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Tips for Russian or European Girls Who Wants to Work as Escort
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Things to Know Before Choosing a Russian, European, or Ukrainian Girl "escort" in Thailand "Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya"

On your trip to Thailand, especially if your destination is Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket, it is pertinent to understand some basic things about how things are done before making some decisions. We are assuming that you have your eyes fixated on dating or rolling with Russian, European and Ukrainian girls. 
Therefore, in this article, we will like to bring to your notice some important things that you need to know. Stick with us; it is not a long ride. 
They Care about Your Appearance 
If you’ve ever heard that Russian, European and Ukrainian girls are classy and somewhat picky, we are here to assure you that it is indeed true. If you intend to get the attention of these babes and enjoy the best of them, then you want to work on your physical appearance. 
Russian girls could trade anything for guys that are neat, clean and smell nice. If you care to know, this is one not-so-popular trick that most guys use to bed these girls for free. Fortunately, the girls are happy about it too. So, it is a win-win situation.
We generally advise guys to get a haircut, have their nails done and well-polished and dress sharp. Wearing a designer is not a thing in Thailand, but it may add to your success score if you wear one. All these will make you attractive and boost your overall confidence. 
If your stay in Thailand is short, it would be better to make these preparations and arrangements in your home country instead of you looking for the best spots in Thailand. It will save you time and money, and stress.
They Care about Your Confidence
The difference between you and that guy who just effortlessly hits on hot girls with banging bodies is confidence. You may look nice and all, but without a matching confidence, we are afraid but your luck with girls is extremely low. 
A shy guy is a huge turnoff for most ladies, and Russian, European and Ukrainian babes are no exception to the rule. So, do whatever you have to do to appear very confident and bold when approaching them, and you will definitely see the difference. 
One way to appear confident is by your dressing, which we have already stressed in our first point. Your physical appearance has a major role to play in your confidence. Another way to appear confident is by faking it. Guess what happens when you pretend to be confident. You will be perceived as confident and that’s all that matters.
They Care about Your Resources
Being a resourceful person certainly will add to your appeal. It is not just Russian, European and Ukrainian ladies that are guilty of this phenomenon. If you are wealthy, use it to your advantage to get the girls that you want. Surprisingly, you may not have to do much in this regard before these girls know how worthy you are of them. 
But the least of things that you can do as a wealthy expat in Thailand is moving about in a limousine ride, having bodyguards around you, visiting only premium and expensive tourist spots, bars, hotels, clubs, buying expensive champagne, booking VIP tables, and so on.
They Care about the Options that You have
Jealousy is the oldest trick to increase a lady’s interest in you, and it has been successful ever since. Ladies are naturally jealous of each other, including blood sisters, and that is a good thing for you. You can take advantage of their jealous nature to make them easy for you to get. 
When talking to a Russian chick, make it sound like you have, at least, 10 other hotter chicks waiting for you in your room. Appear to be in a hurry to move on to the next available girl in the event that she turns down your proposal, and you will get more of her attention. 
The point here is to appear unneedy and not desperate by any means. Doing this will improve your chances more than when you appear needy and out of options.
They Care about How You Talk
We cannot overemphasize this, but the tone of your voice is very important. When talking to these girls, you may want to talk softly, gently and slowly to maintain your manly frame. Talking slowly also allows you to clearly pronounce your words and have time to think of the best words to use for her. 
Talking hurriedly and in a high-pitched tone gives a feminine vibe, and that could hamper your chances with the girl of your dream. When you talk hurriedly, gushing out words as quickly as you can remember them, you appear unconfident and nervous—two major turnoffs. 
They Care about Your Circle
You and the caliber of friends that you move with are two important factors for Russian, European and Ukrainian girls, as far as we know in Thailand. Maybe it is to size you up, or for them to flaunt you in front of their friends. 
Where Can I Get Russian, European and Ukrainian Girls?
They are everywhere you turn to actually. If you go to clubs, you will find them there. If you head to chill out at a bar, they are also there chilling out. They are plenty on online escort directories as well as dating platforms. 
However, the best place to get Russian babes is your place. What we mean is you can become the venue that they visit. How? For example, if you create an event or throw a loud party, girls will come over to dance and have fun like every other attendee. Among these girls will be your desired Russian, European and Ukrainian girls. 
Or, you can simply go to premium clubs, and reserve the best VIP table for yourself. This doesn’t make much difference from throwing a private party since a VIP table is a private space in a public space. If you want any of these, you can call Siam Planner to help you out. Visit their official website now to book their services and get a quote.

