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How to Attract Russian, European, and Ukrainian Ladies "escorts" while in Pattaya, Bangkok or Phuket!

You are welcome to Thailand, and we hope that you enjoy your stay to the fullest. If your trip is still in progress, we wish you a safe trip, and of course, a fun-filled holiday. 
If you wonder how best to attract the cutest Russian, European and Ukrainian ladies in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, then this post is for you. We understand the need for proactiveness before your arrival to the country, and that is exactly what we are here to help you with. 
Many people will have their diverse opinions on this subject matter, and they would be entitled to it. There’s no master key or standard solution to it. We only want to share the tricks that have effectively worked for us, and we hope you find them useful too. 
We know of two good ways to attract the hottest Russian, European and Ukrainian babes, and we will explain them in detail.
By Booking VIP Tables in Clubs and Bars
Impressing these ladies is not as hard as people usually envision. Fine, Russian ladies are damn hot, but it doesn’t mean you have to pass through fire and brimstones to impress them. It is time to drop your logical thinking in favor of emotional thinking. 
While Russians are stunningly gorgeous, the beauty doesn’t impact their attitude and receptiveness towards men. So, if and when doing things rightly, you can expect good results. Back to the discussion.
Going out to club and party in clubs and bars is a ticket to some Russian ladies. Taking it a step further by only visiting expensive bars and clubs will give you access to more, and premium Russian ladies. The rationale behind this is that the ladies usually filter themselves based on their looks and bodily features. 
The one that feels she’s okay for ordinary bars and clubs will go there to hunt for men. On the other hand, the one that feels she’s fit for the patrons of exclusive bars and clubs will head there too. Believe us, their calculations are usually right on approximation. 
The point here is choosing to reserve VIP tables in exclusive bars and clubs means that you will most likely meet hot and gorgeous Russians, Europeans and Ukrainians, without dealing with the ones you would rather not deal with.  
Ladies are naturally drawn to wealth, riches, affluence and showbiz, and Russian girls are no exceptions to the rule. So, putting yourself in the spotlight will definitely announce you in the camp of beautiful Russians, Europeans and Ukrainians. Guess what? Other than the table arrangement, you don’t need any other thing to bring them over. They just helplessly come over to your table.
At this point, we highly recommend Siam Planner to help you decorate and arrange your VIP table so that it stands out in the club or bar of your choice. We bet you won’t be the only VIP at any given time, but you can still let your table outshine the rest of the other VIP tables at that moment. 
Siam Planner can also help you make arrangements for bodyguards. This comes in handy, especially if you don’t have buddies in the city to surround your table. With bodyguards, you will have some friends to talk to. If it is cool with you, they can double as friends any time you want. They are professionals, so trust them to act it well.
By Organizing a Private Party
Thailand is praised for parties and events. Organizing a party or an event in Thailand is so normal that the absence is abnormal. People have their various reasons for organizing a party or an event, but usually revolves around fun, romance and sex. 
This is to explain to you that organizing a party simply to attract Russian, European and Ukrainian ladies is not too much to do. It is what a lot of men do on a daily basis, and they have a cogent reason for doing it—exclusivity. 
A party that is dedicated to you will lift your head higher, and place you on top of the chart list, regardless of who the attendees are. A private party is all about you, (or all about the things you want it to be). The day, the people, the activities are all existing to celebrate you for the time being. 
This atmosphere creates an aura of irresistible attraction, and girls in the party will find it extremely difficult to avoid falling for you. In fact, the more they try to avoid it, the harder they fall for you, and the bigger your chances with them. Did we tell you before that it is very much possible to take them home for free?
These are the two ways we know you can easily attract Russian girls without trying too much. Going to a club is good, but organizing a party just seems better in every aspect. Organizing a party is way much better, especially if you let professionals plan and handle it on your behalf. 
Once again, we recommend Siam Planner, because they do more than just arranging VIP tables in clubs and bars. They also help design, plan and organize parties and events of all kinds in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. We vouch for their services because we trust their expertise.
If you need to speak to them, please visit their official website now to do so. 
Bonus: Siam Planner has an eBook (The Siamplanner Guest eBook) in stock for party lovers that would like to design and organize their parties by themselves. The book details venues that you can consider for your party or event. 
If you need party invites for your expected guests, Siam Planner also has e-cards available for that purpose. With numerous uniquely designed e-cards, we bet you will find a design that matches your taste. What more? You can customize them if you want. 
You can get the book and e-cards on their official website at takeaway prices. Go on and get yours now. 

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