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Russian Escort and Erotic Service Company in Thailand "Bangkok & Pattaya"

Диана and Diana the Russian escorts of Bangkok or Pattaya

Russian escort - Thailand

Smart and Sexy, this is how you can describe me. I am a complete girlfriend material and my dream is to be with a man who is looking for one day’s girlfriend in Bangkok. I am Diana and I respect my culture and religious values. I am doing it as my part time job but I am a doctor in profession, an interesting and charming doctor to date. From a hot night experience to a travel tour, I can do anything for you.


Диана is waiting to date you online and she is ready to meet her companion. She likes to date men for long term. Диана is fascinated by nightclubs and night life of Bangkok. She is not lonely and she knows how to attract men and very much focus on her career. To continue, we can tell you that she knows that how to behave when she is with a man. She is more attentive towards her client. She is ready to go for an evening out with her clients but loves to get lots of attention from the man. She is not interested much in the money of their clients. Although nobody says, she doesn’t have other friends; she is able to make a significant difference between a lover and friend. She has interest in lots of things like cooking, diving, yoga, and biking. She has a special love for arts. She loves to go to the beach, loves to read interesting books.

She is girlfriend material:

If you are really interested to visit and date Диана, you don’t need to worry about the language differences. She has made the extra effort and spent considerable time to learn basic English as some of the language barriers can be torn down. As a result, she is able to communicate quite well with her clients from Arab, India or from Bangkok.

There are several reasons that she is too much popular today. She is completely girlfriend material and if you are ready to have a girlfriend for one day, she is just perfect to fulfill your desire. She is slim, fair and in good shape. She is popular for her mind-blowing figure. She has a thin waist and long legs. Her feature is very attractive and she has blue eyes and long black hair. Well, this was about her physique and looks. Males are attracted towards her from a different part of the world because of her attitude. If we take religious side of her, we would proudly say that she has a high level of respect for religion. She is orthodox Christian. She is brought up traditionally and has high morals. She waits for her prince charming. She is very humble and soft-minded. Just like coins, she has two different characteristics, on one side she is hot and bold and on the other side, she is very much soft minded. She is ready to do almost everything to make her man happy, from dance to singing, she is expert of everything. The relation and satisfaction that you will have from the beautiful girl are different than the other girls. She looks like a model and this is the main reason that men want to date her. She is family oriented and inherent aptitudes and family values. In one word, she is completely girlfriend material with whom you will love to spend your quality time in Bangkok.

Her type of clients

She is very much serious about knowing the details of the men before start dating with them. Dating is an art and she is skilled very much to handle her clients. She loves to receive the clients from India and Arab mostly and also who belongs from the good cultural background and well educated. She pays more attention to the loyal relation. She is not doing it only for money but she is in search of physical and mental refreshment. A man with great respects for women and polite in behavior is her type of clients and she is ready to serve them with her best skills and tricks.

People, who are in Bangkok for a business trip or educational tour, are always welcome as the client of Диана the Russian escort.


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Russian escorts of Bangkok or Pattaya

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