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Blondes vs Brunettes’ has been a much-discussed topic all around the world for about the last 50 odd years (Blame Marilyn Monroe for it! But it wasn’t her fault she was so painstakingly gorgeous, was it? It’s just our libidinous interpretation of her beauty and those sizzling golden locks that set the ball rolling for this debate. Never mind though. RIP Marilyn!). And this question is not just restricted to casual debates.

Blonde stereotypes

Are blonde escorts more ‘adventurous’ and ‘wild’? This is a question that is often asked by a lot of clients while they go about deciding what type of an escort should they hire. Blame it on our perceptions but it is becoming an increasingly common belief that blonde women in Bangkok are more fun and bold. They are thought to be extremely passionate and wild in their actions between the sheets. Brunettes, on the other hand, are viewed as the more subdued and calmer type of species.

But does this stereotype extend to ‘escorts’ too? Honestly, that looks unlikely. Escorts are professionals who charge you for the ‘company’ they provide you. And like with all professionals of any field, they take great pains to provide their clients the best service that they possibly could. Escorts know that they need to please their clients to ensure that they return again and don’t ‘stray’ to other women (does that incite a chuckle?). So you can pretty much be assured that irrespective of whether you choose a blonde or a brunette, the escort will gauge your mood, personality, and preferences and will adjust her demeanor accordingly.

Besides, every woman has a wild streak in her that comes out when called upon. So if you make a little bit of an effort to arouse and please her, you can pretty much incite the wildest passion and lustful behavior even from an 80-year-old grandma. Umm, just saying.

Brunette stereotypes

On the other end of the spectrum, brunettes are believed to be better companions if your main purpose for hiring their escort service is not sexual. They are thought to be more mature, well mannered and better informed about general things that make them ideal options for clients seeking just an arm candy to accompany them to social events. Again, this is a very subjective matter and can’t be generalized.

What’s your type?

Usually, your hair color should have nothing to do with your intellect and libido. And it’s ultimately your choice to decide who and what do you want for yourself. Unfortunately enough, you won’t find a definitive conclusion to the Blonde vs Brunette debate here either!


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