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Ready to Get Such VIP Treatments?

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Highly Personalized Event Plans

At Siam, they believe that the first step to dishing VIP services is personalization. Therefore, they take their time to plan every event according to the exact taste and budget of their asking client.

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Russian and European Models Better Check This Before Joining Us!

Escort's Checklist

All of our escorts are professionals, and you should also respect and provide excellent service to your clients!  Like you want your clients to treat you with proper respect and care, the client also want the same from you! When this happens from both ends, it creates a pleasant ambience between the two where both of you can get comfortable and enjoy! is actually in Bangkok we are doing business for a long time. Our agency is known for ensuring the client with the best service they have ever received, and we also aim in the area of providing excellent and high-quality European and Russian escorts! Also, our agency wants to include escort girls who will provide service in Bangkok only, and thus escorts who know the place well and right can just be hired!  Here is a list that escorts should check out thoroughly!

Keeping yourself in a good physical and mental shape:

To be an excellent escort, you need to be in a unique material as well as psychological form. These are the two main factors that a client always sees first! You should be like eye candy for them! Keeping yourself in a good mental shape helps you to mix with any client and then to get comfortable with them. And apparently, you need to be in the good physical way so that you can provide your client with the best service!

Dress up like a lady:

You don't have to wear any revealing or short dresses when you first meet up a client! You can also look charming, attractive and sexy when you dress up like a lady and when you first approach your client like this, they will be smiling at you! Also, don't put on a lot of makeup! Use makeup tricks only to look stunning and attractive!

Be on time:   

Never be late for an appointment when you are going to meet a client!  When you end up getting late, the client gets frustrated as they are already waiting to have a sensuous night and keeping them to remain more makes them agitated. They might behave rudely with you, and in this case, the service you want to provide might not go that well which will affect your profile only which can create a lot of problems if a client sends terrible feedback to the agency.

Treat your client as your boyfriend:

After you have met your client, you should treat him like your very own boyfriend. They will like it very much! Talk with your client to make him comfortable first and behave like you are his girlfriend. Ask about his life, his worries and all and give them a shoulder to cry on!

Always wear a friendly smile:

A smile can change anything and everything in the world! So always smile when you are with your client, and they will be merely pleased with you! After a whole day of frustration and hard work, when your client sees a smile on your face, it changes their mood which in return can provide you with an excellent tip!


Sociable and self-esteem:

As a human being you should be very much sociable else you will face problem in your profession! A client can take you on a date or a party or any social meeting, where you have to mix up with people of all kinds. If you can’t, then it puts a wrong impression on you! Also, you should develop the main self-esteem in this profession. Don't be of low self-esteem as it will be bad for you if you don't value yourself!

Services and requests:

You clients can and will ask you for some applications and services that you have to provide. So when they request, fulfil them with your best to achieve the client’s request! You can say no, but be gentle and firm to your answer!

Rules and guidelines:

Be safe in every way possible for both yourself and your body.  You should not transfer money hand to hand anywhere.  Since this type of money is called to be a donation, you should receive it a very discrete place, for example, your hotel room. You can say no to any request and be prepared for the fact that your client can be upset at that time.

Safety and protection:

Make it sure that your screen and check your client and his info in the blacklist database. You should always know what to do when your client gets angry and turns violent! You should also know how to make any demands and using protections! If you stay safe, your client will also be secure and both of you will have a great time!


French kiss does the trick:

A turn on is the main thing that you want to start off when you start having a sexual closeness with your client! The more you can turn on your client, the more he will enjoy and in return will make you turned on too! Always keep in mind that French kiss does this weird trick. Start with a French kiss and without any doubt your client will be turned on! Use your body, eyes, and everything to provide service to your client.



Tips and tricks:

You should always take a shower before you go and meet a client. Always keep your fingers and toenails trimmed. If you are scratching someone with broken fingernails or toenails, it can be a huge turn off and will badly end everything. Don’t floss or brush your teeth before thirty minutes of your appointment as it may tear the lining of your mouth. Even if you want to shave, shave the day before you meet your client. Because if you cut yourself in those areas, it will be a problem for you! Feel free to ask your client if you want anything and lastly don't promise anything that you can not offer as it will put a wrong impression on your profile! 

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