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Episode #11 European Escort in Russian Agency
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Escort Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts once dealing with Russian, European or Ukrainian escorts here in Thailand "Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok"

It is on every escort, whether from Russia, Europe or Ukraine, to be very respectful towards you as her client. In the same vein and manner, you also should be respectful towards her. You both owe each other respect. If you don’t know the dos and don’ts when interacting with escort ladies, the post is here to put you through everything you need to know about escort etiquette. By the way, we are glad you actually want to be respectful. 
Be respectful on the phone
Etiquette starts from the very moment you pick up your phone to call the escort. Be respectful on the phone, and make sure you talk calmly with her, ensuring that you make all the necessary inquiries that need to be made. But while doing that, try not to waste too much of her time on meaningless questions such as “what is your favorite style?” Such questions should be reserved for face-to-face conversations. You only need to ask basic questions like the price, what services she offers, and her location. You don’t want to be that guy she hangs up on. 
Expect to do some funny things
Still, on the phone call, you should expect the escort to ask you to go to a corner just around the house and call her again. This is not shady; it is just a security measure to ensure you are not a police officer trying to play funny. So, consider it as part of the deal. 
In the room with the escort, she may tell you to get comfortable as she goes to ease herself. This means that you should get undressed, completely nude, preferably. While this may sound crude and unromantic, it is still another layer of security checks. According to local laws, a police officer cannot apprehend an escort lady when he himself is completely naked. Therefore, be cautious and do not pick any offense.  
Tip escorts
Once you are done with the show, it is in your best interest to tip the escort. This is one area where Thailand is synonymous with America—tipping. These ladies literally feel entitled to your tip. Sadly, there’s not so much you can do about it. Escort ladies, especially the ones in it just for the doe, will never give a prudent spender a second chance, but can go all weeks with an extravagant one. The long and short of it is that if you have plans to use the services of the same girl, please, tip her. If otherwise, waive it and go your way.
Don’t underprice escorts
Don’t call ridiculous prices for their services. You may innocently do this, but escorts don’t have that much time to think jack. To save your face from this kind of embarrassment, run a background check. Ask a few people around so you can have some useful information as to the expected prices. If your budget is lower than the minimum price, please, go for lower-class ladies. 7000 Baht may be a well-appreciated payment for a lower-class escort, but chicken change for quality escorts, especially from Russia, Ukraine and Europe. If you would rather not pay, then be ready to depend on your riz and game. 
When expecting an escort lady, whether incall or outcall, turn up very neatly. Have your shower, brush your teeth and make sure you are not reeking of liquor. Apart from impressing the lady, it will also add to the fun. The way you would rather hang out with a neat girl is the way the girl hopes you are neat too. It’s a two-way thing. More times than we care to count, escorts have given accounts of their ugly encounters with stinking guys. Respect yourself enough to not be that guy. 
Be very decisive
Whenever you find yourself in the midst of escorts, be a decisive man. Don’t get carried away or overwhelmed by the options in front of you. It is advisable to decide exactly what you want before stepping out. It will help you a lot. Choosing the right Russian, European and Ukrainian escort lady is one hard task to do because they all just appear beautiful. So, it is an understandable and relatable situation. 
Do it respectfully
When making out with an escort lady from Russia or Ukraine, please, do it respectfully and gently. If you would rather have sessions of rough make-outs, please, inform the escort beforehand. You know, there’s just a thin line between rough sex and demeaning or disrespectful sex. We bet that you can tell the difference as a man, but escorts may not be able to. However, direct communication of wants and needs will solve this 100% of the time. 
Stay true to the agreed services
Do not request for additional services that you never agreed to in the unwritten clause. Don’t try to play smart with these girls. When it comes to this industry, best believe they know more than you. Make sure you are only requesting for the services you pay for. Don’t request for a blowjob if you have not already paid for it, and are not ready to pay for it. 
Use a condom
For your sake, and the sake of the escort you are dealing with, use a condom. Unless stated and agreed otherwise, it is customary and standard to wear a condom whenever you are ready to go down with an escort lady. It doesn’t even matter if she is a Russian, European or Ukrainian, and it also doesn’t matter where they are, whether in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. Come to think of it, it is for your good. Would you rather risk contracting an STD? Or do you want an escort to blackmail you with pregnancy later in the future, long after you’ve already left the country? None of these is worth it; just wear a condom. 

