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Episode #2 European Escort

Episode #2 European Escort and Arab Client's Love Story in Bangkok

Second episode 

Kim and Abbas seem more like any other young couple now. They are married and enjoying their conjugal life together. Abbas is a travel blogger by profession and also an entrepreneur. Kim runs her own business that they established together successfully. They also have one cute child together.
 They are very much in love couple even today as they were in past when they first met.  People say that this couple is an epitome of modern rich, upward moving family and their kids also read in one of the best school in Bangkok. 
Now they have everything that people needs to live a comfortable and happy life, and they love each other very much.  
Well, this is impossible now to imagine their past lives now by witnessing their present living style. At one point they are different from any other couple of Bangkok. There was a time when Kim worked as a part-time escort for as she was pursuing her career in Bangkok. 
She just came into the happening city with a desire to be successful businesswomen. She is from an orthodox European family and was enjoying her first spell of the freedom there.
It was a refreshment tour for Abbas in Bangkok again, after that first visit with Kim. Well, he met Kim in a nightclub this time while she was having a good time with her friends. He recognized Kim. As Abbas was mesmerized by the beauty of Kim, he gathered his confidence and finally introduced himself to her as her previous client.  
He surprised again by seeing the girl speaking fluently in English. That he did not discover at that night when they were together as it was the first night for them.  He wanted to be the companion of Kim told him to contact her through the agency profile, and he booked her through that. 

Kim is from a wealthy and well-cultured family of Europe. She got married at the age of 16, and it was against her family. She came to Bangkok with her husband, and they lived happily for four years there. After four years her husband found a new love for another girl and they took divorce. It was most painful time for Kim, and she was completely alone in this new place. Her friend Kim helped her to overcome those nights and suggest her to join She started enjoying her new profession, and it was an excellent opportunity for her to enjoy her life in her way, without any conditions, bindings or responsibilities. 
Abbas was also born and brought up in a rich family from UAE. He is a businessman in the profession.  He was madly in love with his wife Priya whom he lost in a car accident. Abbas was all alone to date, and he was fighting with the unfortunate incident of life. Again he hired her as his escort through the agency profile and this time for a romantic dinner date. Now they were ready for a date. They first met in a restaurant, and it was a dinner date for them. Abbas was all set to impress her girl as he was in search of girlfriend material. Kim dressed up so well and met him with full of confidence and perfect manner. They began to talk, and now Kim found a lonely, well-behaved and good human being in Abbas. They spent the entire evening together and uncovered many pages of their past life.
After a pleasurable and relaxing evening, they went for a hot and happening night together in the hotel room of Abbas as the part of their contract. Well, this was another unforgettable experience for both of them. He was just mesmerized by the beauty of Kim and her behavior. Kim was enjoying her work. For her, it was chance to satisfy the physical and mental desire of her own with a good person. Not just that, she was earning good money with the job that she was in need to establish her own business. 
Kim is a stunningly beautiful escort of and Abbas fell for her after viewing her profile and after spending that hot night together on his last trip. She is a passionate girl, and she can do anything for her clients. She was working as an outcall escort for a long time but never found so polite, so gentle and good-hearted person, like Abbas. gives many people a reason to live a colorful and exciting life with the help of an experienced and skilled companion. Kim was one of them, and she is a well-trained escort and just perfect for a hot and happening dinner date. 
Kim is a self-obsessed girl, and she is proud of her beauty. It was the best way for Abbas to win the heart of his girl. They spent the entire evening in beautiful surroundings of the restaurant. They dance with the soft music and dim light of the place. 
The man turned the best man for Kim as he was matured, well behaved, educated. On the next morning, she took her tips and went back to her world. Abbas was so pleased with the beauty, charm, and style of Kim and his irresistible desire pushed him to book the girl again. Now he called up the agency and booked Abbas for a romantic dinner date again on very next day and then a hot night at the hotel. He was ready to pay any amount to get the balmy touch of Kim. 
Their dinner date was a right way to enter the world of love. On that, they found something special for each other. They were waiting for true love and a good companion in life. For Abbas, Kim was just the right companion who can get to him any restaurant, any party or event. He was delighted by her behavior in the dinner date. She was not just looking drop dead beautiful, but she was so much elegant and well mannered and just perfect to accompany him in any prestigious place. 

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