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The Russian Escorts in Bangkok

Chapter 7-The Client and Anna the Russian Escorts of Bangkok- Thailand

Anna- Russian Escorts of Bagnkok

She applied for a job there too. After bagging a high profile job and after earning huge money, she bought an Apartment and called up her family in Bangkok. They started living in Bangkok. Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) has three brothers and one sister. Her brothers are studying in a school in Bangkok and her sister is a college student. She is the only earning member of her family and it is impossible for her to think about her own life then.
Ali was feeling so much bad for her. After finishing the chatting session, Ali told Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) to sing a song. Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) is a beautiful singer and she learned singing from her mother, who was a brilliant singer. It was a real melodious night for him. They then went for a sizzling physical intimacy. 

Ali heated something about Russian women that most of the Russian women, as well as Russians,  are somewhat reserved. Do not be put off if the Russian woman you are courting seems a little standoffish.

This is appropriate behavior for a true Russian woman. It does not mean that she doesn't like you. It means that she hardly knows you, which is true.

Russian woman never shows too much emotion too soon. Her feelings are genuine under these circumstances. But Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) is somehow different in such aspects; her disturbed and struggling childhood gave her lots of lessons in life. She became a strong, outgoing and bold girl. She was very much clear about her requirements. She knew that what she really wants from her life. This was the reason that she was ready to accept the love of an immature and childlike boy. She wanted someone more responsible, matured and established man in her life, but not a new businessman. 

Well, after having a satisfactory physical intimacy they parted away on the next morning. Nit completely, but yes she was then a little bit impressed by Ali. He said sorry thousand times to her and finally, she forgave her. They have started another session of their great bonding. Ali was too much happy on that day and he returned back home with complete relaxation and peace of mind. After returning to the home he explained everything to his friends. He also told them that he is going to propose her for marriage. But his friends told him to wait for the best time. Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) was not an easy going girl and she had a strong personality. She had some specific choice and criteria about his would be husband and they also told him that be her dream man first and then propose her for marriage. 
So Ali concentrated more on is work and started his journey to become rich a complete man with huge personality. It was a tough journey for him and he started giving his 100% to his work. But during those days, he also hired Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) for his love and night partner. They met again and again and Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) found new changes in Ali each time they met. 
Finally, after one year, Ali hired her for an event. It was a big event for Ali’s company and they have achieved a lot of big contracts and projects and due to Ali’s hard work, they successfully submitted the projects to their respected clients. Within one year, they became a brand and became a reputed company in Bangkok. 
Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) reached there in the party in the evening, dropped by the agency’s car. She was looking drop dead beautiful in her pink party gown. She became the star of the party as Ali requested her to the song for the guests and for him also. Ashe sang a Russian song, learned by her mother and it was so beautiful and melodious. Ali was all impressed by the girl but something uncertain happened in the party. Amar, another Indian man proposed her on that day in front of everyone and Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) said yes to him. It was extremely painful and yet very surprising for Ali. He just wanted to kill the man but he controlled his anger as he promised that to his friends. Amar was also a client of Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) and they met frequently before the party. Amar is a rich man; he had his own successful business establishment in India. He was a business magnate. His personality and maturity level was beyond words and he was very much handsome. They were in love for long days but Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) never told Ali about her lover. 
There was nothing to do for Ali as two adults people were in love. After accepting the proposal, Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) told Ali that Amar is her dream man and he is ready to take all of her responsibilities. She also told him that she will go to India after marriage. Ali again got the most heartfelt news in his life and this time he lost his control over him and started taking drinks, drugs regularly. Hid friends were worried about him. She was angry and at a time he was feeling the true pain for his love. 
He now hired Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) for her tour companion and he flew away to another place with her. It was one kind of revenge for him. He did not tell anyone about her where about and they went for a long holiday. Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) was working as an escort then and her professionalism made her do anything for her client. It was a long holiday session for them. Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) was missing her boyfriend but she was not allowed to call him also. There were only Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) and Ali and Ali’s unconditional love. Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok) told Ali that she will get married soon and will leave her work also. It was the last chance for Ali to spend some time with his love. They spent most of the time together and shared a lot of things together. It was a crazy plan of Ali and he never wanted to leave Anna (The Russian Escorts in Bangkok). They had the best of physical intimacy, cuddling, kissing and many more. 

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