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Origin: European  Country: Vlissingen, Netherlands  Age: 25

Works as Callgirl
Lola- Euro escort in Bangkok


❤️ There was once a famous man who said that there is nothing that is perverted in sex if both partners like what they are doing. And Lolla believes in it ultimately. I am one to indulge in everything that is possible with our bodies. I have even kept my body flexible with regular exercises so that nothing that my man wants becomes impossible. I believe that if I am an escort, I should be able to give my client whatever he or she wants. I think in being the one who will do the best to satisfy every one of my clients.


❤️ At Russian69 we believe that the client is the king. We believe in taking care of every aspect of his happiness. That is how we are trained, and that is how we like to be. I am no different. The only difference is that I go one step more than the others in making my customers happy. I will go to any length to please you. I believe that I am born for the sole purpose of keeping people happy. There is nothing like seeing a satisfied smile on the face of people.


❤️ I understand that everyone has some secret desires that they wouldn’t have shared with anyone. There may be things that they feel shy even to share with their most loved ones. There may be fantasies that they think will make people think of them as queer human beings. Don’t worry. Nothing will shock or surprise me. I will never think of you as different because I have many secret desires that many may not find to be common. If you match my wants, then there is no saying what heights we will achieve together.


❤️ At different ages, men have different fantasies. It is almost impossible for anyone to get all their desires fulfilled. I understand that you may have many of those desires still left unfulfilled, and yet you will like to experience. Men who have grown old will always want to try their adolescent fantasies. Lolla is here to satisfy you. Boys love the company of senior women, and you may have also had those fantasies when you were a boy. Do you want to relive those fantasies in reality? I am waiting for you here.


❤️ If you are one who enjoys voyeurism, I am willing for that too. With the kind of body that I have, I love to show it off. A slow and sensual baring of my assets would please you to no end. I am in no hurry when it comes to lovemaking. I enjoy the quiet build-up of desire. I love to prolong the pleasures as much as we can. We will take as long as it is possible for you to endure my ministrations. 


❤️ Open up to me entirely and let me be the friend in whom you will trust you all your dark secrets with. Tell me everything you need because if I know what you want, then you will get all you need. Shed all your inhibitions and share everything with me. Tell me your fantasies that you would have been ashamed to open up even with the closest of your friends. I will bring them to reality for you. 


❤️ At Russian 69 we believe that every client of ours should be able to get what he doesn’t get anywhere else. I too think that. So, come and explore your sexual adventurism with me. Let us both together learn new things and enjoy new pleasures. Lolla is waiting to please you till you are fully satisfied.

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