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Russian callgirl- Bangkok

Chapter 10-Anna The Russian Escort Model in Bangkok/Pattaya

Ali was ready to give her that time. They promised each other that they will be together as girlfriend experience and boyfriend but will marry only when Anna "The Russian Escort in Bangkok" will decide. Anna asked Ali that she wanted to continue her job as an escort in Bangkok and by leaving Anna surprised, Ali told her that he had no problem with her work as an escort and even he was comfortable with that. Ali told Anna he knew that he was only his and no one will be able to take her from him and no one will be able to give her more love than him. So he was relaxed and not at all possessive to share Anna with others because he knew that her mind and her love is only for him, others will meet her just as a client, not more than that. 
They returned to Bangkok with a happy mind and Ali so was excited to tell everything to his friends. When he reached Bangkok, he came to know that one of his friends, Vinay is terribly ill. He met an accident and in that accident, he lost his girlfriend. They were going for a city tour late night and due to darkness and heavy rain, he lost control over the car and met the accident. It was too much pathetic and he was wounded physically and mentally both. Vinay is the best friend of Ali and he was equally heartbroken by seeing his friend in this mental condition. After one month he fought with death in hospital and went to coma but after one month he came out from the coma but he has lost his eyes. Ali and his other friends were in shock and did not understand how to solve the problem, how they gave a peaceful life to their friend. Ali did not get much time during that time to meet Anna but Anna visited the hospital every day and she was beside his love throughout a hard time of Ali’s life. 
Anna suggested to him them that it is impossible for them to nurse the friend and there they really want someone professional but who can take care of the boy with love. She called up her sister Ammi; she was studying nursing in a college in Bangkok and also joined the as an escort recently. She became the nurse of Vinay from next day. She came to their house every day and she worked for 12 hours a day as a caring, loving and professional nurse for the boy. Vinay was not only in tremendous pain but he was in a big trauma. He blamed himself for the accident and he thought that he was the only responsible person of his love’s death. His friends told him that that was not true and it was just an accident but he blamed himself responsible for that.  It was quite impossible to bring out him from the situation. He refused to come out from his room also. It was becoming very tough for his friends to help their friends. Ammi took all the responsibilities and she started counseling himself as a nurse. She became the good friend of Vinay gradually and he started coming out from his trauma with the help of the girl. She bought him for an outing every day and she sang some beautiful songs for him. It was really something heavenly between them. She was just a 19 years old girl, extremely beautiful or you can say the perfect example of Russian beauty escort, she was very much responsible, hardworking and finally a marvelous singer. Another friend from the group, Abir, fell in love with Ammi by seeing her as the nurse of his friend. He told that to Ali that he liked the girl. Ali did not tell anything to Anna but told his friend to hire her as his escort and to spend good times with her to know her more. 
Abir did the same and he hired Ammi for the night by calling up the Russian escort agency. At the same night, she arrived at the hotel to meet Abir. Abir did not call her to their house as there were Vinay and other friends. Ammi was looking completely different on that day in her beautiful, hot attire. They met and hugged and before went for the physical intimacy, spent lots of time by chatting with each other. It was a worthwhile experience for Abir and he was with his love. After that, they danced together and drink together and then went for a hot and sizzling physical intimacy. Abir was happy with her every move. Ammi is a young lady but the experience is more than her age. She knew very well how to impress a boy on the bed. Abir was very fond of traveling and he discussed his passion with Ammi. Ammi also loved to travel and they chatted on several places, their beauties and more for a few hours. At the morning Ammi took her tips from Abir and went back to her place. Abir saw her again as the nurse of Vinay, in her formal nursing attire. Abir found that she was equally beautiful even in this formal attire. He was still in the hangover of the last night and went to kiss Ammi at their home. Ammi was not comfortable with that and she told him that she is not anymore her escort and she was there to treat an ill person, so he is not allowed for such kind of behavior. Abir’s madness was unimaginable for Ammi and to get her again, he hired her for the next night also. 
He was so excited to meet Ammi again and it was another great night out for him. She arrived late on that night as she was busy with feeding Vinay but when she reached there she was completely another person, a hot and sexy young girl only. They again spent a hot and sizzling night together and this time Ammi impressed him by her sexy dance moves. 

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