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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Russian vs European Escorts in Bangkok

Russian and European Escorts

Women are great company! Whether they are Russian, American, European, Asian, Latin or maybe even Martian; you are bound to have a jolly good time in their company, especially if they are escorts. The fun’s not restricted to mere companionship, is it? But escorts, like most women, differ in their attitude, personality, body structure, and sensuality depending on what region they belong to despite trying to, and probably being, professional in their approach towards their job. We are not stereotyping them; no, not for a second. All these traits may also depend upon their upbringing, the environment around them, the company they keep and various other factors. But what is certain is that you can make random estimates about their sexual demands, passion, preferences, fantasies, kinks, and perks if you know where they come from.

Russian Escorts Bangkok

Russian and European Escorts While Russia can be considered to be a part of Europe, there is a vast difference in Russian and European escorts in most aspects. But while there are these differences above, they are not as glaring as they would be when they are compared to Asian or South American women. Attitude Russian women are quite severe and stern in their approach and attitude. So if you are looking for making small talk before jumping on the bed, a Russian escort is more likely to ask you to skip that part. European escorts, particularly the Spanish and East European ones, are more warm, friendly and easy going. You can look forward to having great casual conversations with them outside of your time in the sack. And yes, they have a great sense of humour too. Personality By character, Russian women are dominating. They like to be in control and decide how things happen. So if you are looking just to lay back and have a good time, a Russian escort would be more than happy to take matters into her own hands (pun intended). European escorts, on the contrary, are more laidback and don’t mind being controlled and manipulated. They prefer it that way. So if you like to be the person in charge of all the action, European escorts are just the perfect option for you. Body structure In case you didn’t know it already, Russian women are much taller and leaner than their counterparts. European women are noticeably curvier and bustier. So these are the primary differences between Russian and European escorts. While they may not always apply to all of them, they would do more often than not.

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