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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Bangkok and Pattaya- Russian and European Escorts 2021

He then proposed her for marriage, but Kim "Russian escort in Bangkok and Pattaya" couldn't consider his proposal. She told him that she could be his companion only but not his wife as she suffered a lot in her married life with Abbas. She told him that they will be in touch always, and she will make him always with her love and physical intimacy, but she was not ready then for marriage again.

Pattaya and Bangkok- Russian escorts

They returned from Thailand and moved into their regular life, but both of them couldn't forget each other. After two months, Kim received another pink envelope with money and a card from Abbas as he has hired her again for a night. Kim was waiting for that only. They spent another cozy night together on that day with lots of love. During the same trip, they went to a musical concert. Kim " The Russian escort in Bangkok and Pattaya" is very fond of music and so that Abbas. It was a musical show from the favorite musician of Kim. Abbas planned to bring her for the program. It was a refreshment evening for both of them, and they were trying to find out the old vibes in their relation. Abbas was trying to prove continuously that he has changed himself entirely and he is now a more romantic, organized and understanding man. Now it was the time for the inauguration of his new office in Bangkok, and he invited all the Pattaya and Bangkok's escort agency members, Kim, Mia and Akmal for the function. He hired Kim as for the event, and they arranged the program together. He was the host of the party. During the party, he announced that this is their mutual business and Kim is one of the partners of that. Kim was surprised to know the fact and very much happy with finding out the fact that she is still very valuable and precious for Abbas. This was going flawlessly, but she was still in a dilemma that whether she marries her husband again or wait for some time and got married at the best time. Abbas again after few days proposed her for marriage but this time she declined the proposal with a condition. She told her that she would marry him indeed but this time with the permission of his family. Abbas promised her that he will wait for his family’s consideration and will marry her only after having the consent of his family. He returned to his home with the desire to convince his family for the marriage again. Akmal and Mia "the Russian escort" were also enjoying their freedom and fun in life in Bangkok and even in Arab. They were happy in their present condition and were fulfilling all their dreams with the way. But they were also preparing for their marriage and as Akmal’s family was ready to accept the fact they started shopping for their wedding. She shops around Bangkok, Dubai and other places. Mia was taking part in many dance shows as Akmal’s choreographer friend was giving her several chances to perform on stage. On the other hand, Akmal presenting Kim as the beautiful and sexy Russian model on his several shows. Their professional life was going smoothly, and these couples were trying their best to settle up everything correctly in their personal lives.

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