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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Russian Escort Service in Bangkok and Pattaya Turns to Marriage!

Time was too short for them as Anna "Bangkok and Pattaya Russian escort service girl" was only there for the night, but they had to tell many things to each other. Aman took the initiative then and hired Anna for seven days as his travel partner. They went on a trip to Pattaya and shared everything with each other. After having a good rapport with each other and kind understanding, he had chosen Anna as his gorgeous and talented companion of life to fulfill all his physical and mental desires.

He was paying lots of money on Anna he was continually booking her as her companion. As he was in deep love with Anna, for Anna "the callgirl" he was the person she respects most and eventually she loves most. He was the best human being Anna has ever met in her life. Abbas was all set to propose her, and he hired her as a travel companion or simply a Russian escort for a few days in Pattaya and Bangkok trip. They flew away to Pattaya and had a great holiday trip together. But it was another shocking moment for Abbas when he proposed Kim, and she said “no” to him.

Russian escorts -Bangkok and Pattaya- Thailand

He again contacted the agency and hired him would be a psychologist for a night. As they had a good wavelength with each other and it was comfortable for both of them to enjoy intimacy together. When Aman told her to marry him, she was not ready as she was a professional escort and her agency had helped her lot to overcome life’s difficulties. Aman then discussed the matter with her escort agency in Thailand. After a few days, when his mother came to Bangkok, he went to Anna’s place. His mother was very much broad-minded, and she helped Anna to understand everything. She convinced Anna to get married to his son. She also promised her that his family will always be there with her whenever she is in trouble. She told them that she belongs to a poor, orthodox family of Russia and she was there as she had lots of limitations to earn more money in her country. She got married early by the pressure of her family but did not get enough chance to complete her education. She wanted to be a psychologist, but she did not get the chance. It was the agency where she learned all the training like how to speak English properly, how to greet a sophisticated person, how to dress up for formal parties and all other etiquettes. Her mother promised her that she would arrange a good opportunity for her to complete her education to be a psychologist. She was the only earning member of the family. She discussed everything to Anna "the Russian escort girl" and Aman "the client who bookes from escort agency" was ready to take all the responsibilities of her family. But as a girl with self-respect, so she thought that she would earn something by herself to help her sick and needy family. She left her job as an escort by discussing the matter with her agency, but she joined the escort agency as the groomer or trainer for the new girls who join the agency. She teaches them all the etiquettes and skills to make a man happy that she had learned from the escort agency in Bangkok previously. But before marriage, Anna informed Aman’s family that she doesn’t want to change her religion. Aman is from a liberal and modern family, and they accepted the fact very easy. She moved to Aman’s place and started living with Aman’s family and Aman. They got married after a few days. For Aman and Anna, it was quite easy to get hitch very fast as their family was ready and happily accepted the fact of a different kind of marriage.

Kim - The Russian girl

They got married in a registry office first where every member of Aman’s family was present including all his friends, colleagues, his teammates and of course the matchmakers, Akmal and Mia. There also Abbas and Kim. The marriage of Aman of Anna became an inspiration for both of the couple, and they became determined that they will get married soon after obtaining the permission of their family. After marriage Aman and Anna settled down in Bangkok and his family returned back to their own place. But every year the couple visits his home spends lots of time with their family. Anna is also now learning Aman’s language from his mother. Aman helped her to get admission in a college as she is now pursuing her education to be a successful psychiatrist. They are happy and enjoying every bit of their life. They are good friends of Abbas and Akmal and their girlfriends and learned lots of things from them. They decided to spend quality time with each other every day. On the other hand, Kim was still working as an escort in Pattaya or Bangkok, and she was becoming the most popular escort of the agency. After getting a constant request for marriage, Kim explained everything to him that, she is enjoying her freedom and she never desired another troublesome married life with her ex-husband. She liked Abbas as her companion but not as her husband. Then it was another show of Akmal where he invited Kim as a model and where a renowned producer discovered Kim for his next international film. It was a big opportunity for Kim as she wanted to build the best stairways to the adobe of success.

She discussed the matter with Abbas but this time Abbas not ready for that. He wanted to see her girl happy and successful in life but not as a film star. She was his wife, and he tried to tie the nuptial knot again with his love. He was trying hard to convince his family; he was spending most of the time in Bangkok to see and to spend some time with Kim. But Kim became very much stubborn as she wanted to the film. Another conflict made their love life more complicated again. Kim signed the film with the producer, and she has started shooting for it and left Abbas alone still.

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