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As the leading provider of outcall Eastern European, Russian and Ukrainian escorts in Bangkok and Pattaya;

It is our commitment to producing our clients the fascinating experience and the most relevant solution to their needs and requirements. It is evident that different men will have different choices and preferences. As such, it was evident that these men need different types of solutions and services. Understanding this point, we have designed our service packages in a manner that we can offer the most suitable solutions to the needs and requirements of our clients, under one roof. If you are wondering what makes us so highly sought-after, it will be right to say that it is the one-stop availability of a plethora of services that can be accounted beyond the demand for our agency. Read some Reviews!

Short Time Service in Your Hotel Room by European and Russian Escorts in Bangkok

•    Short Time Service by Russian and European Escorts in Your Bangkok's or Pattaya's Hotel Room:

you can schedule an appointment with our "Russian and European" girls for a session of a short but enjoyable session in the hotel rooms that will surely spice up your life. This service idyllically suited for the flocks, visiting Bangkok or Pattaya and aspiring to make the trip all the more memorable, spending a few hours in extreme thrills and enjoyment. Our girls are attending all the top hotels across the city, and you can stand assured that these few hours are going to be memorable forever.

Overnight Escort Companion
•    Overnight "Russian and European" Escort Companion in Bangkok and Pattaya:

spending a night with our sizzling Russian and Europen escorts will enable you to cut down a load of stress and strain and attain complete rejuvenation of the body and the mind. Once the escort arrives at your place, you can discuss the possibilities and the availability of the girl for overnight companionship. The memory of the night that you will spend with our girls is going to endure in your mind for years to come.

Live Sex Show
•    Live Sex Show by Russian Escorts in Bangkok:

a candid service that enjoys a massive demand among our clients is that of the Live sex show. We have the most fascinating male and female models, hosting these shows, and this is the only scope of service we offer that includes the male escorts as well. Hence, no matter you are a man or a woman, we have the right solutions to meet your pleasures and excitements. If you are aspiring to explore the domain of lust in the most thrilling manner, you will hardly come across a better solution.

European and Russian Escort Dinner Date
•    Russian Escort Dinner and Dating in Bangkok and Pattaya:

why not spice up the trip to Bangkok, enjoying a private dinner with our beautiful Euro or Russia models? At your request, our girls are available for private dinner events that will enable you to spend some quality time in the company of the elegant girls. You will be impressed to see our girl arriving at the date in strict adherence to the timeline and giving you, their full attention and participation to make the dinner dating a fascinating experience.

Escort Companion For Shopping:
•    Russian Escort Companion For Shopping in Bangkok's or Pattaya's Shopping Malls:

one of the key attractions in Bangkok is that of shopping. Across the city, there are innumerable, gigantic shopping malls, having the units of the top global retailers, offering the widest plethora of products. If you are a shopping buff and looking for an enjoyable companion to join you, we have pretty Europen escorts to serve your needs. The shopping time will become all the more exciting and enjoyment in the company of these girls, and it will surely give you a fascinating experience. It is just like going out for shopping in the company of your spouse or girlfriend.

Role Play as Your Assistant Wile With Friends or Having a Party
•    Role Play as Your Assistant Wile With Friends or Having a Party:

another service of ours that enjoys a massive demand is that of the role-playing escorts. As per your needs, they are ready to step into the shoes of your assistant, girlfriend, or wife, and these girls are even ready to attend the parties along with you. If you are someone who is not a local and requires staying there, leaving your wife or partner far behind in your hometown, this service is ideal for you. The role-playing sessions with these girls will definitely cover the void that develops around in the absence of your wife and girlfriend. Likewise, if you are about to attend a party and you need a companion, our girls are ready to accompany you to such events. Our girls are beautiful, presentable, sophisticated and come from decent backgrounds. Hence, they will never find it difficult to adjust with the most elite ambiances.

Vacation Escort Partner
•    Vacation to Thailand with Russian Escort Partner:

Another service that enjoys a massive demand among the flocks, visiting Bangkok for their leisure trip is that of the vacation companion. Our girls are ready to give you company for the entire length of your stay in Bangkok and Pattaya, and this is just like having your spouse or girlfriend with you on the trip. The company of these beautiful girls will surely make the vacation experience all the more memorable, and we are confident that once you spend some time with these girls, you will surely aspire to get back to them in the subsequent time. Our escorts are ready to accept multiple days booking at a go, and we are flexible enough to design a special tariff for such bookings. Thus, even if you get the most delightful companion to accompany you on your trip to Bangkok, you are spared from the threats of extravagant expenses. No wonder, with the passage of time, this service is gaining rising popularity.

In addition to the scopes of services discussed above, we are flexible enough to customize the services as per the specific needs and requirements of the clients. Hence, approaching us, it is for sure that you are going to get instant availability of the services and solutions that are going to be the most relevant to your needs. For us, nothing Is more important than the complete satisfaction of our clients, and we are ready to walk a few extra miles to accomplish this mission.


Approach us with the confidence that our services and solutions are going to produce your 100% gratification.

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