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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Chapter 6-#1 The Russian Escorts Bangkok- Love Story






The Russian Escort Story in Bangkok Number 6 Part One

They started enjoying their chat session as Ali eventually came out from his depression and loneliness. Ali knew that from the first session that he was chatting with Anna "the escort from Russia in Bangkok", his love but Anna was completely unaware of the fact that she was sharing those erotic and tempting messages with Ali. Ali returned back to Bangkok with his friends to started up his career in a new way. He was taking the message service of the company each day and was enjoying every beat of that session. His girlfriend became his virtual love friend then and they were sharing messaging without any habitations. This newest form of the pen friendship became the lifeline for Ali. He was getting sleepless nights and fun filled days with that. As the lifestyles were becoming hectic with wee office hours, this was one of the best options for a net savvy boy to get back his love through his style of virtual love. Ali was taking the service frequently from the agency but without disclosing his identity. Ali met Anna finally after six months and after returning back from his house on a complete professional set up. It was a meeting of their relevant companies about the project and Ali attended the meeting with his three friends. Anna ignored Ali completely and she behaved as she even did not know Ali. But Ali was tremendously happy by seeing Anna but he did not get enough guts to express his love to her. Ali was trying his best to change his childish mentality and he was struggling very much. Actually, he was over possessive about Anna and that was the only reason that he could not tolerate anyone with Anna. Anna talked to his friends but not with Ali. It was painful for Ali. At night he started his chatting session with Anna. For him, the only way to win the heart of Anna was to impress her through the messages. He discussed the matter with his friends and they also told him to make a clear picture of his personality to Anna with a message. So he started another mission. He started talking with Anna in a polite and sensible manner. He was ready to prove that he is now matured, man. After chatting for three months he hired Anna for another date. He told the agency to keep his identity a secret to Anna. It was a dinner date and then night spends program. Anna was unaware of the real identity that who she will meet. She dressed up like an elegant angel and visited the place in a hot red dress, with bright red lipstick and dark black kohl in eyes. She was looking mesmerizingly beautiful but she got very angry as she spotted Ali there as her client. She forgot all her professionalism towards her clients and asked him, why he hired her as she has already told him to stay away from her. Ali said to her that it was his mistake but with time he became a changed man and now he is matured enough to be the boyfriend of Anna. But Anna was not ready to accept the fact. But she was a professional escort so she told him that she will be his only for the night.

to be continued...

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