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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Here is a love story of a Russian escort in Bangkok and Pattaya

Falling with an escort in Thailand is not a new thing! Is it same when it comes to Russian escort?

Read the fallowing story of love!

Akmal was so happy with his love. They were not in any legal or social bonding, but still, they were enjoying a truly happy time. Akmal visited next time April for another show, and he has hired Mia "The Russian escort in Pattaya and Bangkok" as his event companion. Mia and all of her friends from the agency are too many talents and skills to be comfortable with this type of events. They are well aware of the fact that how to meet, how to greet and how to talk with the people in such activities.

Russian escorts Bangkok and Pattaya

She worked there as the event coordinator with his man, Akmal. They came from two completely different work background and career, but life and love bind them into one stream.

They were having constant intellectual by spirited debates on those days; Mia "The Russian escort in Pattaya and Bangkok" confronted the confident, deep voice of Akmal with her smart and high heeled boldness. There was an absolute mutual understanding between two people who belong from two different cultures, background, society, education and even they speak in two different languages. They enjoyed the event together and finally after the fact they had a refreshing and meaningful physical intimacy. They started their night with chatting and dancing. As they love both loves to dance, this was the best recreation for them after a long hectic eventful day.

Russian escorts Bangkok and Pattaya

After one hour of conversation, they found interesting and good things for each other. Akmal told his story of passionate love for Mia "The Russian escort in Bangkok and Pattaya" and his meaningless marriage. They shared a large drink session for the success of the event and then went for exploring each other on the bed. It was a completely satisfactory experience for both of them. He called the agency and booked her for the next day. He brought her for a movie date on very next day and spent some cozy and thrilling time together in the darkness of the movie theatre. They enjoyed some private time together by holding a hand, by a passionate kiss and with sensuous hugs. They went for a candlelight dinner. They have enjoyed the Chinese foods there as Mia loves to have Chinese foods. Experiencing for the two loving hearts was amazing. It was a sea beach restaurant and the cool breeze, open clear sky, and the soft music of the restaurant have made them mad at each other. He arranged something special there. He kept the ring into the wine glass of Mia, and she found it as a surprise. She said yes to her love, but they discussed their future moves too. They also planned something special for their friends Abbas and Kim as they both were aware that they were missing each other’s company very much. They also helped them once before when Abba has arranged the rain party to envy Kim.

Russian escorts Bangkok and Pattaya

​ She went back on the next morning and bid goodbye to Akmal for next few months. Akmal returned to his home after few days, but it was impossible to for him to forget Mia "The Russian escort in Bangkok and Pattaya" and his charm. He was missing her badly. Now it was Lisa’s turn to visit Akmal’s place. He called Mia in his place. She went there to meet Akmal’s family and surprisingly they were all happy by meeting her. They did not have any problem with Lisa’s past then. They welcomed her with lots of happiness and love. She was looking for a job in UAE as she was an independent girl. She searched the internet for a job and spent lots of time for the preparation. She took part in a medical camp as a temporary doctor in UAE. After finding her work, he returned to Bangkok. Mia "The Russian escort in Bangkok and Pattaya" was readily accepted by the family members and parents of Akmal. They helped her to understand their culture, their cuisine and she started learning Akmal’s language. He called the agency and booked the girl again for a special modeling show arranged by Akmal. She attended all his modeling workshops, showed events and gave him valuable input. They now spent lots and lots time together during those days. They had many common interests, and they always discussed many things like the preparation of their hot and happening nights. The main topic of their discussion was the human psychology. Mia also liked his gesture, his elegant behaviors, sense of humor and good cultural background. For the success of the program, Akmal’s friends from Bangkok arrange a pool party, and they hired Mia "The Russian escort in Bangkok and Pattaya" for the party. She arrived there in a hot floral dress, and she danced there as a seasoned dancer and Akmal introduced her as he would-be-wife to all of his local friends. The very next day, they met again as Akmal wanted to spend quality time with Lisa. He again contacts the agency and hired her for a day. They spent a long day and night together and got more chance to explore each other.

Russian escorts Bangkok and Pattaya

Akmal got everything from her that he did not find in his marital relationship. She gave him satisfaction and relaxation also. After few days, he came back and begun the same chatting session with the girl. It was best virtual satisfaction for him. He was enjoying the course very much. Akmal again visited Bangkok to meet her love and to spend time with her, but he called the agency back as they fit through it. He booked her for a Thailand tour. It was more like a pre-wedding honeymoon for them. They explored each part of the place now as they explored only each other at their previous trip to Thailand. Mia is a perfect travel companion, and she enjoys traveling most. They started shopping for their grand wedding also that soon to happen. They found that they are perfectly compatible with each other, but they were extra conscious as they had the example of Abbas and Kim. As Mia "The Russian escort in Bangkok and Pattaya" was so much fond of the city, Bangkok, Akmal booked an apartment in Bangkok. They started living as a couple there, and Mia often visited Akmal’s place during those days, and they spent quality time together there too.


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