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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Episode #5 European Escort and Arab Client's Love Story in Bangkok

5th Episode "European Escort Service in Bangkok"

Abbas was very much angry with Kim as she was not ready to be with him. Now he was mad in love and revenge. He was prepared to get her by hook or crook. Now he called up the agency and booked her for a party. It was a party that he was throwing for his friends and colleagues as they were asking him for a party regarding his marriage. It was a rain dance pool party. He just wanted to have Kim "the Euro escort in Bangkok" there as he tried to show her a false picture of his happy married life. It was one kind of revenge for him. Kim understood everything on that day, but she was committed to her agency to provide a high level of professionalism. She danced and entertained Abbas’s friends and took her money before leaving the place. It was terribly challenging for Kim to meet all the requirements of her life and the requirements of her family. Her family was in Europe, and she was staying at Bangkok as she had to earn lots of money. She was never ready to step into an illegal and unconventional relationship with a married man. She was happy with a client and escort relationship only. Nevertheless, she was suffering from the same love and pain for Abbas at that time but did not express her feelings as he was married then. It was a particular pool party arranged by Abbas. She was well aware of such kind of parties and dressed up like a hot and sexy angel on that day. She danced and entertained all the men over there with her sexy dance moves. For the party, there was also Lisa, Kim’s friend and another stunningly beautiful escort from the agency. They just fired up the party. He just wanted to show how happy he is with his wife. But he was unable to do that as his friends had sensuous and exciting time with Kim. Everything was wonderful on that day from the set up to the ambiance. There was fake set up of rain, colorful balloons, a dance floor for rain dance and it was a poolside venue. He also arranged drinks for every guest and special bottle for his lady love that she loves most. After having some shots of their favorite drinks, they went to the dance session on the dance floor of the venue. They danced till they feel tired. Kim is a complete entertainer, and she was ready to do anything to fulfill her professional commitments. She helped everyone there to have a drink; she went for a hot dance in the rain. She was looking damn hot in her wet and sexy attire, and it was getting impossible for Abbas to control his emotion. Something happened at that time in the party that Kim found herself more passionate about Abbas. Some bad boys were there in the party, who were continually disturbing Kim. They were trying to touch her, cuddle her and all that. It was Abbas, who saved her from the evil boys in a polite but firm manner. It was enough to impress the girl who values her self-respect most. Kim was in real bad mental condition, but she had to be perfect in her professional place, so she danced and entertained everyone out there. Yes, Kim is a good dancer, and she is also an excellent model. She is well trained by her agency and highly professional. She did everything to make her client happy. Abbas invited most of his colleagues to the rain party. But he didn’t have any idea that the day will be the starting point of a lifetime friendship between two excellent souls. They met again in an unusual circumstance, but Abbas was all amazed by finding out so much beautiful girl and a hot model as his love interest.

Euro escorts Bangkok

Her rate was too high for the party, but an angry young man Abbas was ready to pay anything to see the girl in his party where he will be with his arrogant wife. It was an opportunity for him to show her that how much happy in his life with his wife and presenting the real picture of his marriage. There was Ali also, A friend of Abbas who liked Lisa. He understood all the mental battle of these two lovers, and he tried to help them. Then he talked to Lisa to make a plan. They planned to bring them together. So they just sent Abbas’s wife from there and other colleagues that the party is over. There was only Abbas and Kim, and they danced like a mad and wrapped by the session with a hot kiss. They were crying badly, but they did not find any way to escape from the issues of their lives. But finally, when there were kissing passionately, Abbas’s wife came and witnessed everything. She was in shock to see that her husband was cheating on her. She insulted Abbas and Kim poorly in front of Ali and Lisa. But Abbas’s wife was not ready to give him a divorce, and she asked a tremendous amount of money as her compensation. It was the time to decide for Abbas. He discussed everything with Kim, and she told him that she could manage to live her life with less money, and she will earn by herself, but if Abbas is not happy in his marriage life, he can take divorce. They decide to continue their relationship further on that day of rain party. Finally, within one month of marriage, Abbas divorced his wife as she was completely different from his desire and she was unable to fulfill his mental and physical requirements. After few days he returned to his place, and Kim returned to her own country also as she had to decide her life. This party was also the starting point of another love story, the story of Lisa and Ali.


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