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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Gold Digger Vs. Escort – What is the Difference? Russian Escorts in Pattaya and Bangkok!

The sex industry is subjected to a lot of speculation, and this is where a lot of relationships – especially short-term ones - are formed. Wealthy people are a magnet for gold diggers and escorts – and the two are often confused for each other. It often happens that a beautiful companion by the side of a wealthy and influential person – not related by marriage or a romantic relationship – is often termed as a “gold digger” or an “escort.” However, the two terms are not interchangeable.

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Escorts – Short Term Companions An escort typically works for some agency and is a professional who is usually independent. He or she is in the business for some extra money or fun. Although an escort lives just like a gold digger, he or she usually charges by the hour or as agreed beforehand with the agency. The person is only a professional who serves a client. He or she may enter into a short-term sexual, or even non-sexual, relationship with multiple people at the same time in exchange for money. It is only rarely that such a relationship is changed into a long-term bond. Escorts usually make small investments in time with many people and are wealthy enough by the end of life to own a plush mansion. One that is beautiful enough stands to earn as much as $1,000 every day – with more than one man. Gold Diggers – Long Term Opportunists They are schemers who coax others with the prospect of marrying the person, being a parent to his / her children, offering sexual or other favors. Their relationship is just like an investment, and if the bond falls through then, they complain about the many hours they put into it. They date a person not for sex, fun or company, but for some future gain – such as a marriage, a position in a company, rewards in the form of stocks, property, etc. In the present day society, it is money that necessarily drives such a person but a collection of idealizations and fantasies about a specific lifestyle. When the person they have latched on to for many months or years loses wealth/ influence/position, he or she disappears and is seen with another big shot in the society. Gold diggers usually stick to one man or woman during the entire time, although it cannot be termed as ‘loyalty’ or ‘love.’ It is a case of mutual benefits. The relationship with a gold digger goes on for many months or even decades until the person has grown old or lost his / her wealth or influence. When the person is in no position to satisfy the demands of a gold digger anymore, the relationship falls through. What is the Difference? When it comes to escorts and gold diggers, both are driven by money or some other ‘reward.’ While escorts live off multiple persons, gold diggers do it one person at a time. In case of both, no genuine romance or love is involved.

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