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Episode #11 European Escort and Arab Client's Love Story in Bangkok

Things were going beautifully between Mia and Akmal. They have decided that they will be in an open relationship until they fulfilled their entire dream in life. Akmal and Mia were together in Bangkok, and they were staying at Abbas’s apartment. 
Mia "The Euro girl that workes as escort for Russian escort company in Bangkok" is a stunning dancer, but she never had any professional dance training as she was busy with another career. She just got the training from her agency, but it was her inner talent and her hard work that she learned all the dancing tricks very quickly. She wanted to be on the stage as a dancer one day. 


Akmal was ready to fulfill all her desire that he coincidentally got the chance to fulfill his girl’s dream. 
A friend of Akmal, who is a choreographer in the profession, was in Bangkok to present a dance show. 
He was with his team, but he was alone and feeling lonely during the trip. His desire to enjoy every moment of life pushed him to search for an escort. He was looking for a tour companion who can make him happy with his bold and hot companionship. Akmal suggested him to have an escort from But he also requested him to give Mia a chance to dance on stage with the team. Mia was also a good dancer, and she wanted to take part in Akmal’s world tour with his team.


He has hired a girl from the agency as his tour guide. They met in front of his hotel first as a car from her agency dropped her there. They greet each other and have started their journey of sightseeing of the city. This girl is also from Europe, but she often visits Bangkok, so she had good knowledge of the city. She was the nonsexual escort for Ali’s friend, but they enjoyed some cozy and sensuous time together on that day. 
Incidentally, Mia "The Euro girl that workes as escort for Russian escort company in Bangkok"  and Akmal "The client" were present at the dance show of this guy. She liked his dance very much and wanted to learn dance from him.
 Akmal and Mia met his friend after his pleasing day with the escort they have suggested for him. They talked about dance and how to present Mia on the dance show. 
Akmal also helped Mia to improve her dance skills as he is a good dancer. They went for a salsa session together. He became the dance teacher of Mia for few days as she supposed to dance on the show of Ali’s friend. 
Well, finally the D-day came to Mia’s life, and she got a good chance to showcase her talent and her dream. She performed on stage as a dancer with the dancer’s team of Ali’s friend. She was just too good as a dancer, and she mesmerized Akmal with her performance. Abbas and Kim were also present there as the audience, and they enjoyed her performance very much. 

Mia "The Euro girl that workes as escort for Russian escort company in Bangkok"  also found that Akmal is perfect in bed and they have an excellent mental and physical compatibility. Akmal was ready to do anything for the beautiful girl, and he called the agency and hired her as a travel companion for 15 days.  She was delighted to know that she will get a chance to rock the dance floor with a real dancer. During the tour, they came closer. They were enjoying shopping together, eating together and also she was making her client happy with the relaxing, sexy nights. They were in touch with video calling, chatting over social media, etc. 
He had perfect time on the tour. His love and like had no limit for Mia. He hired her again when he visited Bangkok after a month and this time to spend a hot night with her. Mia was as happy as Akmal as she will get the client who she liked most. She reached to his hotel and started exploring themselves on the bed. They had many common interests and hobbies;
They both were happy by seeing each other and ended up the beautiful nights with a sizzling and sensuous physical intimacy. Akmal gave Mia an engagement ring and asked her to be her companion forever. 
They then came to a settlement that she will be with Akmal for months, and she will work with other clients on rest of the days. Akmal also promised her that he would visit Bangkok for two months in a year. After few days, they went to a musical concert together and spent another classy evening. After so much meeting and good things, there was no way to escape for the girl. She eventually agreed to be the lovely companion of Akmal, a trustworthy and loyal girlfriend. 
Akmal had gone on a world tour as he had to organize modeling shows in every corner of the world. He hired Mia for the trip, and they had enjoyed the tour very much. Abbas and Kim also with them and Kim performed as a model on every show of Akmal. They were living a happy life there, but surprisingly their families were completely unaware of the fact. 
When Akmal returned to his place, he was surprised to see that his parents arranged a marriage for him, even without his permission. Abbas was there also with him, and they were looking for the best way to solve the issue. 
Akmal told everyone that he could not marry the girl they have chosen for him as he is madly in love with someone. But his family member’s were not ready to accept Mia in their family, as the wife of their only son. 
They have started him blackmailing emotionally and finally pushed him to marry the girl. He was broken and upset, but he did not say anything to Mia. Even he said Abbas to keep it a secret from her. He got married, but he was not happy with his shy and cold wife. He was missing his love badly and was looking for a way to meet her, but his family was not allowing him to Bangkok as they were aware of Mia "The Euro girl that workes as escort for Russian escort company in Bangkok". 

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