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Is the eye color important when it comes to Russian or European escorts?

Your escort eye color

Eyes are one of the most attractive parts of a female escort. Some say you can find out the personality of a woman by looking through their eyes. It may be true or not, eyes make up one of the sexiest and sensual elements of a female. Are you a guy that has a thing or two for a woman’s eye? If yes, then you must really educate yourself about the different types of Eye colors of women.

When it comes to eyes, Russians and Europeans have the most diverse set of eye colors in the world. It may be their genetic gift to have a wide range of eye colors among them. If you’re considering of proceeding with a European or Russian escort that has a particular shade of eyes, you must first know about the different eye colors that Russian and European escorts posses.

Usually, the women with green eyes are highly spirited and stimulated. If you like escorts that take control and drive you with their energy, then a green-eyed escort is the way to go.

If you are looking out for an escort who’s flirty and attentive, then a black-eyed escort is the best bet for you.

If a shy and calm woman is your thing, waste no time and proceed with an escort with hazel eyes.

If your ideal escort is someone who possesses qualities such as delightful and sensual, a blue-eyed escort must be your first priority.

A gray eyes female usually come with qualities like honest and caring. If you like to spend with a companion with such personality, the escorts with gray eyes can be very convenient for you.

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