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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

What You Need to Know about European and Russian Erotic Massage and How Different it is from Others

Ever tried the delicate and satisfying massages brought by Russian erotic massage in Bangkok and Pattaya?

If you hadn’t, here are some little known facts to get you more excited and prepared the next time you see the glowing neon sign of a 24-hour massage.


It is easy to feel awkward when you find yourself in a massage parlor, ask for something a little different than the usual and then find out you are not in the right place. I mean, how would you know it’s not what you thought it is without blurting out what you came there for? You need to find out the standard protocol and so here it is.

How to tell if the massage parlor is full service? There are subtle signs that identify them. For example, if the parlor operates pas 9 pm in weekdays, it could be very well an erotic massage parlor. Apart from that, signs you should consider include the windows, say if the parlor have windows but are blacked out that could be another sign.

In Bangkok or Pattaya Looking for Russian Escort Services?


The thing really is when it comes to massage parlors is that the full service part is a little risky based on how circumspect the management of the parlor is. First of all, you need to know what full service actually means. It is crucial to know there won’t be confusion or awkward situations because you’ve given the wrong signs.


Really though, the people in erotic massage parlors have enough experience to tell if you’re new to this kind of service. With that, you don’t have so much to worry about as the masseuse would often just give you the house price for normal massage and ask you afterwards if you want full service. With that, it is less conspicuous and more discreet for both you and the parlors part.


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