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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Top 8 Russian Female Escorts Available in Bangkok- Thailand 2019

Irish- the western escort in Bangkok

European Escort Service in Bangkok and Pattaya

IRISH Through her deep brown eyes, you find yourself drowning in the sea of excitement and allure. Her sweet smiles yet daring eyes can bring you into the higher level of enticing nights. Get ready to feel the heat of your body with her touch and alluring voice. Her magical stare will keep you on your dreamland and as she gives you her erotic massage, you can almost drown in a sensational feeling and electrifying night of romance. Irish will take you into a different approach to pleasure and exciting body touches. If you wanted to make all your sexual pleasures be satisfied, have Irish on your arms and she will never disappoint you. Your days and nights with her will allow you to enjoy your Bangkok trip even more with hotness on the side. Being with her is the perfect time for you to fulfill all your sexual desire and Irish will help you to have a unique and unforgettable one.

Russian Escort Service in Bangkok and Pattaya

ANASTASIYA Anastasiya is one of the most requested Russian girls by many men who are looking for intense and unforgettable nights. Your night with Anastasiya will make you desire for more sexy touches, playful whispers, and sensual glimpse. And as you close your eyes, you will experience the sanctuary of your fantasies and all your dreams for intimate moments can now be realistic. From imagination to reality, you feel that you are being magnetized with her touches and smell. She will take you away from typical excitement for she will even boost your pleasure for one night of breathtaking experience. From girlfriend experience to erotic massage to dinner date to private time at your hotel, you can have the best of your time for great pleasure and intensifying touches. You can’t go wrong having private moments for she can perfectly satisfy all your needs. Have limited fun, excitement, playful times and romance with Anastasiya and experience a memorable pleasure of a lifetime.

Westen Escort Service in Bangkok and Pattaya

MARIA IVANOV Be thrilled with the beauty of Maria. With red lips, ivory skin and cute eyes, she would surely make your date hot. This Russian cutie is smart, outspoken and has a great personality that you would not miss out. You would be satisfied by the candid pleasure she would give as you go out for a date, take time to watch the movies or have a hot experience in a hotel. The tall and sexy figure of this beauty is sure to give you the satisfaction you need. Here, she would surely satisfy your evening. Have fun and relax with her as your company as she would pamper you with care and love. You would have a great time and with it comes the pleasure of hot experience you would never forget. She would offer the satisfaction you would not regret as you would do her best to satisfy you.

Male Escort Service in Bangkok and Pattaya

ANNA POPOV With a sweet smile, brown eyes and red lips, Anna might be the Russian escort you are looking for. She has the personality to give you the best outcall escort service you would be satisfied to have. Her beauty is matched with an interest to make your date a fun and enjoying way. There is a sure guarantee of fun, laughter, and excitement as long as you have her around. The dazzling persona together with the ability to make you smile is a perfect combination to enjoy your evening. She has a good nature and a pretty heart that every gentleman would like. She could spice up your evening by giving you a great erotic massage you would not forget. The experience you would feel would be an amazing one. We assure that you would enjoy it. Ana knows how to pamper and is sweet so you have are guaranteed to pure delight if you are with her.

Couple Escort Service in Bangkok and Pattaya

ALEX KUZNETSOV Complete with a full package of beauty, height, and brain, Alex is good in everything she does so you would have guaranteed your evening would be the best. She has black eyes and a chestnut brown hair. Her sweet and happy persona makes her an ideal date. You would have a great time with her as you would give you the best comfort you would love. She has also a caring nature and loves to make her date comfortable. You would have an easy and comfortable time if she is your date. There is a sure way you would have fun and enjoy her company. You would enjoy the time you have with her as she would make things hotter if you need it. Yes, with Alex, the thrill and experience of having a date is a success.

VIP escort service Pattaya

DASHA SMIRNOV The white complexion, the blue eyes, and the charming personality would make Dasha your perfect escort. She would make sure your date would be a special one as she would give the best services in Bangkok and Pattaya. Her cute lips is an attractive one to kiss so you would be attracted to her even more. She would do the best she could to make you comfortable and relaxed. Her simple personality together with her caring nature would suit up the evening you would spend with each other. She has a loving nature that would make you feel relaxed and comfortable as you talk with her. She would treat you as a gentleman and would do the best she could to make your date pleasurable one. Her refined beauty and amazing personality would be the one you need and you would not regret it.

European escort in Bangkok

KATYA VASILIEV This Russian beauty has a slender physique, a cool smile, and a wavy hair. Her eyes are attractive and would look at you with sincerity. Her personality would match your interest for a romantic date and a great time at a hotel. The moment you have with her is the time you would have the best escort service of your life. She would guarantee you would have a great time with her as your date. Katya is caring and loving. She would make you feel relaxed during the whole time you have with her. There is a great chance you would have the satisfaction you need. The looks and personality of Katya would be the one you are looking for in your escort girl. Do you want to have a fun and great time? She would give it to you in the most exciting and thrilling way as possible.

russian escort in Bangkok- Dina

DINA. V If you want a great time in your date? Dina might be the Russian escort girl you need. She has a white skin, pink lips and long brown hair to captivate your eyes. You would be attracted in seeing her sexy body. You would be more attracted to her as you care and pamper for you. She would make sure you have a great time you would never forget. Dina is a rare beauty and a one of a kind escort so you have a full guarantee of making your evening an awesome one. You would have the satisfaction you need as you would make your evening more than you expected. There would be more fun and excitement if you would choose her. You might even have a great time at the hotel if you wanted it. Katya awaits you and we guarantee you would have in the fast and easy way possible. Call us now!

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