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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Episode #4 European/Russian Escort and Arab Client's Love Story in Bangkok

Abbas returned home, and he was missing Kim "The Euro escort girl in Bangkok" badly. They parted away after enjoying their cozy evening, but Abbas never expressed his love for Kim. Two years passed away. Kim established her career as a model, and she settled down in Bangkok. She also got married to a photographer but was not happy in her life. She had lots of responsibilities in life. She had to pay a big amount of money for the home mortgage, the high utility bills and then food for everyone. She was married to the photographer from the same modeling world at her age 21 but tragically and eventually they fell out of any love and affection with each other. Due to circumstances they were living together, and they were presenting a picture of the happy family in front of others, but they have found emotionally their ways. During an unexpected pregnancy, her husband stopped any physical intimacy with her. She lost her child even after two months of pregnancy. She was very much alone in life and working like a robot, no emotion, no affection nothing in life.

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It was very painful for Abbas to stay away from Kim. He was missing her badly as he returned to his place and his family was ready for his marriage. His would be wife was a rich and arrogant girl from another orthodox family, and they were sharing a meaningless and loveless physical intimacy. After marriage, Abbas had to back in Bangkok, and he went to his workplace Bangkok again with his wife. They started living there, but these were a loveless life for him.

After few months, she spotted Kim again. She was in a strip club with her client when Abbas saw her. He was just amazed by the beauty of her old love. He reached to Kim and when she asked him that what he needs, he replied that he lacks the girl only. Abbas is also a handsome and stylish guy from Arab, and his presence and attitude were significant for Kim too, as she had a soft corner for Abbas one day. But it was difficult for Kim to give him a quick response as she was with another client. But the waitress of the strip club told him to contact Kim through the Agency profile.

As the man was completely mesmerized by the beauty of Kim and he was pleased by finding his old true love in front of him. He immediately booked her for next evening and the night as well. It was a cozy, romantic and intimate evening for the couple. As she was looking ravishingly beautiful, Raj has started the conversation by praising the beauty of the girl. Now they reached the hotel and explored each other best. They were meeting after lots of days, and it was the happiest day for them. When she arrived to Abbas place and met him, she burst into a tear. At the evening Kim reached to Abbas new house without knowing that where she was coming and whom she will respond. This is how after two years they met, and they forgot everything and just hugged each other. She was sorry and heartfelt about all the mishaps of their lives. Abbas tried to comfort her with a passionate kiss, and they ended up it with a satisfactory and relaxing intimacy, like both of them were waiting for that. They promised each other that they would meet again and moved away. She has joined the agency with the permission of her mother and her husband as well after marriage. Her husband was comfortable with the fact, and he encouraged her as he knew that she would bring lots of money into their household as an escort and he also knew that he is unable to make his wife happy physically. She was confident that she would taste the success in this profession even after her marriage as she enjoys sex and even a man can sense it well with her.

After meeting Abbas, she felt like she got back the most precious thing in her life. They spent lots of romantic time on that evening and undoubtedly passionate, wild and beautiful nights together in the hotel room. They shared a real intimacy on that night, with lots of love and passion and pain. Time was too short for them as Kim was only there for the night, but they had to tell many things to each other. But they recalled everything about their first two meeting and Abbas said to her that he was in love with her, but due to lack of his confidence he never expressed his desire for her. They loved and enjoyed every bit of that night. They spent a good time at the sea beach and went for a relaxing walk by the sea beach at that evening. They chatted for longer and had some drinks together. Abbas eventually fell in love with the girl, and after few days he asked her to stay with him. At first, she declined him. When Kim came to know that he is a married man then and she told him that she did not want to be the reason of a broken marriage and it will be better that they should maintain a distance. Abbas was not ready to accept the fact that he had to stay away from Kim. But Kim was determined. They just started meeting up with each other and spend some quality time together.

Abbas was there as he was looking for a comfortable and relaxing physical intimacy with his love only but he was ready for emotional ties with the girl who he loved. He was not happy with his wife. But Kim was prepared to go for a loving and serious relationship with a married man as she was also married. She told him to stay away from her and to concentrate on his own life more. She just had her payment and left the place. It was not acceptable for Abbas, and he was losing his concentration from work also. He wanted to get back Kim in his life.


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