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Origin: European  Country: Assen, Netherlands  Age:25

The Escort That you Fall in Love
Poppy- European escort in Bangkok


🍓 When you have achieved everything in life, and when you are at the pinnacle of your career, there is something that you feel is lacking in your life. You have been struggling to make it to the top of your organization. You have spent days and nights at the office trying to beat the competition and climb the corporate ladder. But there is something you forgot on the way. The love of a lovely lady.

🍓 When you come to Russian 69 looking for a lovely girl, ask for me. I am also searching for the love of a man. I will shower you with love like you have never felt before. If your fantasy is sitting in front of the fire nursing a drink and enjoying each other’s company I am game for that too. There is nothing like silently enjoying the moment with your loved one. I will be your lover girl in Bangkok.

🍓 We, at the agency, understand that different men need different kind of enjoyment from the girls here. Many men come to overcome their loneliness. Some men happen to be petted and loved as they have never been. Some men have never enjoyed the kind of sweet love only a lady can give. They are all welcome to enjoy my company. 

🍓 We can go around the city like young lovers. We will explore the places you never thought existed here. I know every nook and corner of the town. We can go and enjoy the sights. I will take you back to those teenage days when you roamed around with your first love. I will take you to places where we can enjoy a quite togetherness with nobody to disturb us. We can steal some quick kisses and a hug. Won’t that be the best beginning to a night of steamy love-making?

🍓 You know what being in love means. That means giving oneself entirely to the other. That is what I like to be. To be your lover who is willing to surrender herself to all your wishes and commands. I want to be the recipient of every kind of love you can bestow on me. I will give you whatever you want. Your fantasies will be fully satisfied. I am entirely at your service to take care of every need.

🍓 I can get you to your mood with some gentle massage, just like a lover will give. But if you thought I would be satisfied with whatever you offer, then you are wrong. When you love me, you must provide me with everything that I need too. And my needs are not easily satisfied. I have a voracious appetite when it comes to physical love. But I will see that I give in to all your demands before I make any requests. You can have your fullest pleasure with me. Use me as you can in every way to satisfy your lust. I am waiting for it.

🍓 If you are the kind of mature person who will love a teenage girl to be his lover, then I am the one for you. I will play the role of a teenager entirely. I enjoy role plays, and I will go along with the game to any extent you want. Be my sugar daddy and get your pleasure.

🍓 People say that I am so love-starved that someday I am going to find a lover here and settle down in life. But I wonder if I will ever be satisfied with the love of one man. I have a large heart and a generous body to match. My hunger will be satisfied only with many men.

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