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Episode #9 European/Russian Escort

Episode #9 European Escort and Arab Client's Love Story in Bangkok

Kim [Russian/European escort in Bangkok & Pattaya] was not ready for the settlement that he wanted to marry her without the permission of her parents. She told him that she would not marry him until he got the permission from her parents. 
Abbas was not agreed with her firstly, and he left the city with pain. But it was quite tricky for both of them to stick to their decisions. She even broke all her relationship with Abbas. They both were suffering from the same pain in life. 
Finally, Abbas contacts her through the agency and now fixed a dinner date again with his love. 
After six months, Abbas has visited Bangkok, and now he has booked Kim for all his travel days. Kim was waiting at the Airport for Abbas as he booked her likewise. She was looking more hot, charming and sexy in her red short dress, given by Abbas previously. They just hugged and started their journey of exploring both of them.
They were meeting after six months and discussed more their future. The discussion came to its end when Kim agreed to stay in a live-in relationship with Abbas. This was a kind of settlement between these two lovers that he will go twice in a year and rest of the time he will be with his parents, but they will not marry any other person in life. 

Abbas has booked her as his travel companion, the same year in December and they went for a long Thailand tour. Kim, as she was living in the place for a long time, was aware of every route, every road and area of Thailand and Bangkok as well. They spent many romantic days and night together there and enjoyed the true meaning of togetherness there. 

Akmal, Abbas’s friend, visited Bangkok during those days when Abbas was there, and he was looking for a companion who can accompany him in his business party. So he hired his old love, Mia, who he met trice but first time in Abbas’s rain dance party. Mia is a doctor by profession, and she is well educated. She was a just perfect companion for a formal party. 
She was looking drop dread beautiful and fashionable in the dress, gifted by him previously. Even Akmal introduced her as his girlfriend on the party. They danced and enjoyed the evening most. 
The next day was a big day for Akmal as he had to present his first fashion show in Bangkok. He has invited Mia, Abbas, and Kim for the show. But suddenly at the last moment, the showstopper of the show ditched him, and she canceled the contract with him. 
Akmal was in big trouble, but he found the best way to overcome the issue as the last time is his place. He called up Kim and Mia and presented these beautiful sisters as his show stopper. They were looking ravishingly beautiful, and she walked the ramp like a seasoned model. 
Mia was the reason for his inspiration on that day and the reason behind his success on that day. After that, he proposed her on the stage in front of two hundred audiences. There was no reason for Mia say no to the person she loves and the person who showed so much respect for her. Mia has already settled down her career as a doctor in Bangkok, and Akmal had his settlement of business in the UAE. It was difficult for them also to continue a long distance relationship as they were very much in love. So, they promised to meet each other after settling up a good the career in the same country.
On the other hand, as Kim has told Abbas once that she loves to shake her legs at the dance floor, Abbas booked a table in a renowned beach restaurant of Bangkok where they will get the chance to rock the dance floor. He hired her for dinner date for several times, or you can say, all the days of the tour to spend quality time with the girl who he loves most. They were madly in love at that time, and it was impossible for them to even imagine their lives without each other. They were in a live-in relationship, and Kim was pursuing her career as an escort also. She did not want to take any help from Abbas to set up her business. So, she was working hard to gather money for her business. She invited Abbas most of the time to see her modeling shows. She was gaining popularity as a model day by day. 
Now she arrived in a black dress and Abbas was so pleased by seeing her. They spent the evening together and discussed more their profession, their work, and plans. They both are very foodie kind of persons and enjoyed the delicious foods of the restaurant much. 
They then went to the hotel room to enjoy their private time together.  Kim was so happy with Abbas, and she made him crazy about her on the bed. She made his wild fantasies come true with her hot moves and style. 
After one day, he called up the agency again to hire Irina for a dinner date. Irina was also waiting for the same call from Abbas, and she was ready to go.
Then Jim had to return to his own country and own work. He returned to his own home, but they were connected to a phone call and SMS. They were taking the help of the agency to enjoy the message service facility of them. 
They met again on a trip and Abbas proposed his girl for marriage with a sweet gesture. He brought her to a cruise trip and proposed there in romantic set up. 
Now it was Kim’s turn to say yes. But she was so scared to involve in a serious and legal relationship. 
After consulting with her local friends, family and agency Kim took her decision and agreed to marry Abbas. The most prominent quandary that the girl had was whether she is ready to quit her profession and trust a young man whom he knew for hardly one year. Surprisingly, Abbas was all okay with her profession.  

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