim but her sister. So, she suggested them to take the SMS service of the agency to contact Kim. Kim "The Russian escort in Bangkok and Pattaya" was in her shooting location, somewhere in Bangkok when she learned that one of her clients wanted to enjoy a great chat session with her. She was unaware of the identity of the person, but she was so busy in her life that she did not even cross-check the identity and started chatting with the guy. It was Abbas, her loving ex-husband, and lover. They started the chatting session again. She made him crazy again by her erotic, thrilling and exciting message service. They were chatting entire night and enjoying the virtual sex. But suddenly Kim had something terrible in her shooting location. A bad man, one of her director, insulted her very much and tried to molest her. She just slapped the person as she was a very strong girl and left the shooting immediately. She informed the producer that she did not want to do the film anymore and want to move in her life. She again started her career as a model and escort in Bangkok. She was feeling lost and wanted to be with Abbas, but this time her guilt was preventing her do so. She realized all her misdeed and the ego, and she was sorry for what she has done with him. She did not even contact Abbas for last two months and missing him badly. She met Milita "The former escort in Bangkok" and Akmal again where they were preparing for their marriage in Bangkok. Mia was also very angry with her, and same was Akmal. But she somehow managed to convince them to accept her sorry and asked for Abbas. She heard everything about Abbas that how he became a drug addict and how he overcame the issue. She even learned about their SMS chatting and how the session helped Abbas to recover fast. She wanted to meet Abbas immediately but he was in his home, and she couldn't go there. She called him up and said sorry. After two months of pain and sufferings, Abbas visited Bangkok. She was waiting at the airport and just broke down in tears. The same situation was for Abbas; he hugged, kissed and cried for a long time.


Then they went to his room to share some graceful time. She told her story to Abbas that how she saved her from molestation, how she escaped from the situation and came to him. They spent fun moments together.

Next day, Abbas went on a small city tour with Kim. It was just a chance for them to spend some time together. They roamed around every corner of the city and went for a lunch date. It was the first time when they were feeling that they are free from all the pain of life and the only way to be happy is being together.

After few months, it was Kim who visited Abbas’s place to know his culture and his country. She did not go to Abbas home as his family was not convinced yet. She visited the workplace of Vinay. All of her office members and friends accepted her happily, and they were ready to welcome a European girl as their future boss. Abbas promised her to give enough freedom even after her marriage, and he will arrange a right place for her business. After having so much pain in life, they wanted to enjoy some time in peace, and the best way to touch the serene of spirituality was yoga. They took part in the yoga workshop of one of Abbas’s friend in the city and Abbas has discovered the spiritual beauty of his wife. They met again in a hotel room for a night and Abbas proposed her by sitting on his knee. He proposed to her and promised that he will never be rude to her and will give her enough time. This time, finally Kim accepted his proposal as she knew that she can't live a life without Abbas. Both Abbas "the client of the escort agency in Bangkok" and Kim "The Russian escort" have realized the true meaning of love. Love is not about spending precious time together, but rather it means to be there always when your loved one or your partner needs you badly. link for booking and FAQ the escort agency in Bangkok the escort agency run by Russian girls

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