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The Fairy Tale of That Hot Indian Lesbian Girl, who traveled During Songkran Festival to Bangkok, In

Festivals in Thailand and Looking for {Russian/ Euro} Esorts!

It may seem like a fairy tale, but actually, this is the real incident that happened in Bangkok during the Songkran Festival last year. The Thais welcome a new phase during the Songkran festival. They throw perfumed water on their elders and friends with the hope that this water will wash away all the bad evils that the person had last year and this coming year they will prosper. The girl of this fairy tale is an Indian as she was there in Bangkok during the Songkran festival.


The story started in this way She had always heard about Songkran Festival and this year she decided that she will spend few days in Bangkok and enjoy their festival. She wanted to roam those streets that were most famous for celebrating this festival, and people get immersed in water in those streets. Apart from enjoying Bangkok during their premier festival she also wanted to enjoy something else! She knew about the quality and classy escorts available in Bangkok and thus decided to spend some time with them. She was a lesbian, and she loved the sexy European escorts that were available to stay with her during her stay in Bangkok. For this, she stared looking for different agencies that will provide her with a lesbian escort. She may have searched online and chosen anyone from the number of lists available there, but she referred an agency that was referred by her lesbian friend back home. She wanted to contact and once she did that she found everything was so simple and easy! Actually, her lesbian friend back home had told her about this agency as she was utmostly satisfied with the services that they had to provide her when she was in Bangkok. The service was excellent, the escorts were merely mind-blowing, and the experience that she had gathered was something that was not forgettable. This is the reasons that she had referred this girl too to this agency. Escort joins her, and the story begins It’s true that when a festival is going on in the city, the demand for escorts is very high. Keeping this in mind this girl had made an appointment with her chosen escort right from her town. She knew that all that she has to do later on is call her and give her the details about her stay in Bangkok after she is there. So, the day came when she landed in Bangkok, checked in the hotel and finally she had her guest. Wow! She was tall, beautiful, had fully toned muscles, sexy figure and a killer look in her eyes. She was aroused the moment she saw her, but wanted it to be the fairy tale and thus waited for few more hours before she finally started making love with this beautiful escort. It was time to enjoy the water festival They decided as it was time for Songkran festival they must enjoy the mood of the celebration first. She was very friendly, and she knew all about the city that gave our girl the confidence to roam about in the streets of Bangkok. They wanted to get soak in water and enjoy the water fight totally, and for this, the escort suggested her the destination as Khao San Road. They can get immersed in water from top to toe, and as there are DJs playing music over there they can tap their legs too! When they reached their destination, they found that everybody was already soaked in water and as the Sun was right on top everybody was enjoying this water fight. Everything was fabulous, and young Thais were playing with each other. There was the number of young tourists who too were enjoying the fun of the festival. These two girls also joined them and started throwing water at each other. Slowly they become wet, and our girl could see the curves of her sexy and attractive escorts. As time went by, they started coming near each other. Both of them were soaked in water and had the passion growing in between them. While they joined the dance floor, they touched each other, and it felt like there was the electric shock! Their nipples rubbed other while they gave some move with the music and they understood they could not stay behind anymore. It was a time that they felt each other, love each other and thus rushed to their hotel!

Russian escort service in city of Bangkok

And the rest was history Every moment that passed by since they reach their hotel room seemed like the eternity to her as she could not stop looking at the beauty who was there beside her. She was soaked, and the expression in her eyes was telling that she also wanted to do the same as the girl wanted. Both of them were burning from inside and gradually they reached their hotel room! They watched each other and started with a passionate kiss. They kissed for few minutes while their hands were roaming on different parts of their body! She wanted to rip off the cloth, but the escort knew the better way to make the experience more passionate. Slowly she slipped her hand under her garments and touched her nipples. While caressing them, she set off her dress. Her full breast was there in front welcoming our girl to hold them, love them and make the most of the time. She loved the way her pussy was licked, she was all wet, not by water this time but by the feeling that she was getting immersed into. It was like a dream to her, and she knew why her lesbian friend had referred Their lovemaking went on for an hour, and after that, they were exhausted.


Leaving with a great experience Rest of the days when she was in Bangkok she loved every moment that she passed with the escorts. Everything was fun and exciting, and it was like a fairy tale for her when she found that fairies were there for her, to make her feel special, to fulfill her erotic wishes!


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